When Tesla S comes in Europe?

When Tesla S comes in Europe?

I'm really looking forward to receiving my Tesla

steven.maes | 2 août 2012

The Benelux rep told me in April that he tought that the car would be homologated around October-November. Add 3 months to that for a Sig.

ChristianG | 2 août 2012

I havn't heard about a date yet. And everwhere Tesla is Telling that the Sig. owners will get their cars before everyone else. And it makes sence as that way there will be no cars on the street with 'range anxity' as everyone of them have the 300 mile pack.

Unfortunately Tesla of corse is concentrating on their business in the US. the most optimistic rumors were that we probably get the prices late autumn and shortly after that lock in our reservations so we hopefully start getting our cars in the beginning of 2013. More pessimistic rumors guess that it will be in one year.

strangely waiting got way more painfull the last few weeks ^^

uldry2000 | 2 août 2012

and also intresting: wil it be a version 1.0 or wil they improve some stuff for the european market? (i'd love that)

vouteb | 2 août 2012

Received this info 3 weeks ago(for the UK):

As you stated, it will indeed be availible from mid-2013 onwards.

David70 | 2 août 2012

I would think they'd wait to have 3 phase charging working before shipping to Europe. So many Europeans have wanted that. It would make the Europeans happy and that could add a large number of sales.

Teoatawki | 2 août 2012

3 phase charging for European cars has been confirmed.

David70 | 2 août 2012

Confirmed, but not yet into production.

Timo | 3 août 2012

There are also quite a few smaller details to do, like blinkers to match European laws and all kinds of red tape. Nothing major technically, biggest probably is just that three phase charging possibility.

bredell | 3 août 2012

Someone on this forum mentioned that a Tesla representative had said that the European version would have more options. I hope this is true.

arnebjarne | 3 août 2012

vouteb: Im not sure that UK delivery equals European delivery. Remember the perversity of driving on the left side of the road and the steeringwheel on the right... In the rest of Europe we drive on the same side as the Americans, meaning that the car is essentially the same, whereas in the UK they will have to practically reinvent the car to make it compatible.. Of course this will take some time. And money. My guess is that the rest of Europe will be served prior to the UK.

vouteb | 4 août 2012

arnebjarne: I am sure you are right. wished that the UK would swap over some day(like the Swedes did?), but unlikely.

mik | 4 août 2012

@ vouteb, arnebjarne: TMC states the following in the en_GB version of the site:

When will Model S production begin?
Right-hand drive production is scheduled to begin in mid-2013.

Whereas in the en_BE version:

When will Model S production begin?
European left-hand drive production is scheduled to begin in late 2012 or early 2013.

That should clarify this ;-)

Brian H | 4 août 2012

The solution is obviously to have front seating 3 across, with the driver in the center ...

vouteb | 4 août 2012

@Brian H: another pearl of wisdom!


Brian H | 4 août 2012

Well, a lump, anyway.


arnebjarne | 5 août 2012

LOL ;-)

Volker.Berlin | 6 août 2012

Someone on this forum mentioned that a Tesla representative had said that the European version would have more options. I hope this is true. (bredell)

I may be the one you are referring to, although I did not exactly say "more" options. I was told by Tesla's Europe Inside Sales guy Stephen Davies that very likely Options & Pricing would be adjusted to each individual market. I read this as differently sliced options packages, possibly even some things standard (options) that come as options (standard) in the US model. One option I think that might make sense in the European market (although this is entirely speculative) would be the advanced seats (heating, memory) with non-leather seat cover.

Reading the recent posts I start to appreciate the fact the by the time we Europeans will receive our cars, all the vanity cup reading mirror light holder issues and the like will be sorted out and we will get a true and tested car. Its a small quantum of solace, but it helps to easy the waiting pain.