WSJ Article About Electric Cars

WSJ Article About Electric Cars

So I just read this new WSJ article about how the Volt is doing badly. Is that such a big surprise for such a badly built car? But then the article goes on to pile on how badly Tesla is doing and extrapolate Volt's bad sales to all electric vehicles in general.

It was especially interesting how the author wrote off Tesla as not doing well because they only sold about half the number of vehicles sold by Porsche with no mention of the fact that Porsche sells about a dozen different types of configurations and Tesla sells only ONE model in large numbers.

Of course the article did not mention how Model S sales are higher than the Mercedes S550.

It's really disconcerting to read articles where they almost don;t want to admit any possibility that electric cars are working and people are buying them.

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Mike C | 5 août 2013

Subscribers only. From what you describe it sounds like a SeekingAlpha article. The shorts sure are trying.

AmpedRealtor | 5 août 2013

Reminds me of all the analysts who dismissed Apple and who could not understand the inappropriateness of comparing iPhone market share (single phone model from a single manufacturer) to Android market share (multiple handsets from multiple manufacturers). For years analysts missed the fact that Apple was pulling in the lion's share of profits compared to any single Android handset maker. Samsung's success is relatively recent.

ian | 5 août 2013

It just boggles my mind how people can not see how amazing Tesla is doing with the S. They are exceeding their production forecasts and are increasing their margins a bit more every week!

I wager their margins will be in the double digits when they report this week.

Captain_Kong | 5 août 2013

I thought even the one trick pony Model S is outselling Mercedes S class in the US? Not to mention many more ponies to come from Tesla...

Having ordered and test drove a MS, it's a fantastic car per se. But I think many people, esp those in investor community, hasn't had the paradigm shift of recognising success (or future success) of Tesla is not only riding on MS, more importantly it's Tesla's business model; i.e., supercharger network, battery swap, and who knows what else Elon has in his hat for the next few years!

I recently come across an article from SA re selling future EV ex-battery so the price becomes competitive with ICE, and then leasing out the batteries for a similar outlay as refuelling; and how about Tesla developing an app store business similar to that for Apple (the ICE motor companies are all scrambling to est vehicle software / apps centres in CA near Tesla!).

Many people has a habit of writing off something they haven't experienced, I look forward to someone writing a good book in 10-20 years' time documenting Tesla's success (not just MS)!

bradslee | 5 août 2013

It is just a continuation of John Broder's alliance in achieving their fruitless goal.

justineet | 5 août 2013

He's not making apple to apple comparison. Porsche has close to a dozen models that range from about 50K to about 200k dollars to Tesla's only one. In the previous quarters Tesla not only outsold Mercedes S class but also Audi 8 model and BMW 7 which are all in the Models S class price wise -- 70K to 100k. If you compare Model S to Porsche models in similar price range, the result is probably the same. It's kinda of fishy this kind of misleading articles tend to come out usually prior to important financial reporting times.. | 5 août 2013

@Mike C

Be thankful, most of the comments will make you want to poke a stick in your eye. Sigh.


GeirT | 5 août 2013

Tesla doing poorly?

"Tesla Nabs 8% of the U.S. Luxury Car Market

As if Tesla's 280% stock price increase since the beginning of 2013 or becoming profitable in Q1 of this year wasn't enough, the Electrification Coalition released a report last week stating that Tesla's Model S made up 8.4% of the U.S. luxury automotive market in the first six months of the year.

In the first quarter of this, year Model S sales outpaced Audi A8, BMW 7-series and Mercedes S Class sales. But what's really striking about the comparison is that Tesla is a young car company and its Model S has been selling for only about 14 months, while BMW has sold its 7-series since 1977 and Audi's flagship A8 launched back in 1994."

justineet | 6 août 2013

That's right.........Tesla has captured 10% of the luxury market in less than year with only one model compared to the rest 100 or so models combined. Just imagine what is going to happen when Tesla introduces more models such as the X......what r they going to say then...........

HenryT2 | 6 août 2013

WSJ is owned by Newscorp. Cars that (potentially) run on sustainable fuel sources don't fit into their world view. Consequently, any facts to the contrary of their predetermined narrative are cast aside for "facts", however tenuous or biased, that fit into their narrative, or are just replaced by outright lies.

shop | 6 août 2013

Nothing in the article was factually incorrect, it was just the analysis was way off the mark. The main problems is that the author assumes the Model S is comparable to other cars costing about the same. That isn't even true for other electrics, but certainly isn't true for the Model S as the driving experience is completely different. It just takes time for the wider public to get it.

DTsea | 6 août 2013

It really talks about the Volt and does mention that the 2014 Volt has significant cost improvement enabling the price reduction. Didnt slam Tesla in my opinion.

AmpedRealtor | 6 août 2013

I thought the Volt was doing well, I guess I learned something.

Nicu.Mihalache | 6 août 2013
Brian H | 6 août 2013

Hm, GM must cut prices to keep sales from collapsing, and Tesla raises prices because demand is high and profits must be protected.
Opposite scenarios.

justineet | 6 août 2013

He sounds like a gashead to me...I think he's manipulating some numbers to make ICEs look like better than the actual reality.......

Mike C | 6 août 2013

@omarsultan haha! Just more shorts to squeeze, though!

JAFIC | 6 août 2013

let them short more and increase our money. Hehe. (VERY minor stockholder who bought at $28)

c.bussert67 | 6 août 2013

They've been making these comparisons since day one. It used to be the Karma, but its gone. So now they use the Volt. What they don't realize is that there is no comparison. But they must compare to draw forecasts. I just like the fact that Cramer is warming up to tesla. He still may not back the stock due to his fundamentals structure, but he knows that the S is a class act.
Read this article...

fritzlan | 6 août 2013

For my entire adult life I subscribed to both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. In the last year I have become so disgruntled at the quality of their journalism that I've canceled both of them.

jbunn | 6 août 2013

Hey, what happened to John Peterson lately? He has been very quiet. Probably had to get a second job to make ends meet after his pile of burning shorts went up in a gigantic fireball.

Vicelike | 7 août 2013

Some of this price cutting my other brands maybe the only answer they have to the price/value challenge from Tesla.

They can see the writing on the wall and are taking the only steps open to them to blunt Tesla's push.

bonaire | 7 août 2013

The Volt is fine. However, "common folk" can't afford a $30K car on $50k/year salaries. Some lease, some are afraid. I've hung around the board since the 2009 timeframe. A lot of Americans hate GM for a variety of reasons and avoid GM product. A lot of people don't care. Many buy their cars used and very few Volts are used and on the market.

I believe Volt prices have reached 1/2 their cost-of scale decrease. The intential for Volt Gen-2 is to drop original MSRP by $10k. This is the first half.

lolachampcar | 7 août 2013

Cramer is so far removed from having created value in his life that he has no idea what it looks like. The best he can come up with is "Cult".

olanmills | 7 août 2013

How is the Volt badly built? My parents are considering leasing a Volt or a Leaf. They don't want to spend the money on an S or X, but are very interested in the prospects of Gen III (hence the idea to lease a car vs buy right now).

PilotPlugIn | 7 août 2013

I was pretty surprised when I heard the CNBC piece about the price drop.

Personally I think Lutz is a PUTZ!

This is just one reason why I am working as hard as I am to get the 3rd Annual National Plug In Day around Nashville up and going.

I encourage everyone who believes in the EV story to participate in the NPID event in your area. Check for an event near you!

PS. If anyone is in the Nashville area and would like to bring their Tesla (or any other EV) to our event, please volunteer or register to attend. More details to follow.

Brian H | 7 août 2013

Lutz: "The Mitsubishi Leaf". Whatta doof.

ELECTRICFAN | 7 août 2013

Been driving my Volt for 2.5 years now, 44k miles, 30 all-electric. Badly built? Not mine. I'm totally spoiled by one pedal instant response electric driving. The only reason I'm considering a MS is the size. I'm not really a small car fan, but I do love the Volt anyway. Go to and look at 2011 model car #2262 for my stats.

Koz | 8 août 2013

I own a Volt and a Model S. The Volt was every bit as well built for the $40k price it had as my Model S is for its price. The both have good value when compared to their closest ICE peers, IMO. There is a lot that goes into engineering an EREV, a lot more than a pure electric. GM did an excellent job. The biggest mistake, as far as judgment of unit sales volume, was badging it a Chevy. A lot of people won't "lower" themselves to drive a Chevy nor pay $40k for a small Chevy sedan, yet being a Chevy the pundits rail against it if it doesn't't sell 100,000 copies per year. Sad but likely true is that if the same exact car for the same price carried a Lexus badge it would be he huge success.

Model S for everyday, Volt for everyday and everywhere for my household.

ThorensP | 8 août 2013

We have 2 Fiat 500es and a Model S. And Solar. The Fiats give us 20 days of Enterprise Rentals if ever we need it, but so far we can do everything we need with the 3 EVs. We never would have considered this model a year ago. Tesla made us think about our transportation needs.

I think this is Elon's vision for the future. Sustainable transport solar charged. The more we can encourage GM, Chevy, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes and others to commit to production the sooner Elon's vision will be realized.

The WSJ article misses the point: Tesla isn't competing against the other car manufacturers. Tesla is catalyzing them.

Brian H | 8 août 2013

But he's discovering that the only way to catalyze them is to compete them into a near-death epiphany.

bent | 9 août 2013

He had to destroy the car industry in order to save it.

Andrew18 | 9 août 2013

Wait till Gen 3! And a TV ad!