Updates and status for Model X

Updates and status for Model X

I ordered a sig series Model X a few weeks ago. Anyone knows what OR when they will release the signature colors? And are they still thinking end of 2014 or will it be any earlier?

Cattledog | 6 septembre 2013

If it follows equivalently to the Model S, they will have a drive event 9-12 months before they begin deliveries. (S drive event in Fremont was October '11, 10 cars released June '12, real signature deliveries started August '12) I don't recall, but I think they had their 'configurator' going at least several months before the Model S test drive. For Model X, all that points to: SOON! Elon said at Teslive that Model X had about more months of design, so maybe and early 2014 web release and test drive event.

Brian H | 6 septembre 2013

"Model X had about ↓ more months of design"
How many was that??