Unbelievable statement by Audi manager

Unbelievable statement by Audi manager

Just watched news on a German channel. In a program reporting on German car manufacturers in China, a manager from Audi stated that the company would not pursue e-mobility, possibly for the next 15 - 20 years. I used to be a very good Audi customer, but the guys really lost touch with technological advancement. Good for TSLA.

Benz | 20 avril 2013

Audi will be introducing it's EV's before 2020.

george210 | 20 avril 2013


David M. | 20 avril 2013

That's funny. I remember visiting a Kodak facility in Rochester, NY about 20 years ago. I asked a manager what their plan was for digital photography. He laughed and said that digital photos would never supplant film. He reasoned that the storage would be inadequate for storing more than 5 or 6 photos on a camera, and that the image quality from digital would always be inferior.

Today, you can purchase Kodak stock for 30 cents. What a shame. A lot of good people worked for Kodak.

elguapo | 20 avril 2013

Doesn't sound accurate as VW is coming out with a plug-in hybrid soon and they usually use similar platforms, etc.

Runar | 20 avril 2013

Time to short Audi? ;-)

Brian H | 20 avril 2013

Reminds me of my new ad slogan for them: "I drive Aud-li!". :P

jandkw | 20 avril 2013

Audi is a good car company and built very good cars these days. They compete head to head against BMW. I wouldn't take one manager's words literally and discount their future strategy on EV. If it comes from their company CEO or head of Marketing that will be another story.

portia | 20 avril 2013

yeah +1 Jandkw

sethvandermeer | 21 avril 2013

Interesting research from an insurance company in The Netherlands about the cars with the least/most faults. Audi is the most unreliable of all (Tesla is not included.... :-)

Percentage of faults in new cars:
Top 10
1. Honda 0,29
2. Toyota 0,58
3. Hyundai 0,70
4. Mercedes 0,84
5. Volvo 0,90
6. Lexus 0,99
7. Kia 1,08
8. Subaru 1,10
9. Fiat 1,17
10. Ford 1,25

Bottom 10:
1. Audi 3,71
2. Alfa 3,26
3. Mini 2,51
4. Saab 2,49
5. Opel 2,46
6. Porsche 2,29
7. Peugeot 2,26
8. BMW 2,20
9. Seat 2,15
10. Renault 2,13

The company also said that one car in particular was really unreliable: Audi Q7 with over 10% of faults.

Source in Dutch:

Poddermaster | 21 avril 2013

Hmm, given the engagement and success of Audi in the WCM (World Endurance Championship) where they are racing with to Audi etron and dominate so far this and last year championship, I doubt this statemant of one audi-manager.

I think they are carefully watching the development, the success of Tesla, just to jump the bandwagon when its right.

Brian H | 21 avril 2013

I guess Ford can honestly claim "Quality is Job 10" now. Or SLT.

jat | 21 avril 2013

Well, they cancelled the R8 eTron, then sort-of uncancelled it but with no definite plans. By all appearances, they are going through with the A3 eTron (which is a PHEV, not BEV). So, I think the manager is reflecting their current thinking, but of course that may change.

johnpreiner | 21 avril 2013

It is very difficult to achieve the Model S' level of performance with an ICE car. I understand that at least one luxury German car maker has purchased a Model S, and that all their top executives are floored by its performance. I am told that the car is being disassembled for purposes of reverse engineering. As Tesla continues to increase its market share, it's only a matter of time before all other auto makers jump on the bandwagon. By then Tesla should be producing it's third generation vehicle, which will put Tesla way ahead of the competition.

djm12 | 21 avril 2013

I'm curious how Audi intends to be compliant in California without EV development. It may be expensive to play, but it's also expensive not to play.

jat | 21 avril 2013

@djm12 - by buying ZEV credits from others, which is part of how Tesla is making money.

Brian H | 21 avril 2013

It's not a bandwagon. It's superior engineering and design. It's questionable whether the majors are able to emulate it without restructuring the whole industry.

djm12 | 22 avril 2013

The major certainly won't make it if all they try to do is modify an ICE to work as an EV. This will only fool people once. To play in this game requires a complete re-engineering of the automobile. You can't rip out the ICE and replace with EV components and be able to compete profitably in this market. This scares the big guys. Nice.