Worlds biggest battery

Worlds biggest battery

There are some candidates...

The way read it is 40 MWh, 36 MWh, 32 MWh.

The 40 MWh in Alaska weighs in at 1300 tons.

For comparison : Tesla builds 500 batteries a week between 60 kWh and 85 kWh. Weight approx 500 kg.

So Tesla puts on the road every week somewhere between 30 MWh and 42.5 MWh ( roughly 250 tons ) in battery storage. In a week Tesla about matches the worlds largest battery.

Or in 12 month between 1.5 GWh and 2.1 GWh.

Dear Model S owners I would say we are sitting on the worlds largest battery.


SamO | 8 juin 2013

When are we going to be able to tie our batteries to the grid (through solar city or others) to generate some $$$ from our car?

This would be a wonderful reward for all Tesla owners.

Cattledog | 9 juin 2013

Samo - Maybe that's what sitting under our nose!?!

SamO | 9 juin 2013

Cattle - that would be phenomenal. Better than swap. Or ultrcapacitor. Or metal-air.

Brian H | 9 juin 2013

That could only work if you're time-shifting (charging at night, selling during the day). Or filling with (direct or indirect) solar. You'd do far better renting the car a day or two a month with, or SLT.