100D on roadtrip

100D on roadtrip

Hello all - I want to share my road trip experience with all the X owners out there. Last weekend we drove to Los Angeles from Chandler AZ (I've done this trip many times). I live in Chandler AZ area and my destination was downtown LA - 406 miles from door to door. X has 20" wheels, 6 seat config, and carrying ~700lbs (family of 5 and couple of bags for the weekend). Around 105 degree all the way until Cabazon CA.

Started from my house with 298 mile charge and planned a stop at Quartzsite AZ (exactly 160 miles). When I arrived I had 78 mile charge left (220 to get to Quartzsite). Charged for 30 min in Quartzsite to get 225 thinking it would be enough to get to Cabazon CA which was 155 miles away. Around halfway point to Cabazon, I realized it would be too close to get to Cabazon. Stopped at Indio CA for 15 min so I would make it to Cabazon (Indio chargers were slow and was planning on stopping at Cabazon to shop). Stayed in Cabazon for an hour - got a full charge and headed to LA. What I learned and will incorporate next time:

Drive between 70 - 75 MPH
Charge 250 at Quartzsite (probably 45 min)
Use the sunshade

First time taking the X on this type of distance - learned a lot. X is a power hog, It was difficult to keep it under 400Wh/mi - granted everyone was comfortable, music jamming, AC blowing like crazy from all vents.

Rocky_H | 26 juin 2018

Quote: "First time taking the X on this type of distance - learned a lot. X is a power hog, It was difficult to keep it under 400Wh/mi - granted everyone was comfortable, music jamming, AC blowing like crazy from all vents."

That seems like a good summary--I like it. I have a Model S, and it's certainly way more efficient, being lower and more aerodynamic, but it's not good for rear seat passengers. The X would be a lot more roomy.

markcohen | 26 juin 2018

The biggest single thing that you can do to increase range is to slow down.

Tropopause | 26 juin 2018

My sister’s X 75D is averaging 323 Wh/mi over 17,000 in 7 months.

OP- what’s your lifetime Wh/mi on your 100D?

hostbar | 27 juin 2018

It's my wife's car; has ~4000 after the road trip - no idea on lifetime Wh/mi. I'll check and report back.

Sleepydoc1 | 29 juin 2018

In my X90D on road trips I allow 20% loss from the top due to family luggage and AC. If under 50F or over 95F, there can be another 5 to 10%. 2 years 38,000 miles. This is flat roads at 75 mph and keeping car on cooler side with smaller tires.

dmm1240 | 29 juin 2018

I see about the same thing with my X90D. It still rates a charge of 262 when I start, but I ain't getting 262 miles. I knock off the same 20% for goings on inside the car and a bit more, particularly if it's cold versus hot. Hilly where I live in the SE, but not as much wind as one encounters on the plains out west.

Dale9271 | 29 juin 2018

Heading west on the i10...the winds are strong can easily use 60miles rated range to go ~30 miles from Indio SC to Cabazon SC

Tropopause | 29 juin 2018

20% range penalty would equate to an ICE that's EPA rated at 20 mpg but delivers 16 mpg in real use. Not unusual.

Sleepydoc1 | 29 juin 2018

@dmm - I started at 252 max. 2 years later I can still get to 244 if I slow charge. Impressed you get 260 rated.
@trop - my old ice EPA 24 but got 19. Very true!

davidahn | 29 juin 2018

I'm willing to give up some efficiency for a LOT more room, especially now that we have a baby. In the ICE world, people are used to giving up MPG for an SUV, but some Tesla people expect MX space for MS efficiency due to range concerns.

OTOH, ICE folk criticize the range of the Tesla, but they're comparing worst case range for Teslas and best case range for their ICE car (I think most drive 80-85 mph assuming they're getting their EPA MPGs and range despite ICE cars losing MPG to drag faster due to higher Cd's).

johnse | 30 juin 2018

I drove that route the opposite direction (took I-8 going back as I was going to San Diego). I noticed the energy usage from Cabazon to Quartzite was 150wh/m—long downhill grade with about a 1000 foot elevation change. You were going uphill.

It sounds like you were estimating charge needed only based on the horizontal distance. Try plugging into Nav either the whole trip, or at least the next SC stop. The Tesla Nav takes elevation changes into account and will tell you how long (in 10-minute increments) you should charge to have enough range. It will also show you how much range you will have when you get to the next stop. That range prediction adjusts dynamically and takes into account traffic (in areas where they have traffic info). If you see the estimate dropping, that’s probably due to your speed and/or headwinds. Nav will also guide you to slow down if that is necessary to reach the next stop.