Very interesting review from!

Very interesting review from!

TimJ | 4 Janvier 2013

I had to stop reading mid-way since much of the information is out of date.

christopher.wolf | 4 Janvier 2013

You would think that the article would be fact-checked prior to publication. As TimJ noted, the review does not reflect the software upgrades (like the addition of "creep," the door handles opening when approaching with the remote, etc.).

archibaldcrane | 4 Janvier 2013

Well, the car he drove didn't have creep/self presenting door handles, etc. He mentions a number of times that those features are coming - and plenty of people on the forums still don't have 4.0 much less 4.1.

Never heard the thing about the butt sensor being so touchy though.

Vawlkus | 4 Janvier 2013

Nice how he presented the bad stuff first, THEN what they liked. Bet they do the opposite for most other car reviews they do }B(

stuberman | 4 Janvier 2013

I just send the reviewer this note. You might want to consider addressing him as well.

Hey Joe,

You've got to be kidding on this comment that you made on the Tesla Model S review, "Our car didn't have the idle-creep behavior we take for granted in regular cars and some electric ones."

I've been driving for over 40 years and I've always considered my cars to be regular cars. I've had, in order: a Datsun, a Toyota, a Nissan, and a BMW. Pretty regular wouldn't you say? Yet, not one of them has ever had what you call idle-creep. In fact, it drives me nuts when I have a rental car that moves forward on its own when I want to take my foot off the brake for a second of relief while waiting at a long traffic light.

To those of us who have spend more than a short time assessing the attributes of the Tesla Model S your review comes up short.

Best Regards,


DTsea | 4 Janvier 2013

It read like he wrote it in June and just published it... 'Tesla plans to build the car themselves.'

Kind of weird. And idle creep... no stick shift car does that. I hate it too.

archibaldcrane | 4 Janvier 2013

A stick shift car will idle creep if you have the clutch half out.

DTsea | 4 Janvier 2013

archibaldcrane, surely your Dad taught you not to ride the clutch?!? That's how you burn clutches.

Brian H | 4 Janvier 2013

He has now updated the article, including a reference to receiving the creep update, etc. Other changes; now a much better article.

electricblue0303 | 4 Janvier 2013

Yeah - this article is very typical of Joe's writing style. Having known him for a few years now, he is actually being positive about the Model S. He also did a video review that was produced a few months ago.

One main difference between their Volt and Leaf reviews and the Model S review is that they only had the Model S for a short while ('loaner car'). For the Volt and the Leaf, actually owned the vehicles for over a year and did extensive testing and reporting on them.