Tesla Model 3 Backup Camera Black Screen

Tesla Model 3 Backup Camera Black Screen

I know there are forums on this already, but wanted to revisit and see if any new Model 3 owners are having issues with their backup camera going black on an intermittent basis? Happens when you initially get in the car and put the car in reverse or tap the camera button on the screen. A soft or hardware reset does not make it go away. Also, I notice a 3-4 second delayed response on the screen when putting the car in drive from reverse or existing out of the backup camera window on the screen. When I leave the car parked and come back 30 minutes or so later it goes back to normal most of the time. When it is working it works fine without failure while driving, both reverse and tapping the camera button works without any issues. Seems to happen 30-50% of the time. Took it to the service center this week to see if they need to replace the camera. After looking at the time stamp they determined it is a firmware issue not hardware related. Engineers are working on developing a firmware update to fix this problem. No ETA was given on when this will be available or which firmware update version. Anyone having similar issues?

redcicles | 27 février 2019

Took delivery mid-November. Back-up camera worked fine until today. It was working when I drove half an hour ago and this time when I got in the car it's black. No lines, just black. Soft and hard resets don't solve the problem. Tried slamming the trunk (as some have suggested a loose connection) to no avail. Better luck tomorrow?

Red_Falcon | 27 février 2019

Just today i had the back screen go black with only the two directional lines showing. It happened 3 other times a few months back and then went away...thought the subsequent updates fixed it...wrong. Here's what triggered and i haven't duplicated it yet so I must be forgetting something, but the things i was doing just prior to putting the car in reverse I was looking at the charging screen and then closed it. Immediately following put the car in reverse and got black screen. Next time entering the car and putting it in reverse - no issue. I do think it has something to do with if you're looking a screen other than the map. It's like the camera is being blocked by a "ghost window"...could be a video driver issue where the screen isn't refreshing properly.

DebM | 27 février 2019

I had the same problem of the rear view camera going black on the screen. I read the comments here and then chatted with Tesla Support. I tried holding down the two scroll balls for 30 seconds. That worked! Tesla Support also told me about a Power Off reset that is the next step if the scroll balls did not work. I did not need it, but from reading the forum posts, someone else might.

onayragu | 2 mars 2019

Every other day now, on my Tesla Model 3 from early December 2018, the back up camera turns black. It comes back to normal then turns black again. It is not related to a software issue since no update was provided since these events happened a week ago. It is a hardware issue.

osbornesusanm | 6 mars 2019

i have a model 3 purchased 12/28/18 and just started having this issue today. Got the same story as others"it's a firmware problem and the engineers are working on it". I love the driving the car but am wondering if I bought a lemon

osbornesusanm | 6 mars 2019

i have a model 3 purchased 12/28/18 and just started having this issue today. Got the same story as others"it's a firmware problem and the engineers are working on it". I love the driving the car but am wondering if I bought a lemon

trivannguyen | 27 mars 2019

Even with the new firmware 2019.5.15, I'm still experiencing the black screen on the backup camera.

Carl Thompson | 27 mars 2019

When I had this problem they ended up having to replace the car's computer.

fieldsoffire | 28 mars 2019

Yes. Had it at service center for another issue. They said they are hearing complaints about it and are still working on a future fix. Was not addressed at the time of service.

alan | 3 avril 2019

Yes, I just started having this problem a week or two ago. It seems that if I flick it from reverse to forward and back again once or twice, it straightens out.

beaver | 3 avril 2019

Black screen started with 5.15, I am on 8.3 and it still sucks (I.e half the time)

kenmikel | 5 avril 2019

Took delivery March 15. Today all was good on my first trip. Got in the car to go to lunch and had black screen with the white direction lines in R, just black screen when I push the camera button. Restarted the screen. Same thing.

chungp23 | 5 avril 2019

Still happening with the latest firmware. The pink screen has gone though.

ananddesai1 | 5 avril 2019

I'm still experiencing sporadic black screens.

twistedskipper | 5 avril 2019

Now on 2019.8.5 as of yesterday. My experience over the last month or so has been the occasional black screen upon putting it in reverse, but it always clears itself if I just wait a few seconds. It may be that all the other actions folks are taking have nothing to do with it clearing. How long has anyone waited before giving up on it clearing itself?

juliette | 5 avril 2019

We had this happen constantly since the last software update. 2019.8.3.

Found a workaround - when putting the car in Reverse shows a black screen, putting the car in Park and then back in Reverse causes the camera to come back. It’s worked the 4-5 times the backup camera has gone black in the last two days.

juliette | 5 avril 2019

We had this happen constantly since the last software update. 2019.8.3.

Found a workaround - when putting the car in Reverse shows a black screen, putting the car in Park and then back in Reverse causes the camera to come back. It’s worked the 4-5 times the backup camera has gone black in the last two days.

ShaunyD | 5 avril 2019

I'm getting the black screen almost every time. Sometimes it clears on its own in a few seconds and other times I've waited up to 30 seconds with no success.

Manufacture date March 2019. Software 2019.8.4. M3 SR+

crmedved | 5 avril 2019

Glad to know other people have this issue. I had a MR model 3 I traded in a few weeks ago. It was fine. My AWD does the black screen though... it's pretty annoying. 3-4 seconds is the normal wait, but I've had 20-30 seconds.

My MR was manufactured mid Nov 2018, the AWD was manufactured late Dec 2018.

Taking the car into the SC tomorrow for other issues... maybe I'll have better luck with mine.

fdcottrell | 5 avril 2019

Had no issues with the back up camera until I updated to 2019.8.5. Since then, camera has not worked at all.

On my Subaru, a recall was is required to correct a slow boot up that would occasionally take a few seconds for the reverse camera screen to appear. It was considered safety issue. Maybe this Tesla issue should be directed to the NHTSA.

calvin940 | 5 avril 2019

osbornesusanm | March 6, 2019
"I love the driving the car but am wondering if I bought a lemon"

ya, because the backup camera on the fritz makes the entire car a lemon.

People wonder why it is that they get crapped on? it's comments like this.

calvin940 | 5 avril 2019

In my experience, it points to a firmware issue.

I didn't have any black backup camera periods ever including 5.15. Once I got the next firmware after that, I started seeing it. My symptoms are black for 1 - 2 seconds, then image. Doesn't happen always, but often now. The immediate flip to drive and back to reverse gives me an immediate camera picture when this does happen.

todd.storch | 6 avril 2019

It's happening nearly every day since latest update. Most of the time is clears automatically after a few seconds but today it stayed black for about 15 seconds. Really annoying.


elecfan2 | 6 avril 2019

I used to have this intermittently, and placing it in park and reversing again fixed it. Now with 8.4 and 8.5 it is black all the time no matter what, along with all autopilot features disabled. Tesla support's response was " its still driveable, cars have been used for years without backup cameras", I was dumbfounded that they said that and wouldn't help me other than to wait for another software update in the future.

bcb2220 | 7 avril 2019

I used to have this issue but I don’t think I’m experiencing it anymore since I moved the usb drive from one of the two front ports to and placed in my usb hub. The issue has seem to come back....for now.

bcb2220 | 7 avril 2019

update: nvm i still have the issue occuring. damn.... :(

Mtonatiuh | 11 avril 2019

I never had this issue (delivered end Sept 2018).
But it is happening to me every single day since I got 2019.8.5 like a week ago. In my case:

- Go into Reverse
- Screen pops up black
- If I wait, usually after 20 LONG secs it displays video feed, sometimes longer, and I just go without it.
- Once the video feed is there, if I go to Drive and the back to Reverse the video seems to immediately show up as expected.

Definitely seems like a software regression. How do we report bugs again?

manojamin | 15 avril 2019

I just faced the same issue on my model-3. None of the camera related features work anymore (no rear view, no smart cruz and not autopilot at all!)

Although I did not wait for a long 20 seconds; it might be related to what Mtonatiuh has observed. How did you get it fix?

Daryl | 15 avril 2019

I posted earlier that the black back-up screen problem went away when I upgraded from 5.15 to 8.5.

I have to amend that statement. It did not go away. I still see it occasionally, though it seems less common with 8.5 than it did with 5.15.

ripatriot | 16 avril 2019

my car was built in october 2018. had no issues with black screen until the last software update i did a few weeks (2019.8.3). happens virtually every time i put the car in reverse. sometimes an image appears after a few seconds, sometimes not at all. disappointing because i like the location mirror fold going in and out of my garage but i can't see anything with the black screen and mirrors still folded going in reverse.

Techy James | 16 avril 2019

For those with the Blank Screen with reverse. I found when it happens and don't immediately clear in a second or two, if you hit the rear camera icon the image almost always appears instantly. The odd part of this, is you may loose the guidance markers until the blank screen would have normally resolved. This is a simple workaround I found, with only one downside, after you put it in forward, you will need to hit the rear camera icon a second time to remove the reverse camera view from the screen.

Wahbash | 18 avril 2019

Did not used to have this problem, now it seems like every time I put the car in reverse I get long delay on rearview camera, or just stays black screen. It seems like it is somehow getting worse.

Model 3 received Nov 2018, Version 2019.5.15

Yamaturkey | 18 avril 2019

same here. SW bug. hopefully next update with fix it.

etty10 | 20 avril 2019

Happened to me couple of times since I got my Model3 in October, but it went away very fast. Black screen with only 2 white lines. Yesterday its happened again and no matter what I did, it didn't go away. I just read all the comment to see if any one had better idea how to fix it and went to check on the car - all is working fine. Its a mystery... probably some software problem. If this is the camera/hardware, it would not fix its self - in my opinion. Its a little annoying when you relay on all those features, but than I drive like its an old car - LOL - use mirrors, which are a little annoying as well because they don't give you good coverage.

Susala | 20 avril 2019

I'm getting a black screen pretty much every day for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes the delay is a few seconds and other times I have to futz with putting it back in park and then trying again or pressing the backup camera icon. Nothing seems to be a definitive fix.

Midway99 | 20 avril 2019

About 30% of the time I get the black screen. Hope they fix soon as it seems to be happening more and more often.

Hal Fisher | 20 avril 2019

Tesla’s software development team certainly not very good at what they do or how they test.

calvin940 | 21 avril 2019

@Hal Fisher

It's amazing how you have access to all the information to be able to draw a conclusionike this.

Oh wait, just another example of you making inflammatory statements about which you have no knowledge. You are such a great resource for this forum.

ytr3wq | 21 avril 2019

8.5, from 5.15 a week ago. No black events since. Fingers crossed.

elecfan2 | 21 avril 2019

This happens all the time, over many versions of Model 3 software. I've had the backup camera replaced twice including my main autopilot computer, and it still happens more often then not even worse now lately. Not sure if Tesla is listening or working on this.

billionaiire | 22 avril 2019


calvin940 | 22 avril 2019


You may have something else amiss with your system. I only noticed this behaviour after the 8.x versions. Prior to that, It was not an issue for me.

snathla | 22 avril 2019

I have been having the black camera screen more often, sometimes it takes a few seconds before showing the reverse camera and sometimes, it never comes up. It has gone worse over time in frequency. Hope they fix the code.

elecfan2 | 22 avril 2019

I've had lots of issues with the backup camera hardware, more than the blank/black screen bug mentioned here. I got banned on TMC for complaining about it, Tesla keeps replacing hardware, hopefully that last replacement and computer replacement fixes it. They need to get this fixed since it's hard to see out the back of the Model 3 without a backup camera.

Syed.Hosain | 22 avril 2019

Version 2019.8.5 seems to have fixed the issue (occasional, and also slow to change, black screen) for me ... the update was a few nights ago.

calvin940 | 22 avril 2019

"I only noticed this behaviour after the 8.x versions. Prior to that, It was not an issue for me."

To clarify my earlier statement, I should have said 8.3 and 8.4. I didnt get 8.5 (or greater) yet.

calvin940 | 26 avril 2019

Just got 12.1 yesterday. Haven't experienced the initial backup camera black screen issue whereas in 8.4 it was pretty regular.

StevaughnF | 29 avril 2019

Occurs daily on the AWD M3 (1 month old). Will be black from 2 to 10 seconds then will usually appear with rear video showing. Seemed to occur ever since getting the latest software which was installed about 3 weeks ago. The RWD M3 (11 months old) has shown it a few times this month since the latest software version was installed but doesn't seem to occur as often as the new car.

Phantom_Menace | 12 mai 2019

My 2019 Model3 SR+ delivered March 27th does this occasionally and usually at the exact moment I need it the most when backing up up into my tight garage. It started happening in 2019.8.4 and is still happening in 2019.12.1.2. I’ll give it one more firmware update to see if it’s resolved before setting up a service appointment.

cosmicwarrior | 13 mai 2019

I'm on 2019.8.6 and more often than not, when I really need to use the backup camera, it's totally black. I can't wait for the update to address this. Over the weekend I even had an instance when I put the car in reverse and started backing up where the camera didn't even display. Still love this car, can't wait until we are through beta-testing it for Tesla.