Kayenta Supercharger

Kayenta Supercharger

Does anyone have an estimate on when the Kayenta, AZ will be operational? Has anyone driven from Blanding to Page without charging?

NoMoPetrol | 27 mai 2018 has the best up-to-date info on all supercharger locations that are permitted, under construction and opened.

NoMoPetrol | 27 mai 2018

Kayenta AZ was first announced to be operational in 2016. Nothing posted in the last 8 months on its status. Don't plan on it.

KenD | 28 mai 2018

Thanks NoMoPetrol!

TM21 | 7 juin 2019

June 2019. Still no Kayenta. WTH.
I've done Flagstaff to Blanding with an 85 D - had to keep it under 60 mph, but it was august, so a december trip could be dicey.

SnowFlyer | 29 Janvier 2020

Kayenta is long overdue. It's a location that will help save many of us significant time and mileage. Every time I drive to or from SW colorado, not having this charging site adds 45 minutes and an extra 63 miles to my trip because I'm forced to go via Gallup, NM instead. It would also allow much easier trips to explore the Navajo Nation and Monument Valley. Anyone know how to make an official Tesla Supercharger request?

NKYTA | 29 Janvier 2020

I’ve done Page to Blanding. 2012 P85. I don’t recall issues, except rock-on-windshield requiring a fix eventually in TX. Though it might have happened before Page.