$3500 x 150,000 Model 3 Conversions = $525,000,000

$3500 x 150,000 Model 3 Conversions = $525,000,000

If the average sale price of those 150,000 cars = $57,000

Q3/4 Model 3 revenue $8.55B, S/X revenue $6B

Hello Gigafactory Shanghai
Hello Gigafactory Germany
Hello Gigafactory Texas and Michigan

When Tesla finalizes the order, $3500 becomes nonrefundable. Tesla may earn the entire $525,000,000 right at the end of quarter to beat estimates.


gballant4570 | 29 juin 2018

Configuring commits $3500, not $2500. Both the order payment and the reservation payment are committed. If 150,000 configured this week, that commits $525 million.

djharrington | 29 juin 2018

Michigan says, “Over my dead body!”

ravisundaramam | 29 juin 2018

Not Michigan. That is the home ground for UAW. Texas relents on direct sale and gets a gigafactory.

carlk | 29 juin 2018

Let Texas and Michigan to suffer and starve those dealer lobbyists and UAW officials.

ravisundaramam | 29 juin 2018

Would be great if the next gigafactory goes to the original site of Nikola Tesla's hydro electric plant or close to it, a place associated with N Tesla.

Two weeks back went to Niagara State Park and took a selfie with Nikola Tesla on the Goat Island overlooking American Falls and the Luna Island.

billlake2000 | 29 juin 2018

ravisundar, you did no such thing. Unless we get to see that picture. :)

ravisundaramam | 29 juin 2018


My selfie with Original Nikola Tesla:

Goat Island, Niagara Falls State National Park, Niagara Falls, NY

SamO | 29 juin 2018

ha ha ha

bj | 29 juin 2018

@djharrington - to which the reply will be “OK then, so be it!”

This is almost becoming unstoppable. More boardroom panic among the legacies.

SamO | 29 juin 2018


Have family from Melbourne who got a chance to sit and ride in Model 3 in Sedona last week . . . they were so excited and were shocked to see the Superchargers and Destination Charging Networks.

I'm coming to visit soon as my last trip to the gold coast was canceled.

Keep the faith. Model 3 is worth the wait.

VicF | 29 juin 2018

I just get this feeling that Tesla has taken so many orders now by opening it up completely that many will not get their cars in 2018 and lose $3750 in federal deduction.

SamO | 29 juin 2018


I agree. I think Tesla earns this money when the order is finalized. I'll edit the OP.

SamO | 2 juillet 2018

420 and feeling groovy . . .

thousand reservations, that is . . .

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 juillet 2018

If no one between Pecos and Sweetwater is willing to sell/lease land to Tesla for a Pickup Truck/Semi Gigafactory/Assembly Plant, I'm pretty sure it could be managed in or around Southhaven, Grenada, or Hollywood MS. Elon Musk might well find himself in need of a translator, though...