Want to Buy a Roadster within Canada or US with specific VINS which can be imported to Canada

Want to Buy a Roadster within Canada or US with specific VINS which can be imported to Canada

Please post or text (604) 250-7457 the details for you car.

vincent.taylor | 24 octobre 2014

Or US Roadster models built from May 4, 2009 to August 31, 2011 inclusively with last four digit VIN range starting #0501 (build week 5/4/2009) extending through #1420 (build week 8/29/2011)

Still looking...

viper2c2 | 31 octobre 2014

For Sale: Radiant Red Roadster 2.5 (VIN 1346) with matching hard top, GPS/Nav, red/gray interior, paint armor, silver forged aluminum wheels, the "Can" J1772 charger adapter, Universal Mobile Connector with NEMA 14-50, 14-30 & 5-20 adapters, new tires, 33,000 miles. In excellent shape: $87,500.

vincent.taylor | 6 décembre 2014

Still looking - cash in hand. Please review for top end of the market.

soskerry | 7 décembre 2014

2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5

Convertible, 2-Door, Rear Wheel Drive
Vin: to be available, Miles: 7,088

What part of VIN do you need to determine if you can import this?

Jet, Electric Engine, Carbon Fiber Package

1-Speed Direct Drive Transmission

288 HP @ 4400 RPM, Removable Hard & Soft Top

(2) Battery Chargers, (1) 110 Volt & (1) 220 Volt

New Battery in 2014 w/Latest Software

Fully Loaded, Excellent Condition

This is the 2,499th Roadster out of 2,500 produced.

if you are interested, please let me know. Price is yet to be determined by me as the seller.

vincent.taylor | 7 décembre 2014

Last four digits of VIN please and any photos? Where is the car located?

zhai_zi | 8 décembre 2014

Son of the building Lord is very well written, I enjoyed playing well will have a good collection

willems | 8 Janvier 2015

Hi Vincent, I have a Brilliant yellow Tesla Roadster last four of VIN 942. 2010 with 13450kms. Will this work

willems | 8 Janvier 2015

I should also mention the vehicle is in Vancouver