Updated info on AT&T LTE ?

Updated info on AT&T LTE ?

I've been ready to order my Model S for quite sometime but the lack of info on AT&T LTE has kept me from clicking the order button.

I know you can tether your phone (I have several friends with Teslas and this what they do) but my phone plan is an Unlimited World Data plan as I travel internationally and a Hotspot option is not available when you have this plan. The 3G for maps is very "Laggy" in some areas as you travel and in some areas/cases almost unusable. Using a Hotspot and issues were gone.

There are several forum threads where owners have said either the Tesla Service guy said that the car is equipped with LTE (as they had to turn it off for 3G to work for a customer with an issue) or the hardware was upgradable via firmware upgrade. Other threads say the car is not upgradable and needs a Radio hardware change and sim card is different than a normal card as it's split with 2 sides (those were older threads ) and also that Elon mentioned it would need a hardware change - again, these were on older threads.

Do we have any idea what is actually the case? Did hardware change sometime during 2014? Will the Model X be the first with LTE? Will the "retooling" the Telsa assembly line add these types of hardware changes?

I was in the Washington DC Tesla store this week and one of the reps blamed it on AT&T's LTE network being too small which does not make sense as LTE would switch to a lower band if it lost LTE signal.

I can totally respect the fact that Telsa more than likely signed a Business Services Contract deal with Tesla for 3G (makes total sense) but knowing the hardware is ready would help the issue and it's just a matter time.

Very frustrating and hoping the 2015's come with LTE..


Haeze | 31 juillet 2014

Elon has said in the past all Model S cars that have been delivered are "capable" of 4G, and just needs to be unlocked via software. It is AT&T who needs to work out their pricing structure for it before it gets enabled. AT&T only agreed to give Teslas 3G for free, and 4G will be a monthly subscription.

dhelmly | 1 août 2014

Thanks for the response. Hopefully they mean "actual 4G LTE spec" and not the general 4G term for things like HSPA+ .

Red Sage ca us | 1 août 2014

Most are certain it would indeed be HSPA+...

rick | 2 août 2014

IF only I had the option to switch to a real carrier like Verizon instead of crappy AT&T I would pay for it myself.

pranavjdesai | 31 mars 2016

Is Tesla Model X with AT&T LTE now? Will it be paid OR free service & if free for how long?