Where to see Model X prototype?

Where to see Model X prototype?

I just wonder if anyone happens to see Model X prototype in any of Tesla's showroom or factory. I have put in my reservation for the vehicle, but would like to admire its prototype design.

Brian H | 26 mai 2013

I believe the Detroit Auto Show had one.

mbcaffe | 31 mai 2013

Supercharger station in Hawthorne,CA has a prototype. You cannot open it. It just has a styrofoam interior. It looks pretty close to a BMW X6

Tesla-Mag | 31 mai 2013


Could you explain us why you booked a model X? I méandres what is the elements which push you to book one.


mwojcie | 20 juin 2013

Hawthorn has a real Model X - and a styrofoam one too. Saw it in person tonight at the battery swap demo. Way cool. Put in a reservation for one to add to the tesla fleet at my house.

syoung168 | 21 juin 2013

We should be manipulated by gasoline price.

syoung168 | 21 juin 2013

Sorry. We should not be manipulated by gasoline price.

proaktivhelse | 24 juin 2013

Hi. Where and when is one Model X to be seen in Norway?

the bonnie | 20 juillet 2013

Last place spotted: TESLIVE. The Detroit Auto Show version (white with black and white interior) was on display at the factory party last Saturday night.

Alex K | 20 juillet 2013

@bonnie1194 | JULY 20, 2013: Last place spotted: TESLIVE.

Yes, it was brought in from LA just for the party.

Alex K | 20 juillet 2013

Don't know where I got the "LA" thing from. All I know is that it was transported to the party.