What stops me from ordering an X...

What stops me from ordering an X...

is basically 2 issues:

* The absurd backdoors, falcon doors/wings or whatever. Sorry to say, but a SUV that cannot carry a skibox/surfboard/cayak or anything on the roof just doesn´t make sense to me. Besides that, having to drop off passengers before you drive into low-roof-areas as parking garages and ferries is just not how you want to treat your buddies. And finally, exposing the interior to heavy rain and the opening mechanism to snow and ice tells me one thing: This just isn´t going to work anywhere north of 60 degrees. Original yes, maybe even stylish, but hopelessly impractical!

* The third seat row. I do not need the third row, and my estimate is that in general a 7 seat car drives with the third row hidden or completely removed 70% of the time. Give us a larger trunk instead!

I understand that the falcon doors where designed to avoid sliding doors, and still maintain adequate access to the 3rd row - please give us an alternative and I´ll be in front of the queue:

Skip the 3rd row, fit in ordinary backdoors and a huge trunk space!

Let people play fly around with ther wings in calif or southern parts of Europe, but for us with subzero degrees several months in a year frozen wings are a very bad idea..

Tiebreaker | 3 septembre 2013

So do not order it.

AlMc | 3 septembre 2013

+1 Tiebreaker. I was trying to come up with logical counterpoints but your reply is much more to the point than mine. :)

cloroxbb | 4 septembre 2013

Its ok, you dont HAVE to want to buy the X. There are many others that like to tell us that they wont order it because of the doors, and thats ok. Like tiebreaker said, don't order it then.

Fluvio | 4 septembre 2013

Cox, don't sweat the replies, I'm with you 100%. I don't care if my car is a sedan, coupe, sport wagon, or SUV; I'm going to haul bikes, skis, kayaks, lumber, ladders, whatever, on the roof before I would succumb to getting a pickup. I'm especially going to do this with a sport wagon (first choice) or an SUV. We don't have to buy the X if it doesn't meet our needs. But it's certainly okay to use a forum like this one to share concerns we might have about specific design criteria on these otherwise great cars.

Now, we could get into the topic of SUV owners that never take their rigs off the pavement, or pickup truck owners that never seem to be carrying anything, or folks that live within 5 miles of work, but choose to drive their oversized vehicle instead of cycling, walking, or taking the bus, but let's save that for another forum. It seems like a lot of people buy vehicles and don't really use them for what they're inherently designed for.

lbjack | 5 septembre 2013

"So don't order it."

Oh, snap.

I'm with Fluvio, Cox, don't mind the silly replies. If Tesla have any sense, then they monitor these boards as feedback. Your concerns are legit. I think Elon was in family mode when he conceived of the X. At the roll-out, he was extolling the virtue, thanks to the wings, of being able to buckle the kids in without having to strain your back. And that third row. This is a soccer mom's car -- just this side of a family van -- first and foremost. Now that Elon is a single male again, he needs to rethink the X.

Brian H | 5 septembre 2013

He's got custody of all 5 kids, and Brit ex Tallulah Riley moved back in with him to keep him from going "king crazy". Still in family mode for another decade+.

4utoo | 8 septembre 2013

I totally agree with Cox. I really want to order a Tesla, but have to wait until they get a SUV with regular back doors, because the falcon doors are just silly (and I prefer to sit up high as you do in a SUV). They look good, but are totally impractical. Having had several SUVs and raised 3 kids over the last 23 years, I know that getting in and out of the third seat row or being able to stand up while putting a kid into a car seat, is not as important as being able to open the doors just a little bit to throw in grocery bags, clothes, or my purse on the second row. The extra work to fold down the back of the second seat row or bending over the baby's car seat is nothing compared to the hassle with falcon wing doors. I often park in thight spaces (parking garages where I live - in Norway - are not made for wide cars) and sometimes we can only open the doors 12-15" before we get out. Not to mention the low ceilings in these garages. On my SUV, I sometimes have to hold down the door to the trunk so it doesn't hit the ceiling! And what if I want to carry a surfboard or a kayak or a ski box on my roof? No, pleeeeaaaase Tesla, give us the option to order regular back doors!

AlMc | 8 septembre 2013

My opinion...and it is just that....Is that TM will come up with an innovative solution where the 'rear door' can open up (falcon style) and slide back (like a mini van). If they can accomplish this it will make everyone happy, including allowing for top mounted ski, bike, boat (small) racks.

Similar (not exact) doors have been seen on SUVs where you could open the rear 'hatch' up or sideways.

grega | 8 septembre 2013

I can see how some people really need these features - only 2 rows of seats, plus roof racks, side doors - but I think what Tesla is doing is a little like Apple did with the early iPhones.

They iPhone was a brilliant fit for half of the users out there (and a clear improvement in every way), an okay fit for another 30%, and didn't have some functions that the last 20% wanted. But it needed to drop features to be brilliant in the first iteration, and many of those features were genuinely not needed, others remained in competitors or came back. But the change in people's attitude succeeded.

When you create a single product that works for lots of different customers, it usually has to compromise. Tesla would rather be brilliant for many people but sadly turn some users away (for now).

Now, to be honest I'm not sure the falcon wing doors are a brilliant change. My brother would have trouble opening them in his garage (if they don't stop themselves before hitting something). I think I would too.

More importantly though, if your purpose of buying a bigger car is to cart a lot of things around, it may have drawbacks for an electric vehicle. The roof racks add drag, stuff on the roof adds drag and may not be appropriate for fast acceleration, and filling the car with heavy items will change the performance. If Tesla's goal is to show how an Electric car is better than an ICE, it's better to not offer options that don't work well, so that people complain "why didn't Tesla do X?" instead of saying "Electric cars are crap for X".

EdieMilo | 8 septembre 2013

It's one thing to 'not like' the falcon doors because you don't appreciate the look, that's just a matter of taste (or lack thereof ;-)

Folks keep citing practical and functional drawbacks like low clearance garages and tight fitting parking spots which simply are NOT an issue. Elon has stated on several occasions (shareholders mtg & teslive) there will be proximity sensors so that the door will never hit anything when its opening (in cases of low clearance garages).
That goes for closing as well. It can't "pinch" any fingers due to the pinch strips.

As for tight fitting parking spaces, if you can fit between 2 cars, then the falcon wing door will be able to open because of the dual hinge system, it opens UP first, then OUT.

The third row seating can be folded down when not in use to create more trunk space. For that matter, the entire back seat can be folded if need be (as demonstrated in the Model X intro video)

But at the end of the day, it simply can't meet everyones need for everything.

As for me, it will be PERFECT for my needs and I can hardly wait to drive it :-))

Brian H | 9 septembre 2013

Elon said the doors require less horizontal clearance than sliding doors. The only valid concern above is roof transport of kayaks, etc. It's a crossover, not an SUV.

sergiyz | 9 septembre 2013

Most of the luxury SUV drivers I see in SFBA are soccer moms.
Those capable offroad vehicles never ever leave the pavement, don't tow a boat or do anything else they were actually designed to do.
Occasionally they'd go an a road trip to Tahoe, Yosemite or somewhere up North, a couple of hours drive, and that happens maybe a couple of times a year at best.
Bicycle racks are more common, but it's a separate rack attached to the hitch receiver.
This would be a good target market for the Model X.
All those Lexus 570s, Infiniti QX, Range Rovers, Mercedes ML and GL, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 could be replaced by the Model X provided there's a charging infrastructure for occasional long haul trips to major recreational destinations.
The rest of time they'll be doing exactly what all the above vehicles are doing - driving on city streets but without polluting air and wasting gas.
I hope the hitch receiver is there though, bike rack is fairly common on the competitive vehicles.

Xerxes5 | 9 septembre 2013

I'm with you on this. I'd be first in line for a Model X if they hadn't copied the roofline of the Model S. The one advantage of an SUV is the ability to haul stuff. The X needs a squared off rear end to maximize headroom in the back of the car for carrying bikes, plywood, boxes, furniture. Without that I see no advantage over a Model S... just slightly taller.

redders | 9 septembre 2013

I'm confused by the people who won't get this because 1) they have low garage ceiling and 2) they want to put the kayak on the roof.

How many kayaks/garages have you smashed so far?

PXChanel | 18 septembre 2013

I reserved a Model X a while ago. As a soccer mom in temperate climate, I can't wait to get it! For people in subzero temperatures who wish to haul huge equipment, sorry but if you don't like the current design, then this isn't the car for you. I don't think it is a car meant for women drivers. My husband likes it.

Elon, please keep the Model X design exactly as it is. If the falcon doors are taken out this car will lose half it's attractiveness and I will remove my reservation. Tesla will be making other models later, so "macho" people could wait for a "more manly car" able to withstand north pole temperatures. Good luck watching us enjoy our Model Xs in the meantime.

PXChanel | 18 septembre 2013

The clerk at Tesla store in Century City told me the third row seat will have the capability to fold down to increase cargo space. Why are you guys whining about the third row?

rbone | 19 septembre 2013

One more thought to add to the skis, kayaks and surfboards looked on the video like you could fold down the second and third row sets on one side only and have plenty of room and length snide for skis, kayak or surfboard (maybe not longboard or paddle board) and still comfortably seat 4 or 5. I have and use all the above toys and that would work for me. Hitch is a must for bike rack though.

erici | 19 septembre 2013

The car is a bit nice for a wet kayak to ride on the inside. The roof makes more sense for water toys.

The Wife | 20 septembre 2013

I can't wait for the Model X, I'm sad I'm 580 on line to get it. It was by mistake when I wondered into the showroom to show the model S to my husband I found out they were making the X. This is a dream come true! Do you know how hard it is to find a car that can fit 4 car seats at the same time? It's a struggle to find something that has "real seats in the 3rd row!" It has so much storage I no longer need a cargo van to take me to the airport when we go on vacation. I can load all my vintage finds when all the seats fold down to fit a queen size mattress. And furthermore I don't have to be embarrassed when I drive down the street past my neighbors Bentley! It's a beauty, I love the doors, if you watch all the video's carefully the doors pull up then out. At any rate I wouldn't want to park it next to any of those gas guzzler's! If it's get up & go is anything like the S it's going to move down the road without drag. Elon, if you need any test driving in cold weather or anything else just drop it off. I'm holding my breath till they call me it's in.

Brian H | 20 septembre 2013

The Wife;
Yes, I think Elon and the guyz had some serious "Wife" and "Mom" input when designing the X.

filsmyth | 24 septembre 2013

At the beginning of June I was just messing around when I chopped most of the roof off a Model X in an image manipulation...

As time went by I began to take the idea more seriously, revising the design and adding a 2nd model with an extended cab:

g+ link, for a larger view:

The XT is a straightforward pickup conversion, a coupe utility, seats 2 (or 3, with an optional bench seat).

The XTX is a bit complicated. I hope I've explained it well enough in my g+ post(s)... In short it's more of a 'utility coupe', capable of temporary transformation into a pickup, seating 2 or 3 that way and up to 6 otherwise. The kicker is, it features a pair of wide falcon-wing doors.

There have been hints at trucks in Tesla Motors' future, presumably 'real' trucks as opposed to 'ute' versions of existing models. We can imagine that traditional SUVs will follow -- but I'd guess we'll have to wait at least 10 years for those.

Meanwhile I wouldn't expect the Model X to be offered without its falcon-wing doors.

cloroxbb | 24 septembre 2013

Ive owned a Subaru Baja before, and IMO, a car with a short bed is useless for things you would actually use a truck for, except towing. That is just my experience though.

Unfortunately, I do not care for this mock up, and would probably not be interested in that body style. Good work though.

filsmyth | 24 septembre 2013

How short is short?

Hoping to find a number for the Model X's cargo area length, I found instead that the X has a longer wheelbase than the S -- by 4 inches. Using this information I was able to determine that the bed length of the XT (as I had rendered it so far) is about 6 feet.

Cargo area width is totally up to the engineers, but let's just say for the sake of argument that they can get it wide enough to accommodate the proverbial 4'X8' sheet of plywood. You could carry building materials of that standard dimension without having them stick out beyond the trailing edge of the (lowered) tailgate.

A 7-foot bed length can be achieved with a little stretching, but after doing this I think the best proportions will be achieved with a 6'8" bed and a 125" wheelbase.

XTX? Its transformation results in a usable cargo area longer than that of the XT, plus its rear window and one-piece hard tonneau cover have to be about the same size, so I doubt I'll be lengthening it.