Website showing electric friendly hotels

Website showing electric friendly hotels

Is there a website that shows a map of hotels that have charging facilities for our Model S?

phil | 21 juillet 2014

I am looking in the Chesapeake, VA area for charging stations. I have found 3 Nissan dealers that will allow me to charge at their site, but the question is: what do you do while it takes 13 hours to charge to Model S? If I am staying at a hotel and charge overnight ... that is ideal. :)

Al1 | 21 juillet 2014

Under Model S there is a thread: "Beyond Superchargers Road Tripping Resources" or something. There is wealth of information there.

With hotels you really never know these days. One member told a story that sounds like a fairy tale. He called hotel asking them if they would like to install a charger and they did so. Asked him for specs, bought a level 2 charger at Home Depot as per his specs and installed it. So make a call. It may work nowadays.

Also please do leave some comments about your experience, in the same thread, for other forum members to see.

phil | 21 juillet 2014

I just pitched this idea to the General Manager of the Norfolk Marriott Hotel located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

This is a great marketing idea really. For about $5K, the hotel could install a Tesla wall charger and then post the info on, etc. etc.

This is great advertising for them if you ask me.

centralvalley | 21 juillet 2014

Even though I drive an S85, I think it would better serve the BEV community to install the generic J1772 chargers. Since charging will likely be overnight, rate of charge is not as important.

This might be better advertising than being exclusively for Tesla.

rick | 21 juillet 2014

I am hoping other hotels have done as Marriott has done:

Brian H | 22 juillet 2014

Very few EVs can travel far enough to need hotel charging. Unless they are hybrids, in which case they use gas for long distance anyway. For l.d. travel, right now Tesla is the only BEV in town.

Earl and Nagin ... | 22 juillet 2014

I recently found this excellent location in nearby Newport News;
It has a nice Marriott with several 30 amp charging stations in the nearby parking garages.
It's across the tunnel from Chesapeake but it is in the same general area.
Unfortunately, the Hampton Roads area is not well equipped with EV infrastructure.

efudman | 23 juillet 2014

When using from the web browser in the Tesla Model S you can filter by "hotels only" to find hotels with some type of charging capability (14-50, HPWC, or J1772). Or you can do it from any computer by going to