Will the Tesla Model X be shown at the IAA in Frankfurt in the second half of September 2015?

Will the Tesla Model X be shown at the IAA in Frankfurt in the second half of September 2015?

It would be great if Tesla will show the Tesla Model X there, as it is one of the most important auto shows in the world.

The reason why I am asking this is that we already know that the first deliveries of the Tesla Model X will be on September 29th at the Fremont factory, and I am not so sure that Tesla would want anyone to see the Tesla Model X before that date.

But I hope that I am wrong, and that we will be able to see the Tesla Model X at the IAA in Frankfurt.

Anyone who would want to discuss this topic?

timf2001 | 3 septembre 2015

With the first deliveries not being until September 29, it's highly doubtful. Tesla doesn't do reveals at auto shows, they do them at their own events.

Benz | 3 septembre 2015

Tesla Motors will be in Hall 5, together with Jaguar, Land Rover, Infinity and more brands.

mclary | 3 septembre 2015


ram1901 | 4 septembre 2015

See upper right box labeled 5 as noted by Benz ..

This is the 2015 exhibitor floor map..

ram1901 | 4 septembre 2015

Some speculate Elon will drove the X onto the New Late Show stage when appearing there on Sept 9th and show Stephen Colbert it's features.

Ross1 | 4 septembre 2015

The first unveiling was scheduled for the International Space Station but the Falcon 9 rocket is not ready.

Want to guess why the doors are called Falcon Wings?

Benz | 6 septembre 2015

The next few main auto shows are in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Detroit, Geneva. There they will show the Tesla Model X, right?

Ankit Mishra | 6 septembre 2015

Nope. Lets take example of smartphone industry. In the beginning companies launched and showed their mobiles at the tech shows. But as the time passed and they realised that smartphones have become their most important product, they stopped giving attention to this shows. Why? A show where other products are shown is not a place for your trump card product. It deserves special attention. Tesla is becoming a cult brand, just like Apple wont show its phones at a tech show Tesla soon will stop sharing space with other cars.

Ankit Mishra | 6 septembre 2015

Replace cult with huge.

Red Sage ca us | 6 septembre 2015

Detroit... Maybe. They have always skipped Los Angeles (Long Beach, Anaheim...). I think they may have done New York once... Tokyo? Probably not. Maybe when/if Tesla Motors releases a kei sized car. Geneva... Maybe.

krissu | 7 septembre 2015

Would be really strange not to show the X in Frankfurt. That would mean showing again only Model S and the difference to prior what you can visibly see are new front seats and couple new colours.

eric.zucker | 7 septembre 2015

Red Sage ca us: Tesla was present at the last Geneva shows.

Once Tesla has come out with the MX there is no reason not to present it at trade shows. Quite to the contrary, I would argue it's essential as they do not use regular automobile advertising channels.

Red Sage ca us | 7 septembre 2015

eric.zucker: I think there are two reasons...

In the US, most auto shows are sponsored and actually run by State dealership organizations. In Michigan in particular, they specify that manufacturers can only participate in support of 'independent franchised dealerships'.

Tesla Motors is using certain tactics that were popularized, if not pioneered, by Apple®. So, in some instances, it may be better to be perceived as being 'above it all' when it comes to industry shows.

As for Geneva... I made it a 'maybe' for the same reason as New York. They've done it before, doesn't mean they'll do it again. I think that Detroit is the only show they have done multiple times, and after being officially 'banned' from the State, it may not be worth their attentions any longer. The Los Angeles auto show is practically around the corner, down the street from the Hawthorne design center, but Tesla has never gone there. | 7 septembre 2015

Since Tesla will have a booth in Geneva, there should be some recognition of the X, if only a full size photo.