Supercharger in Santa Rosa,CA

Supercharger in Santa Rosa,CA

Does anyone know the exact location of the new "coming soon" supercharger in Santa Rosa, CA?

SamO | 2 juin 2018

Nope. Just have to wait until you see the permit on

MalibuRed | 2 juin 2018

My understanding they are adding more to current position
Holiday Inn Express Santa Rosa
2516 Historic Route 66
Santa Rosa, NM 88435

MalibuRed | 2 juin 2018

Disregard. Just saw CA. Don’t see a location yet. Perhaps the mall? Downtown neighborhood

Kathy Applebaum | 2 juin 2018

You can also follow the threads at

When a permit gets pulled, people will post pretty quickly, and you can follow the progress.

flntroc | 2 juin 2018

Probably won’t ever use it because I’ll just charge at home but nice to know that they’re adding in a supercharger up here. Plenty of Tesla’s around

Mozart | 3 juin 2018


shrazzy | 3 juin 2018

They are expanding the Petaluma one to 20 (form 10) right now. Still waiting for Tesla to build one in Marin. They are planning for 2... Still not permit.

Mozart | 3 juin 2018

Petaluma is adding 20 stalls for a total of 30

Mozart | 4 juin 2018


UFO_FPV | 17 mai 2019


Teslanene | 17 mai 2019

They just open one in Rohnert Park and it looks like Windsor is next bypassing Santa Rosa. I don’t think Santa Rosa will get one anytime soon, I don’t think they have submitted a permit yet.

lee123456 | 18 mai 2019

I used the new Rohnert Park supercharger yesterday. Easy location.

thedrun | 20 juin 2019

Santa Rosa Supercharger is being built at Coddingtown. Between the Library and Valero station. Saw the permit a few weeks ago, then when I drove by last weekend, the fences were up for construction and saw a large Tesla logo on one of the boxes.

Teslanene | 20 juin 2019

@thedrun where did you see the permit? Santa Rosa Is not showing on I will drive by tomorrow and see if there any progress.

Smalm | 20 juin 2019

Is it within walking distance of a pint of Pliney?

AlasCon | 9 août 2019

They're operational! Just went there 6pm on Friday 8/9. I'd post a picture of my M3 but this page isn't letting me add that.

Teslanene | 9 août 2019

I will check it out on Monday. What speed did you get?

Teslanene | 18 août 2019

I stop by last Friday 8/16, but they were not operational yet. Can’t wait to charge at 250kw but don’t know if my mid-range will take advantage as when they upgraded to 150kw my mid-range only charges to 120kw.

mhargreaves | 24 août 2019

Tried today, still not powered

ebiggs | 26 août 2019

@Smalm, afraid not. Though the Coddingtown Whole Foods has a pretty decent taproom in it.

AlasCon | 30 août 2019

Tried it yesterday, still no juice. I guess my 8/9 success was during a test indeed, several installer folks around. The cables are the thin ones though, so sure does look like a V3 is in our local future!

BrianKnittel | 20 novembre 2019

It's partially up and running now. I check it every Tuesday night about 10pm as I pass by. Last night I noticed that many stalls were lit up. The first stall I tried didn’t work. So I went to a different section and was able to get about 72 mph of charge (that must have been about 216kW). I only charged a little, since I had to get home, but at least that one stall was working (the one next to it wasn’t even lit and that whole row is not positioned well for the painted lines and the short cable length).

Looking forward to it being fully up and running!