X Secret Stuff

X Secret Stuff

Elon last night mentioned testing features of the X we have not been yet told about.

Speculate away.

I'd think a 100 kWh optional pack is a start, plus some creative rack options to handle bikes and kayaks and MILs.

Iowa92x | 10 juin 2015

And minivan cup holder count +1. | 10 juin 2015
grant10k | 10 juin 2015

That's about what we know, and what we don't. This is strictly about what we don't know.

My wild speculation is that the TACC, forward facing radar, and highway autopilot have all been replaced with a harpoon gun. It'll automatically follow the target car/truck without using its own internal power source. Range anxiety fixed.

The camera still exists to make sure you don't target Model Ses with rear facing child seats. | 10 juin 2015

Sorry, @grant: that's already been discarded because of obvious liability issues. There is the possibility of a powerful magnet in the frunk, however, for the same purpose. This won't affect other Tesla's because of the Aluminum bodies that are not ferromagnetic.

Elon has really been pumping up the X. First, it was at Tesla the real car will always be better than the prototype. Then it was, the second row seats are really great. Now it is that the X will be a better SUV than the S is a sedan whatever that means. It all sounds good. I of course hang on every word stuttered , er uttered by Mr. Musk as he hypes the product. Amaze me, Elon.

grega | 10 juin 2015

I would think better auto-drive hardware would be the biggest potential.

For example it seems to me that seeing more than 5 metres to the back-left when changing lanes would be very useful, to avoid speeding cars hitting you.

grega | 10 juin 2015

(oops, I see my thought matches the other thread opener)

grant10k | 10 juin 2015

My second (and slightly more realistic) speculation is that all the rear seats collapse into the floor, like Stow N Go.

One SUV lets you fold down the front passenger seat too and it fits like, a whole kayak in the right side of the car. I guess all the passengers have to sit on the left side in a row. Like in a fighter jet! The rear passengers get an interface to command the harpoon gun, which I continue to insist is a totally legit way to improve fuel efficiency.

jordanrichard | 10 juin 2015

There was one person who posted here that while picking up his MS at the factory, he spotted a MX and when the Frunk was opened, the frontend of the MX lowered. Presumably to allow easier loading and unload from the frunk which for obvious reasons sits higher than the MS.

vandacca | 11 juin 2015

I think one of the secret features relates to storage, specifically under-the-seat storage. These new 2nd row seats are a lot like the seats in a passenger plane. When the Model-X takes off, you may have to remind your passengers to securely store their belongings under their seats.

If the back of the driver/passenger seats have a folding tray, then all the better. ;)

vandacca | 11 juin 2015

Oh, and rear facing camera/radar too. I will not be using the AutoPilot without it. I just can't imagine how AutoPilot can make a lane change with such a rear/side blind spot.

grant10k | 11 juin 2015

Autopilot can see another car hovering in your blind spot with 360° sensors, but to avoid another car weaving in and out of traffic, you're just going to have to watch out for it.

Autopilot won't change lanes without the driver telling it to, and the driver won't (read: shouldn't) tell it to without at least a cursory look to make sure no one is driving 90 in the lane next to you. | 11 juin 2015

Maybe it will have LED headlights that rotate into turns.
Or a heads up display on the windshield.
Or WiFi router for 2nd and 3rd row occupants to access the Internet.
Or an optional tent extension for the rear hatch for camping with a microwave oven in the frunk.
Or a fold down armrest in the center of the second row with built in cupholders
Or a separate climate control for the rear seat area.
Or a retractable window shade inside the rear hatch.
Or an optional spare tire/Jack kit.
Or a next generation 12 volt battery

ian | 11 juin 2015

All of the above sound reasonable to me.

vandacca | 11 juin 2015

George, what about lenticular parallax barrier autostereoscopy 3D backup camera? >:-)

Thanks @grant10k, that sounds very reasonable.

raffael s. | 12 juin 2015

I think the back camera should support enough data for automated highway driving, the only thing it lacks is radar ,but we all can change lanes without radar.

@george and grant: Sorry to break the news, but the big magnet option won't be used. The magnets field apparently interferes with the front motor, so its back to harpoons.

I am still betting for 2nd row touchscreens.
The annoying thing about untold secret stuff is, well it is secret and most of the times untold as well!

ORWA | 12 juin 2015

My guess is the 2nd row seats will rotate 180 degrees and be face-to-face with the 3rd row occupants. Easier to play cards...

astrothad | 12 juin 2015

For particularly high density traffic areas, the falcon wing doors can open while moving at speeds less than 15 km/h. There is a laser cannon mounted at the end of each door, which can then be used to blast your way through traffic. A force field will activate across the boundary of the door to keep occupants and cargo safe. The force field can be extended around the whole vehicle as protection from drivers exhibiting road rage if they survive the destruction of their vehicle.

grant10k | 12 juin 2015

@astrothad. That's stupid. If you destroy all the cars in front of you, who are you going to harpoon? Even if you leave survivors, none will want to drive in front of you.

Think, McFly, think.

Red Sage ca us | 12 juin 2015

A veritable cornucopia of storage bins and cubbies, all hidden from direct view, but easily at hand, inspired by the utility of Volkswagen Vanagon and Buick Roadmaster Estate.

An option for executive third row seating without the second row in place at all.

A holographic 3D touch screen mode.

Transparent aluminum panoramic roof.

vandacca | 12 juin 2015

Red Sage, are you planning to transport whales?

plaincipher | 12 juin 2015

I think Tesla is building a way to automate home charging for Model X. Elon mentioned something about a "metal snake" once. I don't know exactly how it will work, but I would gladly pay money to not worry about charging at home. Just drive your car into a pre-configured spot in the garage, and the system automatically figures out that the car is parked and starts charging. Open the door when you need to drive the car and it will automatically retract the charger to let you drive.

raffael s. | 13 juin 2015

@plaincipher: I think this system is, mostly, developed for superchargers, home use might just be a byproduct.

Red Sage ca us | 13 juin 2015

plaincipher: Elon's first entrepreneurial foray was as a videogame programmer, making his first sale to a major publisher at the age of twelve. I'm pretty sure he really enjoys videogames. Tecmo was responsible four one of the most iconic videogame characters of all time: SNAKE, from the METAL GEAR games. Though the games began on the venerable Nintendo Entertainment System, they were resurrected, made extremely popular, on the Sony PlayStation consoles where they are known as METAL GEAR SOLID. In one if the later iterations of the game series, Snake is much older, comes out of 'retirement', and has a nice set of articulated cybernetic appendages to aid in the completion of his quest. I believe this is what Elon was referring to during off-the-cuff remarks about a future implementration of a potential automated charging cable when he spoke at the Tesla Motors 'D' Event in October 2014.

brad | 14 juin 2015 +1 (great list).

I'm adding a few secret features that I would like to see:

- Grab bars (especially for the front seat passengers) so that they have something to hold onto when entering and exiting the vehicle. It seems like whenever I drive anyone in my Model S that is over about 45 years old (or anyone that isn't that strong or have physical limitations) they want to know how they are supposed to get out of the car! There is not much to pull on or push on for support. Think about people with MS, stroke, Alzheimers, ALS (early stage), etc.

- Waze integrated into the Model X's navigation.

Note that I drive a Model S and have a reservation for a Model X - #13971 and hope to have an ICE-less home in the not so distant future.

michelcolman | 19 juin 2015

Liquid cooled battery for faster supercharging. Why else would they have introduced a liquid cooled supercharger if it could only output the same power as the old ones?

grant10k | 19 juin 2015

The car battery is already liquid cooled. The liquid cooled supercharger is to allow a smaller cable without overheating. All superchargers are actively cooled in some way, but it's the liquid cooled cable that is the innovation.

Iowa92x | 19 juin 2015

The liquid cooled cable will allow Tesla to maximize throughput, because an overheated cable could bottleneck the limit. The batteries are likely to max out before the Supercharger.

vperl | 19 juin 2015


TonyInNH | 19 juin 2015

Okay, I have a question. The model X page states 'More details will be announced as production nears'. So with less then three months before production where are the details?

ken | 19 juin 2015

Coming on July 13th.

raffael s. | 20 juin 2015

I think the liquid cooled charger cables are in anticipation of future cells. We won't be affected, apart from better "handling".

Bikezion | 20 juin 2015

Lighted vanity mirrors!

clublon | 20 juin 2015

A matching Tesla all electric speedboat and matching trailer.

the bonnie | 25 juin 2015

@georgehawley "Grab bars (especially for the front seat passengers) so that they have something to hold onto when entering and exiting the vehicle. It seems like whenever I drive anyone in my Model S that is over about 45 years old "

Jeebuz, you must know so really out-of-shape people. I'm 61, drive a Roadster and somehow manage to get in and out of that without a nurse's aid to assist me :). My mountain bike isn't a 3-wheeler and somehow I haven't managed to break any bones, either.

Grab bars are a fine addition - sounds like you know a bunch of people who need 'em! And considering the number of rear tires I've gone through in the last 4 1/2 years, my passengers probably wouldn't mind something to hold onto, either. :)

Red Sage ca us | 25 juin 2015

I have spent a bit more time with a couple of relatives who have major handicaps in recent months. Both have diabetes. One is a double amputee, about forty. The other is overweight, around sixty-three. Hand holds and grab bars are an absolute necessity for both of them. On bad days I pretty much have to carry them to/from their wheelchairs. So, yeah... I might joke about grab handles, due to the fact I don't need them personally... But I surely understand why my passengers need them.

vandacca | 25 juin 2015

I'll be very disappointed if the secret features Elon keeps referencing turns out to be grab bars. ;-)

However, the falcon doors should make great wheel-chair accessible seating for the disabled. I would think a ramp to the 2nd row would be an easy custom-fit project.

vperl | 25 juin 2015

Again, the one thing that would put a ZING in the folks that want to tow a cement truck up hill, or just have a 300 mile range in the MX without towing would be a P110D | 26 juin 2015

When one ages (a lot), is over 6 feet tall, has a couple of artificial joints, one gains some empathy for people who have difficulty getting in and out of the Model S, including oneself. The X will be better with or without handles to grab.

@vperl: X goes further without the P.

vperl | 26 juin 2015

Gee, thanks for the news, I will get out my scroll and inscribe that information.

Did you know the eath is romored to be roundish, not flat? | 26 juin 2015

Vperl: your curiusity noes no bunds.

Remnant | 26 juin 2015

The MX delays have diminished Tesla's competitiveness. Wherefore, Tesla would be well advised to field innovations earlier than previously considered.

These might include:

(1) Side rearview cameras, along with removable side mirrors.

(2) An All-Terrain option (including a Light-Truck platform, variable suspension, Quad-Motors, and all-Electronic Torque Vectoring).

(3) Storage pockets in the doors, grab handles, rear cabin air intakes, cup holders in a more ergonomic position (i.e., not requiring a body/eye twist to be used), and other comfort amenities.

(4) Weather-proofing the Rearview cameras by placement under facilities already in place (bumper, fender, spoiler, etc.).

vperl | 26 juin 2015

Nope, everyone's goose would squeal with joy with a 15% or better battery size increase.

Battery size increqse is the biggest deal for the MX . All else is meaningless, and trivial.

rossRallen | 26 juin 2015

Don't tease me. Been waiting for news, any real news since June 2013.

Iowa92x | 26 juin 2015

Remnant said "The MX delays have diminished Tesla's competitiveness."

Uh whut competes with an S or X? Nothing.

Remnant | 26 juin 2015

@ vperl (June 26, 2015)

<< Battery size [increase] is the biggest deal for the MX. >>

I agree and I take it for granted, in that I expect a battery of at least 100 kWh.

So much so, in fact, that I might put off the MX purchase till after they follow suit to this expectation.

vperl | 26 juin 2015

Remmant, all else is trivial and I'm important.

Size does matter.

Brian H | 26 juin 2015

How fat are you? | 27 juin 2015

Thanks, Iowa guy for starting this thread. I have an announcement.
Acknowledging the genius of JB, Elon, and brilliant associates and the many clues supplied by the collective intelligence of the contributors to this Forum, I have uncovered the Tesla secret plan not just for the X but for the ≡ as well. Though not without risks, this plan, if successfully executed over the ensuing three years, will assure the viability of Tesla for a very long time.

I will reveal the secret plan on July 1 in this thread. I must go into hiding now for obvious reasons.

vperl | 27 juin 2015

Brian, bad, bad, you I thought would not lower yourself to being a "backdoor" name caller. Shame. Seems you are a SHAMER, a tactic used by a classification of less than PC haters. I know you must have misspoke and asked someone a innocuous question. Bad, bad , but good, good for you.

vperl | 27 juin 2015

Georgie, hide from Brian. He may be a spy. Trust me.