What is the right way to unlock the charge port?

What is the right way to unlock the charge port?

Every morning, unplugging the charger takes 15 seconds for me.

What I expect is:
- walk up to car
- doors automatically unlock
- charge port automatically unlocks
- unplug

Instead what I get is
- walk up to car
- doors automatically unlock
- press button on charge connector
- wait 2-3 seconds for lots of clicks
- still not unlocked, do it again
- click clunk, not unlocked, repeat
- doors timeout and lock now
- finally just get out the key
- unlock all doors manually
- press the button on charge connector
- eventually it unlocks.

Any clues?


Schlermie | 27 décembre 2012

I got a phone call from my wife yesterday when she was unplugging the car for the first time, and she described something similar to what you described. I'm not sure if there was a legitimate problem or if she just had trouble because it was her first time. (Maybe she hesitated or something.)

Normally, I approach the car, and the door unlock. Then I press AND HOLD the button on the charge connector until the light turns pale blue. Then I pull out the charge connector.

Mike6 | 27 décembre 2012

Press and hold!!!! Ahhh- going to try that.


mkh1437 | 27 décembre 2012

I've had similar experiences, but what I found works is if I touch a door handle to extend them, and THEN press the button on the charge handle, it releases every time. I will also try holding the button to see if it works without extending the door handles.

DouglasR | 27 décembre 2012

It is definitely finicky. However, it opens consistently for me if I press and hold the connector button right after the door handles extend. Also, the trunk must be closed.

KMN | 27 décembre 2012

Same problem the first time. I had success leaving a door ajar to prevent the car locking, until my wife told me to try holding the button down, which did the trick.

EcLectric | 27 décembre 2012

I had the same experience until I read the manual and it said "press and hold". Now I have no problem.