Weight of charging adapter

Weight of charging adapter

Hello, I have a little project and I need exact weight of standard charging adapter, that you use at home - not supercharger, including cable ideally.
Since I do not have my own Tesla (unfortunately) I can only rely on your help.

Thank you in advance!


EVRider | 16 mai 2018

It would help if you told us a little more about your project so we could provide better information.

stevenmaifert | 16 mai 2018

Are you asking for the total weight of the UMC, or the weight of the receptacle adapter at the head end of the UMC, which will vary depending on the adapter?

docdac | 21 mai 2018

Entire cable and adapter? About 1 lb (est.).

EVRider | 22 mai 2018

OP is MIA, so I guess he doesn’t need to know anymore.