Why does Tesla have so many options?

Why does Tesla have so many options?

Personally, I don't even get why Tesla even has as many options as it does. I think they should jack the price of all their vehicles by $10K and throw in all the options they now offer (Tech package, Sound Studio Package, Pano roof, Active Air suspension, Paint Armor).

In my books, the sales process of a Tesla should be a lot like buying an iPod at the Apple Store:

1) Check it out (test drive for Tesla).
2) Pick the colour.
3) Pick the capacity.
4) Pay

Not that it would ever happen, but that's the approach I wish Tesla would take. Drop that $30K goal for Bluestar/GenIII. Make it a $40K goal (after the tax rebate) and offer uncompromised fully loaded vehicles.

They'll make their sales goal whatever happens. They don't need a $30K econobox to do that. I don't think they need to be firm on $30K. High $30s after the tax rebate would still sell like hot cakes.

In the long run, I'm more worried about Tesla preserving its brand as other companies begin to shift to making EVs. At that point, just being a good ranging EV won't be enough. If 160 miles is enough for many a Model S owner today, than it'll be enough for many a future car buyer, purchasing from other OEMs. At that point, buyers will be comparing more than range. And it takes a lot longer to build or repair a brand. Tesla needs to move even further towards being a brand known for zero compromises. Tesla's differentiation, can and should come from the sales experience, an uncompromised product and the owner experience (full service maintenance, charging network, etc.). They can't rely on electrification for differentiation, forever.

Benz | 28 Janvier 2013

I do not agree with keithz. But he may have his opinion, just like everybody else.

Talking about options on a car. I think it's great to have options, because you can leave out all that you do not want or need. And that's great, because the price that you then shall have to pay will not be much higher then the base price.

In my situation I sure would like to have the option to leave out the Falcon Doors on the Tesla Model X. I would prefer having normal doors, because that would be good enough for me. Many people do not want or need most options that are available. The base model with just 1 or 2 options will do very well. Options are not for free, you see.