Windows Phone 7/8

Windows Phone 7/8

I have a Windows Phone. Will there be an app? If so, will it be able to call the care to come pick me up from its parking place?

olanmills | 24 octobre 2012


I too want a WP app. I think your first request is unlikely, at least in the near future, and your second request, well maybe you need to go toalk to Google for that.

mrspaghetti | 25 octobre 2012

Wow, that's a total of two more people than I thought who actually own Windows Phones.

Timo | 25 octobre 2012

That would make me three then. Getting an app would only be matter of someone coding such thing, I believe there will be quite a few people capable of doing that considering how popular Windows is. So my bet is that there will be app for Tesla cars, but not necessarily immediately.

Cars picking up you would be Google I assume. At least they are the only known company (at least only I know) that has a car that has actual working autonomous driving capability.

bgirard123 | 28 octobre 2012

Yes, please I want a windows phone 7 or 8 app for this car. That phones kicks ass.

cerjor | 29 octobre 2012

Isn't someone at Microsoft buying an S? They should know someone that could wried the app.

SSL161 | 30 octobre 2012

One more vote!

--- Cherif

miketa14 | 31 octobre 2012

Another vote :)