Would a Tesla work for a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent?

Would a Tesla work for a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent?

I am trying to work out the numbers to make a Tesla work as my go to real estate car. As a full time agent in Las Vegas, I am always driving clients around. I probably fill up my BMW every 4-5 days after 375-400 miles. Obviously, I am worried about range. Are there any real estate agent Tesla owners out there that can give me insight? Lastly, it seems like with so few parts that repairs would be less in years 3-6. Any thoughts?

rlwrw | 23 novembre 2014

Sure. Absolutely!
Remember, when you are showing properties, you and the potential buyers are going to be out of the car for a period of time. You will not be driving all of the time.
Most realtors that I know do have high end sedans for their work.
With the Tesla being very quiet, there is a bonus of being able to talk very calmly.
I also see a lot of Teslas in Las Vegas, so you would not be the only one.
Unless you are showing property in Rachel on a daily basis, you should have a fair amount of range left over at the end of the day.
If you are at your office or home at times during the day, you can plug in for a quick charge.
Bottom line. I was expecting to see real estate agents driving Teslas long before this.

rlwrw | 23 novembre 2014

Addendum: Yes. Fewer parts does mean greater reliability.

rlwrw | 23 novembre 2014

realestatejimmy: This would be a typical scenerio for you.
Going up to show a property at Mt. Charleston will take some power, and your range indicator will drop a lot.
Coming back down, you will be using regenerative braking, and unless you need to actually stop, will not be using the mechanical brakes This will be putting power back into the battery, and you will be showing more range when you get back down than what was showing when you were at Mt. Charleston.

DallasTeslan | 23 novembre 2014

So you are driving 100 miles/day roughly? Absolutely it would work for you, and you will save a fortune not buying gas for the gas guzzler any more. You are probably spending $12-$15 daily on gas for the BMW. Depending on your electricity rates it would probably be around $4/day to charge your Tesla.

Brian H | 23 novembre 2014

"AmpedRealtor" here has been doing this for a year or two. In Az.

guysun67 | 24 novembre 2014

This will be putting power back into the battery~!

Fifa 15 coins

Earl and Nagin ... | 24 novembre 2014

I hate to rain on the Model S parade but, while I think a Model S will handle the range necessary, it is a bit cramped in the rear seat, limited visibility out the window, and somewhat tricky to get in and out. The Model X, will probably be about the ultimate realtor's vehicle.

Red Sage ca us | 24 novembre 2014

The Model X will surprise people by being the ultimate vehicle for a wide range of applications, personal and professional.

3s-a-charm | 24 novembre 2014

I'm a Realtor and chose the Model S over BMW... You should be fine on range and I tested the ingress/egress and rear seat room and felt it was more than fine and I'm 6'-1". Looking forward to whooshing people around starting this January!

realestatejimmy | 18 juillet 2015

Thanks for the comments everyone. As with many Tesla fans, I am doing a good amount of research. One advantage that I just thought of, is being able to have the homes on the 17" screen as we go around town. :)

Currently looking at a one year old model. The numbers seem to work more in my favor that way.

bryanlen01 | 19 décembre 2015

That might work.