What is your favorite?

What is your favorite?

What is your favorite forum topic?

J.T. | 17 août 2014

Anything that is clearly answered in the TIPS thread. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. :-)

MacDaddyDude | 17 août 2014

Several but the most edge of my seat thread was Myfastlady's cross country trip. The whole forum seemed to be cheering them on and following closely.

AmpedRealtor | 17 août 2014

Tesla Psychosis

SeattleSid | 17 août 2014

This one.

tezzla.SoCal | 17 août 2014

V6.0 software version released! (still waiting, of course)

Captain_Zap | 17 août 2014

That's the attitude, Sid!

Mathew98 | 17 août 2014

I vote for Tesla Schizophrenia where some posters leave alternating love/hate posts.

Oh I love the car today but I will hate it tomorrow because of the missing coat hanger...

karmamule | 17 août 2014

I love any thread about someone finally getting their long awaited Tesla and being over-the-moon happy with it.

bobrobert | 17 août 2014

It's a toss-up between "How did you choose your forum name.." and "You might be a Tesla owner if"

akikiki | 17 août 2014

AmpedRealtor, DITTO

NKYTA | 17 août 2014

Clearly I'm overly attracted to the Tips thread, but I do love the joyous "today is the day!" threads.

sbeggs | 17 août 2014

@bobrobert, thank you.

My favorite is the "West Coast/Canada trip" which was so good, we just want it to go on forever, in cyberspace.

I'll post on that thread our experiments reducing tire pressure from 45 to 34 psi, and the effect on Wh/mi, ride quality and noise. We first came up with the idea on the trip, but didn't want to risk setting off TPMS sensors, or endangering our ability to reach the next charging point.

george210 | 17 août 2014

once Tesla takes reservations for Tesla Model 3, that'll be my favorite !!!

sbeggs | 17 août 2014

Also, PBEndo's thread about Supercharger Review and Tips. Before departing on the West Coast/Canada trip, we printed out the pages on CA, OR, WA superchargers, and found them to be of enormous value in approaching the superchargers, locating them, and utilizing the amenities (if open). We also wrote our impressions of newer superchargers if no one had offered any feedback to that point.

Anthony J. Parisio | 17 août 2014

Adaptive Cruse Control

ssarker | 18 août 2014


tga | 18 août 2014

My favorite forum topic is anything with a useful subject (not this one). That way I can skip pointless threads (like this one).

Really, was it that difficult to add "forum topic" to the subject?!?

Dr. Bob Reinke | 18 août 2014

+1 Anthony

Adaptive Cruise Control