Windows Phone App?

Windows Phone App?

I know that this topic has been raised before; and I do understand market share drivers behind the emphasis on IOS and Android. Nonetheless, I have a lot of MSFT productivity apps that work very seamlessly now and the ONLY reason I don't move to a Windows smartphone is lack of the Tesla app. I am loyal to my Tesla and want that app. I just wish I could have that common device interface b/n PC, tablet and phone...

I am not comfortable using the 'unofficial' app for the reasons already stated here.
Thanks for consideration.

JuJoo | 7 octobre 2015

Keep waiting for that app. :/

I doubt it will come anytime soon. iOS and Android apps that come to Windows OS usually come a LOOONG ways after release... if they decide to develop it at all.

mcdonalk | 7 octobre 2015

Perhaps with the upcoming release of Windows 10 for Windows Phone, Tesla will appreciate the benefits of a universal application that can run on all Windows 10 platforms, including Windows Phone.

I, too, would love to have an official application for Windows Phone.

sean | 9 octobre 2015

This one looks best. But sadly until my car arrives I can't try it.

Seems to get update regularly and is talked about the most.

hpjtv | 9 octobre 2015

@sean both apps work.

Captain_Zap | 11 octobre 2015

I'd still love to see Tesla step up to the plate and make their own. They need to add functionality to the Google phones too. (For example, charging notifications.)

stevemathew17 | 11 octobre 2015

I don't own a Tesla yet but I do own stock and love the company. I love having the live tile on my phone right next to my live tile showing the Tesla Android stock quote and it looks awesome! When I read that this app was supposed like the one on the phone I downloaded it immediately. Well it is disappointingly not similar, at least the live tile. The app is probably wonderful otherwise. If you have a ModelS try it out for sure. People should know that the live tile isn't the same as WP8 Tesla app. I hope it changes.