Two to Three Weeks Probably

Two to Three Weeks Probably

Technically, it is now more than 3 weeks since the 8/5/15 earnings conference call.
The online configurator is not online.

Technically, this is a miss.

Just Saying...

(I know that he said "probably" as a caveat. I know that it will be "soon." And I think that it will be shortly before the 9/9/15 Late Show appearance. But for someone who says he is committed to "underpromising and overdelivering," I wish he would do less talking out of his a$$ about dates. One firm "September 8th" and I could have saved a lot of the time I am otherwise wasting by checking the website each day.)

Ankit Mishra | 27 août 2015

He isnt interested in giving dates. Its the journalists and some people who request him to give dates, so he acknowledges them and gives a rough estimate. Tesla's official date is Q3 launch. I would suggest that you please wait till Q3 end to express your disappointment.

grant10k | 27 août 2015

If they knew what the solid date was, they'd have said what it was.

I'm all for under promising, but where dates are concerned I'd favor "best guess" over "lying to make me feel better".

ernie | 27 août 2015

Does this remind anyone about the Seinfeld episode: The Chinese Restaurant? "Five ten minutes".

TonyInNH | 27 août 2015

He said by the end of the month and I for one expect him to hold to that. He could just as easily said 'not until the X is revealed by the end of September'. If he's just pulling numbers out of the air to appease questions, then that's bad form, especially for a publicly traded company.

ram1901 | 27 août 2015

From the letter to shareholders: see here:

As we prepare to launch Model X in September, we are building more validation vehicles, executing final engineering and testing work, enabling our new manufacturing equipment and finalizing arrangements with our suppliers. We have been producing release candidate Model X bodies in our new body shop equipped with more than 500 robots as we fine-tune and
validate our production processes.

In Q3, we expect to produce just over 12,000 vehicles, representing a more than 60% increase from a year ago, and deliver approximately the same number of vehicles as in Q2, despite having one week of planned shutdown in Q3. This includes a
small number of Model X deliveries.

We are now targeting deliveries of between 50,000 and 55,000 Model S and Model X cars in 2015. While our equipment installation and final testing of Model X is going well, there are many dependencies that could influence our Q4 production and deliveries. We are still testing the ability of many suppliers to deliver high quality production parts in quantities sufficient to meet our planned production ramp. Since production ramps rapidly late in Q4, a one-week push out of this ramp due to an issue at even a single supplier could reduce Model X production by approximately 800 units for the quarter.

In addition, the timing of the Model X production ramp and high total deliveries in Q4 create operational challenges for our delivery organization towards the end of the year. This adds complexity in predicting our delivery rate with precision.


Also, during the conference call, Elon Musk, said the X design studio would be up in about 3 weeks, which puts it at the end of this month. Any day now, if they do NOT experience further delays as noted above.

rxlawdude | 27 août 2015

"I would suggest that you please wait till Q3 end to express your disappointment."

Um, we're going into month three of Q3.

Ankit Mishra | 27 août 2015

Yes. One month remains for Tesla to start deliveries of Model X. Please note that these deliveries may comprise mainly of Founders edition cars. The signature deliveries might start in Q4.

ian | 27 août 2015

As long as they deliver one X in September they've "begun deliveries in Q3".

As much as we all may want them to start today, it will most likely be very few get delivered this month.

Red Sage ca us | 27 août 2015

Sometimes it seems as though no one will be satisfied at all until/unless Elon Musk actually lies -- by saying the Model X will never be released.




PS: At this point, I'm pretty sure many feel the same about Model ≡.

rossRallen | 27 août 2015

Only Friday and Monday left in Q3 to open the Model X Design Studio. I doubt if they would open it over the weekend due to support issues. I want to believe that Elon was speaking sincerely with the best information he had when he made that promise.

Signature reservation holders need to know what to expect. I really have no idea about options (fully-loaded?), cost (full price or a discount for holding $40K deposit for 27 months?), colors outside and inside, what.

Let's make the dream real and open the Design Studio!

ian | 27 août 2015

Huh? Q3 ends at the end of September not August.

Iowa92x | 27 août 2015

Why does OP use parenthesis like that.

TonyInNH | 27 août 2015

I believe rossRallen meant end of August as that is when Elon said the Design Studio would open.

aesculus | 27 août 2015

Yeah. DS end of August, deliveries in Q3.

From the looks of the leakers, it looks probable for cars in September for sure.

I suspect the issues will be getting everything up to speed on the line and the few suppliers that are not ready. An interesting statement I read about Tesla recently was that they tried the low cost off shore model for suppliers on the MS and it killed them. They had to go to more expensive, smaller, on shore suppliers they could at least reach out and control. They were trying to swim in the adult pool before their time.

timf2001 | 27 août 2015

I've had enough uncertainty so I picked up a steal of a deal on an i3 for 2 years. Tesla can take their time getting the Model X right and now I'm no longer under the stress of an expiring lease. | 27 août 2015

It is good not to be under stress about a car. Take me for example. I'm not under stress. I am over stress. Or maybe over-stressed. Every day I thank the folks who steered me to plan B, as I drive around town in my sexy Model S. I know it is sexy because someone left a note on my car telling me so. As far as the X is concerned, excellent surveillance work by Evino and others has satisfied me that 1. It exists. and 2. It looks better than I thought it would. Now I have only to wait about 30 days to see the real X. Then I only have to wait another 6 months or so to get mine. Life is good.

jjs | 27 août 2015

Beer is good
God is great
People are crazy

Remnant | 28 août 2015

@ rossRallen (August 27, 2015)

<< Let's make the dream real and open the Design Studio! >>

Because the Founders and the Signature editions are fully loaded, they only require tire, color, and interior preference feedback from the prospective owners, but not a fully functioning Design Studio. Presumably, those preferences can be handled by email.

Therefore, I would not expect the MX Design Studio to open before those two special editions have been readied for delivery.

ian | 28 août 2015

Readied for delivery? I wager it won't open until they've been delivered.

DriverZ | 28 août 2015

@Iowa92x a.k.a. Grammar police.

I intended to end the post at "Just Saying..."
I then couldn't help myself, so I added the rest. It was an afterthought, so I put it in parentheses.

So Their! Does that answer you're question? Your welcome!

ken | 28 août 2015

jjs | AUGUST 27, 2015, Great lines, you should write a song with those lines in it, OH WAIT, there already is one. Go Corn Huskers!

ian | 28 août 2015

I think Elon may have meant "months" when he said "weeks". ;-)

vandacca | 28 août 2015

Okay, @Brian H is definitely MIA. If he didn't go ballistic on @DriverZ's last line of his last post, then he couldn't have seen it. Is it true @Brian H is currently driving a Model-X release candidtate and is not allowed to post to this forum?