Why do we do this?

Why do we do this?

This morning, after (1) opening my eyes and (2) checking the Tesla forums for any cool new threads, a question popped in my head. What am I doing?

We're all adults. We have extremely busy lives, family, things to do. However, we decide to take whatever free time we might have and spend it reading and writing in this forums, with people we've never met and probably never will. Do we find excitement being fans rooting for our team (in this case Tesla Motors) to do well? Is it the desire to belong in a "club" of some sorts, where we all share a similar interest? Is it pure escapism, and we're using our geeky love of technology to avoid doing other things that don't excite us anymore?


Darko | 10 septembre 2013

Same here. I think we subconsciously feel that this is important, for us and all others we care for, the future. And we see there are obstacles to the vision, and are concerned..It is like a sports match and we want to win...(my view only)

machprodcomp | 10 septembre 2013

It's better then spending and wasting that free time on Facebook!

jonlivesay | 10 septembre 2013

It's a big shift in the industry, major change from status quo. You are on here because you sense the history being made and want to participate. We all check in way too often, looking for news of a new SC opening or a store or service center. We follow Elon on Twitter, just in case he says something new, we talk to people about our cars ( perfect strangers!)for endless amounts of time. We are part of the revolution!!

Roamer@AZ USA | 10 septembre 2013

I love the car and the technology. I also find it funny that I spend time reading the forum and learning about the car and other owners ideas.

cloroxbb | 10 septembre 2013

Its a place to share opinions with like minded people. We have a common interest and its satisfying to share experiences with others with a common interest.

evanstumpges | 10 septembre 2013

I strongly believe that electric propulsion is the future and will enable more sustainable transportation. Tesla is far and away the leader in this emerging industry and I enjoy staying up to date with the latest Tesla news/announcements. Since I can't afford a Model S, I try to better understand the Tesla experience through the posts from owners and other enthusiasts on this forum. It's a great place to hang out...

TomasT | 10 septembre 2013

It is a cool place to hangout, isn't it? This and checking Google for TSLA news. It just seems like a story I would love to tell my grandkids. "Kids, at the beginning... it was only a few of us. We wrote in forums and spread the word... People called us fanboys but we didn't care. Tesla gave us hope for a better world..." Lol

bareyb | 10 septembre 2013

I can't say why, but I can tell you it's been YEARS since I felt so passionately. Part of it is the environment, part of it is how cool the car is, part of it is how cool Elon Musk is, and part of it just feels good not to have to give those greedy bastards at Exxon any more of my money... I hope we see the end of ICE cars in our life times. Can you imagine?

holidayday | 11 septembre 2013

We do it because:
a) All the movies show electric cars in the future, but all the major auto-makers are in bed politically with oil, so they are holdin up progress.
b) Everyone is tired of "dealers" who really want to make a "deal" so badly that you always feel like you get ripped off. We dislike the grease we feel on their hands when we shake their hands, when they don't work in the service area.
c) The Service Area: Where "dealers" make the big bucks. We hate servicing cars that should basically have so much technology, automakers should have figured out how to make a mostly service-free car by now.
d) We dislike being tied to the gas pump and the ever increasing costs of gasoline, and the implication that the sources of gasoline get money to fund people that do not like other people, along with the resulting wars and violence.
e) Energy progress is being made, so that driving becomes cleaner and cleaner with Electric cars. Solar panels becoming more efficient with the available light. Battery technology progressing so that prices come down and energy densities go up. Energy distribution becoming more evenly distributed so that one major reactor closing does not cause black-outs.
f) Dude, the cars are sweeeeeeet!!!!!

Timo | 11 septembre 2013

Adult = a kid with sense of responsibility and some experience.

Everyone still wants to be an astronaut. Having a future car in making is something everyone wants to be part of. Cars are easy to understand, everyday objects so discussing about them is easy too.

Like holidayday said, these cars are sweeeeeeet!!

dlewis | 12 septembre 2013

Never really had the astronaut fantasy. Now pirate maybe ;)

Timo, your description of an adult is what we should be but it is unfortunate that so many lose touch with that part. Me on the other hand, inside I'm still 12 :) and I have the coolest toy on the block.

amish.bhatia | 12 septembre 2013

A few thoughts on this:

When I was being pushed to finally make a decision, my gf had made a comment that struck me - "The people who designed this car and the people who are buying it are successful and very intelligent people"

This forum is a collection of smarter people on average ( not to brag or be vain, but I do think its true...). this forum and buying this car also brings out an inner excitement in me that I haven't felt since grade school and being excited about going on field trips.

Bravo to the culture around this car.

Not only that, but this is pretty unique to have a forum as part of vehicle ownership. Sure there are independent forums for other cars buried somewhere online, but this is pretty unique that the company sponsors discussion about its vehicle right here on its site.

Don't laugh at me. Field trips were awesome.

Neech | 13 septembre 2013

I agree with all of the above (except the astronaut part, too scary for me). Elon is brilliant and I feel honored and lucky to experience his vision.

holidayday | 16 septembre 2013

I missed one little piece, which as to do with A) in my post above.

The movies show electric cars in the future because they do not spew disgusting particulates into the air. Clean cities mean clean transportation. In the future, clean transportation means no gas burning cars. So, we do this because we want to breath fresh air in the middle of a city.

dollardragon | 21 octobre 2013

One of the great things about this company is that it is a "Cult Company" in a marketing defined way. Consequently, it is a marketing managers dream. It is people like us that make Tesla go. It is our word-of-mouth that boosts sales.

So, if you own one and own stock, do talk and give people test drives. Word is that every fourth test drive turns into a sale. If true, sales could be like compounding interest. So, if every owner gave at least 8, good, solid test drives and two of those bought and did the same within the year, and the pattern repeated, ad infinitum for 5 years, sales should explode.

Consequently, given the VIN data of around 25,822 units, this year, in 5 years Tesla should sell over 400,000 of the Model S. At least that is what my paper napkin says.

We can and do make a difference. But, buy stock first.

Any thoughts or corrections out there?

Brian H | 21 octobre 2013

The one sale per 4 test drives applied to TM stores, AFAIK.

aaquino22 | 21 octobre 2013

We do this because we are the good guys and we care about the world.

levi.maina | 21 octobre 2013

I am ashamed how many times I think about Tesla...more than S** !
I cant even begin to tell you how many times I have Redesigned the Model S (in my mind) Interior...and Nose Cone. I know Stop Laughing ok!
I have already redesigned the Model X Using solid works (real).
How many times I have come up with Technological advancement and enhancements for Tesla as a company and their cars (in my mind)....U get where this is going....PRAY FOR ME!

Brian H | 21 octobre 2013

Shall we post some porn pix, to distract you?

Webcrawler | 22 octobre 2013

I have not felt this much passion for a technology since I put up my first Wild Cat BBS with four phone lines and 300 baud modems...

Tesla is changing the world much like Ford, HP, Apple, Edison, Bell Labs, Westinghouse, GE, etc....

Unfortunately living in the Southern US there is a lot of hate directed at electric vehicles mostly for misplaced political reasons. I built my own EV (Started in July 2012) as a fun project and also to go to car shows and educate people that an EV can be fun and interesting and your politics just do not really matter.

I have been to many car shows and people are just fascinated by my electric car. The most interesting thing is that the hard core hotrodders are usually put off by the car to start with. However, after I show them how it works or take them for a ride, the are almost always converted. I call it the EV smile...

New Car Sell Off | 22 octobre 2013


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