What car won't you buy in favor of the Model S?

What car won't you buy in favor of the Model S?

Honestly, since gas hit $4/gallon in Seattle today, the options are really slim.

1. Volt - I drove it and it's solid, however, I don't care for the exterior look and not a lot of cargo space for the kids and stuff.
2. Audi A3 TDI - Diesel is $4.05/gallon and the acceleration is not very quick at 9.6seconds
3. Ford Fusion - Also not crazy about the looks.

Cars that might be out when I need to pull the trigger on the Model S

1. Ford C-Max - Really don't like the way it looks
2. All the electric cars look bad by comparison to Model S.

VolkerP | 7 mars 2011

seems like a no brainer for you.

consider the renault fluence Z.E. (zero emission) with a leased 100mi battery pack. Don't know if it will be for sale in U.S. in 2012.

Volker.Berlin | 7 mars 2011

Fortunately, living in Berlin, Germany, I do not need a car and have in fact been without a car of my own for more than a decade. If it were not for the Model S, I could easily imagine continuing with bike, public transportation, taxi cab and Sixt for the foreseeable future. It is actually a great advantage to rent a car when you need it -- no maintenance at all and always the latest models at your disposal. Or use cabs: You never have to return to where you left your car when you want to get home.

On the other hand, especially when riding the bicycle, I am majorly annoyed by all the ICE cars plugging the streets and polluting the air which I have to breathe. I dream of a city where all cars run electric so that breathing is no longer a disgusting necessity. Someone has to make the first step and demonstrate to the ignorant public what is already possible today (or, in case of the Model S, tomorrow), possibly sparking or fueling some discussion on the city pollution topic. That's what I am up to, at the same time hoping that owning and driving the Model S is an enjoyable experience.

Leofingal | 12 mars 2011

The very early prototypes of the Volt gave me some hope that GM would finally get their heads out of the sand and make an alternative fuel vehicle that had appeal. Then over the years it stopped looking awesome and started looking like another crappy compact car. They are operating on the assumption that nobody that cares about the appearance of their car will buy an EV, and if it weren't for Tesla, there would be no way to prove them wrong. Then on top of that they made the electric range so small that between appearance and range, it is basically an overpriced plug-in Prius.

Ever since they announced the S, I have been considering it my next car, but I've been hesitant to reserve until recently when they announced closer to firm pricing and delivery. Now that the 160 mile range is truly in the original price estimate, I have reserved mine. Previously I had been hedging my bet and waiting to see what else was coming.

Kudos to Tesla, I am quite convinced that they are releasing the technology in exactly the right order. Make the EV a sexy, desirable vehicle (supercar, then luxury car) and use this to work through people's range anxiety, and build your economy of scale appropriately, then you can make the mid level sedans and SUVs that really penetrate the market in the 2015 time frame.

So the short answer is I am not buying a Volt or Prius or Focus, and I won't look back.

Sudre | 12 mars 2011

I won't buy a Chevy Volt. That was the car I was thinking about. I am very happy GM release them in select places because I might have bought one this year before researching what else was out there.

They basically took an ICE car with all it's maintenance and added batteries to it. No thanks.

msiano17 | 13 mars 2011

Honestly, I nearly bought a BMW 2001 535i ... in fact I had signed the papers even the salesman was going to run them through on the following Monday. Went home was browsing, found Tesla, fell in love, canceled my BMW and set down my deposit for her the month or two after when free-able funds came about. I actually see the new 535's all the time too, and they are gorgeous cars, but I cannot wait for my S since it beats the German luxury brands out in any competition.

msiano17 | 13 mars 2011

and by the way....

the Volt is an absolute joke, it is nothing but a super-hybrid, it can add an extra 100 or so miles to your journey at a time, but to be honest, I rather just stop eat and fill up my gas tank and not give about the extra 100 miles. They half-assed their efforts by going with that style. Very disappointing and a worthless item.