What can we do to help make EVs revolution successfull?

What can we do to help make EVs revolution successfull?

I want to suggest that Tesla does not have to do it all alone. In terms of what we as citizens can do to help the adoption of EVs, i invite ideas and offer a few of my own.

most obvious is the one we already do. Rave about the coming cars to our friends. I for one find 50% of regular people i talk to are resistant with the same old objections. So education is goal #1 i imagine.

Then there is the economics aspect. IF Government and other foundations, and billionaires, as well as big Corps, want this evolution, they can help.

Some suggestions:

Remove all tarrifs for EV's and EV parts and assemblies coming into country
Remove the sales tax on the purchase
Allow EV's to drive in express or car pool lanes and bus lanes
provide interest free loans for buyers
provide superchargers on public highways like the electric highway in the UK
remove all taxes on installations of chargers
give tax breaks anywhere possible in the EV economy
Give EV owners a super deal on insurance
free public parking/charging ("I'm going to the donald trump supercharger for 1/2 hr, when i get back, your fired")
tax breaks for supercharger installation or any other EV related companies
Taking budget saved in the health care system for lung diseases caused by cars

So what we can do? Politic the hell out of any and all these issues by emailing, snail mailing, calling, picketing, protesting and just generally make a nuisance of ourselves to raise awareness, get bad laws and bylaws and bills killed, and good one enacted. If we really want it, we need to fight for it. It will be an uphill struggle for sure. The negativity still surrounding EVs is astounding!