VA registration

VA registration

Has anyone registered a Tesla in VA? DMV says the police won't honor the CA temporary sticker and Tesla sent us a CA registration application. Please share your experience and advice.
Any owners in our area who would like to communicate?
Peter Chapin, Charlottesville

dtesla | 9 mars 2013

Never pulled over by police... So I can't talk to that issue.

See thread by same name at for VA registration information.

Tesla applied for tag/registration/title. I got all in about 3 weeks via mail. I then had to apply for Special Fuel Tags, which took about 10 days to get. Tesla paid for a two year registration (nice touch Tesla... you didn't cheap out). You are responsible to get your VA inspection within 15 days of getting you VA tags.

In addition to your new massive annual car tax you now have a $100/year EV registration fee to pay. This $100 EV reg fee makes me wish VA didn't have term limits... so I could vote the Governor out of office.

Pungoteague_Dave | 9 mars 2013

I was pulled over seven times, four in Virginia, and ticketed the last time. This was extensively discussed elsewhere. I still have a court date upcoming. Tesla did the registration work from CA, was a real cluster****

I support the EV roads tax, should probably be closer to $500 in fairness. Wa wa wa to those who buy a $90k car and then complain about paying to drive our overweight vehicles on the public roads.

cmaso | 18 juin 2013

For those who live in VA, and have been through the delivery process...

I'm picking up my MS on Friday. Signed all the contract doc online, but would really like a "timeline" of things to do, and when to do them.

RE: VA tags and registration. Any suggestions on what I should/could be doing to make the whole registration/pay taxes/get plates go smoothly? Last thing I want to do is sit in the DMV for an hour only to find out I'm missing something... Thanks

Joe H. | 6 mars 2014

Any answer to cmaso's question? I'm currently 4 days away from delivery, and I currently assume I will spend a good portion of my first day with car parked outside the DMV.

northern-va-dave | 6 mars 2014

I believe there are threads on this topic over in the Washington DC area owners' forum. I found them helpful when we took delivery last Fall. | 6 mars 2014

Picked mine up from Rockville in November with NJ temp tags.

A few days after, package arrived from Tesla with all of the forms and instructions needed.

Filled out forms, got together listed info, went to DMV office. After 45 mins paid my state tax (ouch) and fees and came away with tags. Relatively painless.

Joe H. | 6 mars 2014

Are people still getting pulled over for the CA temporary sticker VA? I recall @PD getting mentioning getting pulled over multiple times.

Pungoteague_Dave | 7 mars 2014

Now I just get pulled over for performance awards.