What is wrong with the Signature Performance package?

What is wrong with the Signature Performance package?

Model S upgrade to Signature is bit overpriced as discussed in multiple topics, but you get a more premium perforated nappa interior.
Model S performance upgrade to Signature performance seems not to get this perforated nappa....

So the top fully loaded all features model does not come with the top interior?
For the same uplift in price 10k you get even less when going to the top model?

Am I missing something?

Jason S | 22 décembre 2011

I did a little googling to figure out what the difference was between perforated nappa interior vs just 'nappa' interior and ... couldn't find any difference.

If anybody in the industry (seems like an industry term) knows the difference, please educate us!

brianman | 22 décembre 2011

My guess is that they removed the word 'perforated' for columns 2 and 4 to avoid the 4th column bumping to 4 lines. The perhaps mistake editorially was not removing it from column 3.