Wrong Car Delivered and Tesla wants more money?!

Wrong Car Delivered and Tesla wants more money?!

I recently took delivery of my Model S. I paid in full online as requested. When I took delivery of the vehicle the Tesla delivery mangers took me through all the features of the car as usual. (including highlighting the charge limit function. "90% for every day use, 100% for road trips" etc) A few days later my car would charge past 70% or so. I emailed Tesla service and by the next morning the problem was fixed and I got a phone call apologizing for the inconvenience. (amazing service right?)

About 2 weeks later, the car would not charge past the 70% mark again. I called Service again and they told me that my car never charged past that amount ever. At that time, the current charge level was around 85% since I had just completed a charge to 90%. I told them to look at the car data and sure enough they verified that it was at 85%. "That's weird" the tech said. He verified that I had the 60Kw-LITE version (the original 40kw order) which I said yes and he explained that's how they limit it to the 40Kw. If that is true, then why did the delivery managers explain I should only charge to 90%? Why did the service department 2 weeks prior tell me they "fixed" the problem and I was again able to set 90% or 100% charge? Why does my car have the 60Kw emblem on the back (apparently the 40Kw should not have this) As I just found out today, Tesla delivered me a 60Kw car, realized they screwed up, and then put a limit on it without telling me anything!

To TOP IT ALL OFF, they called me and told me that they screwed up and did not charge me enough. Now they want an additional $4900!

Has this happened to anyone else out there! I cant believe such a well run company that created such an amazing product is this sloppy in their delivery process...I would tweet Elon since he is so good at responding to his followers but im sure he has bigger things to worry about.

archibaldcrane | 30 mai 2013

So did you pay for a 40kwh or a 60kwh?

The 40s weren't automatically upgraded to 60kwh for're getting the battery size you paid for.

stangel | 30 mai 2013

If you paid for a 40, you're entitled to that much battery capacity.

You didn't really say whether the $4900 was for the battery or other components, but the sales contract is the final word on both what you're entitled to, and what you must pay for it.

DouglasR | 30 mai 2013

It's kind of like the bank accidentally depositing $5,000 into your account. You get excited about the free money, and then pissed when they inevitably discover and correct their mistake.

Kevgod | 30 mai 2013

The $4900 was for CA Sales Tax. They forgot to add in the tax to the price they asked me to pay. The sales contract was not ready at the time I took delivery of the car, so they are asking me to sign it now.

It is correct that I Ordered and Paid for the 40KW pack. No arguments there. My issue is that they walked me through and delivered me the 60Kw pack and then went through the process of limiting it, UN-limiting it and apologizing, and re limiting it all with out informing me about what was going on. Since I had the walk through that explained the 90% limits etc, I had no idea that the 40Kw were limited at 72%. I assumed that what I saw as a full charge already incorporated that limit into it and I would be setting based on that.

DouglasR | 30 mai 2013

They f'd up, no doubt. But it is an uncommon mistake -- only one other time have I heard of them delivering the wrong car -- and it looks like ultimately there is no harm done, no? | 30 mai 2013

Wow sounds like you could have gotten away with a free upgrade to the full 60 if you hadn't called them.

Tâm | 30 mai 2013

We are all human, and no matter how careful we are, mistakes can still slip through the cracks.

We all have to pay taxes eventually, sooner or later. For example in your pay check, you can either pay in advance with "Tax Holding" throughout the year, or at the time of filing.

Just count it as a good mistake as you could drive off first without paying $4,900 in advance.

40kw and 60kw has been discussed in many threads already, so there should be no surprise to you.

Like ricardo said, you had an advantage and you gave it up when you called Tesla.

Your car does have 60kw battery so the 60kw emblem does not lie. It's just that you can't use all of its capacity until you pay up for it.

ModelS3P | 30 mai 2013

Sounds like everyone thought they were giving you a true 60 at delivery (charging limits and rear emblem). Out of curiousity, what is the 8th digit in your VIN? I think all the 40s have a "C" even though we really have a 60 kWh battery pack (this 8th digit would be a "G" if you ordered a 60 outright).

fluxemag | 30 mai 2013

You got the right car, but with an emblem that shouldn't be there and the wrong version of the software. Sounds like they corrected one of the two at least. Good luck getting past paying sales tax. I pay mine at the DMV next week (in AZ).

Kevgod | 30 mai 2013

@Longhorn92 - The 8th digit in Vin is a "G"

portia | 30 mai 2013

I am not surprised at the "G" there in the VIN, since there is no 40KW version of the car anyway, it's just a software setting. So they made a mistake, but you have to pay the tax, not they "want" more money! It's a bummer to have to come up with more money.

Mocaptain | 30 mai 2013

I am curious if you will get superior battery life than most because of the battery rotation leaving more batteries at rest and lower use. It would seem even though you cant use the full range of the battery, you would still get the benefits of having the bigger battery itself, and for free.

elguapo | 30 mai 2013 TM clearly messed-up the delivery, but I think the title of your post "Wrong Car Delivered" is really misleading. They delivered what you ordered, not the wrong car, they just had poor communication. Since it's a public thread, I would suggest you rename it to say their delivery process was confusing/misleading. From what you wrote, however, they definitely delivered the right car, but their customer service was off. There is a big difference between that and the title of your post.

Brian H | 30 mai 2013

Two upgrades from 40kWh are possible.
1. From 40 to 60.
2. To enable SuperCharging after #1.

Both cost money; #1 is $10K, #2 is (?)$2K.

Sudre_ | 30 mai 2013

Boy got to drive a 60kW for free for a few weeks and got away with delaying the payment on taxes. Sounds like you got a great deal. Wish they would have accidentally gave me an 85Kw battery then software limited it to a 60. I sure would not be complaining.

Chuck Lusin | 30 mai 2013


Those are the before you take your order pricing.

After receiving the car it is:
1. 40 to 60 $11,000
2. Enable Supercharging $2,500

skymaster | 30 mai 2013

@ Kevgod

I just deleted what I really think about your post.

All I have to say is WTF?

ModelS3P | 30 mai 2013

Since your 8th digit is a "G," they definitely thought you were a full 60 kWh order. The rest of us 40 owners have a "C" even though the battery is actually a 60 kWh battery. They definitely didn't have you coded as a 40, but in any case, you paid the same as the rest of us 40s and should have the same software limit, so all is right in the end.

lolachampcar | 30 mai 2013

I hope people that read this thread to learn more about Tesla issues (as part of their buying decision) take the time to read the whole thread. If they do, they will see that Sudre_ 's assessment of the facts would appear to be the more accurate. For performance and battery degradation reasons, 40 buyers have gotten a heck of an upgrade and yet this thread reads as a complaint.

If there was any failure here, it was a failure of the DS to properly explain how 40 orders were being filled with 60s and exactly how the reduction to 40 was being achieved. It has been discussed in the forums at length and would be a simple matter to distill a single page of explanation from the questions and answers already vetted in the various threads.

It is a shame the post remains named as it is.

carlk | 30 mai 2013

Seems to me op was just complaining about the mess up. He never said he deserves what he did not pay for. I think that was a cruel joke played on him if he did not know for sure what his car should be like.

I do think the title is inappropriate though.

mreitman | 30 mai 2013

I am picking up my "40" tomorrow. Tesla sent me an email over a month ago telling me that they were not going to make the 40 but that they would give me the restricted 60. This is great because I got a more powerful car and I probably got it a lot earlier as they would have delayed making the 40's as
Long as possible.

George with SacEV | 30 mai 2013

I had somewhat the same problem with the Tesla payment website and last time I looked there (about a week ago), it was still messing up my final payment total on a standard 85kW version. The website was NOT computing in sales tax for me either. Since I had separate paperwork directly from Tesla's sales offices with numbers that made MUCH more sense, I avoided using the website to make my final payment as I KNEW it was about $8000 low and would only confuse things even more.

I reported this website problem to my Tesla delivery representatives at the time.

However I did have the actual detailed paperwork in front of me, and I am surprised that any buyer has not received at least a nearly final total estimate of charges and that final estimate should allow one to consider any possible items, e.g. sales tax, that pretty much anyone knows they are going to have to pay.

DouglasR | 30 mai 2013

The best benefits of the 40 are the options to upgrade and to add supercharger capability. Options have value, even if you never exercise them.

HenryT2 | 30 mai 2013

As far as delivering the wrong car, there was absolutely no harm done except a bit of confusion. As far as not collecting the sales tax, that's inconvenient.

Basically, Tesla screwed up and owes you an apology. You definitely have to pay your sales tax. Maybe you can get Tesla to give you a mobile connector bundle set or at least a Tesla jacket in way of an apology for the mix up. But I don't think you can expect a free 60kWh or not paying the sales tax especially since the additional power and supercharge potential were free upgrades in the first place.

kidjay | 30 mai 2013

I feel sorry for the person that got your 40 car expecting a 60kWh!

info | 31 mai 2013

I guess like most things, your view depends upon whose ox is gored. But it does show something. Those of us who have jumped on the Tesla bandwagon fiercely defend the company. I have overlooked things that I might not have with another car. The bottom line is that now that I'm living with the car, I got a bargain, no matter what I paid. (And don't let Tesla know this, but if they recalled my car and told me that I'd have to pay more to get it back--I would!)

As I get older there are fewer things that make me laugh. I have a chuckle each time I get into the car. It's priceless. The difference between a slap on the back and a pat on the back is in the receiver's perception.

dougarcher26 | 31 mai 2013

I just took delivery too of a 60. I love it, but had problems with different amounts due. There was a PAY NOW button online that said something like $7000 due. I was going to do this, but they said I can just bring a check to the factory upon pick-up. So at the factory, suddenly the amount was like $11,900! I was shocked, but they said it about California taxes. I had to do some online transfers at the factory and it was embarrassing, and fork over another $5k. I kind of wondered what would have happened if I just paid the $7000 the night before online, but I'm sure they would have caught their mistake. Oh well, you gotta pay taxes, right?

Epley | 31 mai 2013

I agree with @elguapo:

Please change the title of your post so it's not misleading. This was a screw-up, no doubt. But it doesn't sound like the WRONG CAR was delivered. The right car was delivered but with the options incorrectly formatted.

The sales tax thing does suck, but that's your state laying on the pain, Tesla is just the bearer of bad news. In Washington State, there is no sales tax on electric vehicles (thank goodness)!