Vegas hotel options

Vegas hotel options

Which hotels in Vegas have EV charging stations on their property? I think the Mandalay Bay, the MGM, and the Venetian have EV stations, but when I call to verify with the hotel they say that they do not have them. Can anyone elaborate on their recent experience with the EV stations? Thanks.

Captain_Zap | 13 mars 2013

The Venetian has Tesla chargers. I read about people using them. Maybe ask the concierge?

c.bussert67 | 14 mars 2013

Stick with the ones with J1772 EV stations. The ones that state they have Tesla charger are Roadster units and need an adapter to mate with the S, that they don't have.
Here is a link I used to gather some good info on charging in vegas.
It has all the locations and notes about them as well if you click on them!

Darmok | 14 mars 2013

Depending on your plans, the chargers at the County building downtown are a good choice, especially if you want to spend a day on Fremont street or hit the adjacent outlet mall. I charged there last weekend while we were at the mall. There was nobody there, and there are at least 8 bays. And they're powered by the sun. Typical 30A J1772 Charge Point chargers, free.

oildeathspiral | 14 mars 2013

Here you go:

dbfish | 14 mars 2013

I put together some Google Docs Forms that generate a map, and have started adding hotels to it. What do you guys think? I know there are Recargo and Plugshare and the California Tesla Roadster map, but nothing to filter for hotels. This is just a start:

(See tabs for the full data table)

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