Would you get a P version if the price difference is $10K?

Would you get a P version if the price difference is $10K?

Reservation 5/2013, so I expect an invite very soon. Don't know what to do. We were planning on the 90D because my wife has no interest in the P90D. But, the lease extension on our Leaf is up Jan. 6, 2016 and Nissan will not extend it. So we can either buy a used Leaf and trade it in 8-10 months from now when the 90D is finally delivered for what would probably be a $5K loss, or order the P90D for faster delivery (hopefully February). I figure when we sell the P90D we should get $5K more than a similar 90D, putting the true cost of the upgrade at around $10K, and we get the car 6-9 months sooner. Worth it? Any other thoughts?

Tâm | 25 novembre 2015


Most just want more performance.

And you've laid out good rationales to pay up more for what you want.

jjs | 25 novembre 2015


Ankit Mishra | 25 novembre 2015

I wouldn't suggest counting on Tesla to deliver the car in your emergency situation time frame. Its a set up for disappointment and bad blood. If your original choice was 90D, don't let yourself be flown by excuses your brain is making. Get a 2nd hand ICE, why only leaf? It may cost less. And please don't count on a delivery date unless Tesla calls you and says pay and get your car. (My suggestion, I maybe wrong as I am many times)

rdalcanto | 25 novembre 2015

We have an ICE that sits unused that she could drive between January 6th and P90D delivery. After an EV for 29 months, the ICE is so repulsive that she does not want to get stuck driving it for 6-9 months (1st world problems, I know). That is why our options are buy a Leaf for 9 months and lose $5K on it, or move up to the P90D. My fuzzy math does make me feel a little better about justifying the P90D and getting the car sooner though.... ;)

Claudedohrn | 25 novembre 2015

IME, options don't affect resale price as much as one would hope when buying. I'm trying to rationalize a similar decision, since I don't have much use for P, a spoiler is nice, but tbh I'm tired of waiting and might wind up paying up for the P, but it does kind of stick in my craw.

I'm literally keeping the gas filler door on my 2007 Range Rover open with duct tape, and who knows how long the air suspension and tires will last, but I don't have to like it, and neither does my wife.

carlk | 25 novembre 2015

I'm pretty sure resale value of P's will be significantly higher than non-P's. All you need to do is to read this forum to see what people want the most if cost is not a factor. Unlike high performance ICE cars there is no fuel consumption panelties to make them harder to sell.

aesculus | 25 novembre 2015

So if the active spoiler really helps in the mileage should not the P have a better rating than the regular 90?

paradis | 25 novembre 2015

@rdalcanto - I'm in the same boat and the same 5/13 reservation date. My Swapalease MB C300 expires March 1, after being extended from Jan 1, and they won't extend it again. I really wanted the 90D since that is still faster than my BMW 650 (which was scary fast). However, I have decided to bite the bullet and go for the P90 although I don't like being held up for the extra bucks. I'm going to lease it for other reasons, so the impact is not as bad. After waiting since 2013, and at my age, I just didn't want to postpone delivery again.

paradis | 25 novembre 2015

@aesculus - maybe that's why the difference is only 7 miles. The difference between the S90 and the SP90 is 17 miles.

aesculus | 27 novembre 2015

@paradis: That mileage would be appreciated by all MX owners! Confused why it would not be standard for all cars.

Ankit Mishra | 27 novembre 2015

What seats are going to order pal? (If you plan on ordering).
Confused? Its to make its premium offering more tempting. Unique cool features, more money.

Red Sage ca us | 27 novembre 2015

Trade in the surplus ICE for a used LEAF while someone still wants it...

paradis | 27 novembre 2015

@aesculus +1 - I agree that everyone could benefit from it (if that's the reason for the discrepancy). Tesla operates in some strange ways and this is another example.

rdalcanto | 27 novembre 2015

Unfortunately we have to keep the surplus ICE to tow the wakeboard boat (too heavy for the Model X), and for a tow vehicle behind our motorhome (the Model X can't be towed with wheels on the ground). If the Model X had been able to do those 2 things, the Jeep would be history.

aesculus | 27 novembre 2015

@Ankit: What seats are going to order pal? (If you plan on ordering).

Right now I am caught up in a conundrum. I really want a folding flat second row. If I had to take an X the way it is now it would be the 6 seat version. Really I would probably pick a 4 seat version over a 6, but that is not being offered. I never use the 3rd row in our current SUV. Maybe once a year at best.

I am going to do a 'seat off' as soon as a X rolls into my SC and bounce back and forth between a S and X to really determine which car overall is better for me.

Will the seating, range and looks of the MS win out over the ride height, access and FWD of the MX?

I am sort of in Tesla limbo land right now and probably don't exactly fit either cars demographics.

Red Sage ca us | 28 novembre 2015

Trade in the surplus ICE for a 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV then...?

qha | 29 novembre 2015

Rdalcanto - I'm in the same boat as you and considering if I should go for a 90D and get an EV loaner in the mean time. One thing I wanted to clarify - you mentioned " I figure when we sell the P90D we should get $5K more than a similar 90D, ". Do you mean you expect an used p90d to be $25k more expensive than a used 90d - hence th $5k profit? Or instead did you mean it will be $5k more, which will mean a net loss of $15k. If the latter, it could be a deal breaker for me.

rdalcanto | 29 novembre 2015

I think you will get $5K more when you sell the P90D than a similar 90D, so you will lose $15,000. Of course, that depends a little bit on how old the car is when you sell it. You might only lose $10,000 if you sell it when it is 2 years old. If I buy and sell a used car to wait the 6-9 months for the 90D, we lose another $5K will dealer trade in, so the price difference of a P90D in February is about $10,000 more than a 90D in August when you take everything into account. All that being said, we decided to wait for the 90D so we don't loose range, and save some money. After 6 months they will also have made some improvements in the assembly line, so we will get a better car.