Middle Seat Belt Not Bolted

Middle Seat Belt Not Bolted

So it finally picked up my Model 3 Pearl White on July 3. Delivery experience left a lot to be desired but we were able to figure out most things. Vin 330xx

Fit and finish was pretty good. Some slight bubbling on the dash, passenger side. Walk through guy advised me to tell service center if it got worse. Still want it fixed as it seems like it will only get worse with time.

The main problem for us arose today. My daughter went to use the middle seat today and she couldn't figure it out. I took a look thinking Tesla even reinvented the seat belt. But no. Tesla forgot to brace the belt to the bottom of the seat. A small piece labeled A007 just pulled out from behind the seats. Called support. Answered very quickly which I was happy about. Apparently they have a model 3 they have there that they can look at. He confirmed the piece I was referring to needs to be bolted to the bottom of the seat.

Stated they were going to try and get a ranger out to us and we should hear back within 24/48 hours. I know Tesla had an issue securing seats on the X. Hopefully this is a one-off but I would advise people to check in advance since this is a safety issue.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 juillet 2018

Thanks for the heads up.

gadget63 | 6 juillet 2018

thank you for that

Magic 8 Ball | 6 juillet 2018


Red Sage ca us | 6 juillet 2018

The 'issue' with the Model X seat belt affected exactly one car and Tesla did a voluntary recall to check them all, just to be sure.

Msb1102 | 6 juillet 2018

So if it only happens once is it not an 'issue'?

Red Sage ca us | 6 juillet 2018

Anything that happens only once is obviously unusual, unintended, and unlikely to happen again. Continuing issues would be a problem. Continuing issues that are never addressed would be even worse. Continuing issues that are not addressed or resolved and result in injury or death would be very, very bad indeed. Does your case fit any of those situations...? Tesla addressed the situation with the Model X and resolved it, without injury or death. Not all manufacturers are so adept.

Msb1102 | 6 juillet 2018

Now you're differentiating between "an issue" and "continuing issues". I never indicated the model x had continuing issues with the seats. My original post indicates 'an issue'. That's it.

You're not Tesla's White Knight riding to it's defense. It was a simple PSA style post. I'm not attacking Tesla. I wish you fan boys would stop being so damn defensive all the time when it really isn't necessary. No car manufacturer is perfect and I think most reasonable people understand that but safety restraint systems are a BFD and it is concerning that this could slip past inspection considering the part was just swinging loose behind the seats.

I think if you ask Elon Musk himself, he'd probably say that one is one too many which is why they recalled all of the Model X's to error on the side of caution.

Red Sage ca us | 6 juillet 2018

And, I pointed that 'an issue' was, in that case, exactly ONE issue. You may consider that a PSA as well. G'bye.

karenpease | 6 juillet 2018

Msb1102: The problem is that as soon as any Tesla owner, ever, says anything bad about their car, shorts vacuum it up and retweet it around the world.

Case in point: they've already screenshotted your post and it's spreading:

Magic 8 Ball | 6 juillet 2018


Wow! That is insane!

Thanks for posting

bernard.holbrook | 6 juillet 2018

Checked mine- Nice and secured. VIN 2839X

Msb1102 | 7 juillet 2018


It better that an issue like this be addressed at 50k into prod vs. 500k. Manufacturers run into these issues much deeper in. My last car had a recall for glass wind deflector on the sun roof that could apparently fly off at high speeds and smash into other cars. I drive my family around in an SUV where I keep a carbon monoxide detector because some (including police) have reported a leak. BMW's catch fire in garages.VW had anissue in which it's exectives were involved with wide scale fraud and currently has a recall on seatbelts. Go to any car forum and you will find pages of issues, anomalies, and one-offs.

If someone wants to go scouring the internet looking for signs to reassure them of their position, they're bound to find it. Amazon had it's fair share of short sellers a few years back who said similar things. Now they short any company that they think Amazon may be challenging.

Point is, people should stop being so sensitive around here anytime someone posts a complaint or concern. Tesla will not be made or broke here. Overall I'm very happy with my model 3. We loved our RAV4 EV and didn't think it could get much better but clearly we we're wrong. We hope to have our issue fixed soon and will update when remedied.

mos6507 | 7 juillet 2018

"Case in point: they've already screenshotted your post and it's spreading:"

GOOD. It will keep Tesla on its toes.

Seriously, the tribalism here extending all the way to trying to downplay a safety issue that could be life-threatening is disgusting.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018


The willingness to turn molehills into mountains is disgusting.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

Not so fun fact:

In 2010, there were an estimated 5,419,000 crashes, 30,296 of with fatalities, killing 32,999, and injuring 2,239,000. About 2,000 children under 16 die every year in traffic collisions. Records indicate that there have been a total of 3,613,732 motor vehicle fatalities in the United States from 1899 to 2013."

Cars are dangerous

Red Sage ca us | 7 juillet 2018

HIM666: Ah, the deft use of qualifiers to make your claims almost, but not quite, reasonable are astounding! How's this... Driving an ICE vehicle 'could be life-threatening' to people who enjoy breathing.

H271 | 7 juillet 2018

I just found this issue. I tried to install a car seat using the seat belt in the morning (no latch) and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get a tight install. Finally figured out the seat belt buckle was extremely loose. I'm able to use the middle seat belt with the outboard buckle but I don't think that is kosher. The manual doesn't state anything about this that I can find. Tesla is sending out a mobile service for me as well. I can't see how this is intentional since it would be impossible to ever install a car seat there. The manual says you can use car seats in the middle.

Msb1102 | 7 juillet 2018

Yeah. First thing I did was look to the manual too. You're right though. The seatbelt can be used across the chest and when you pull it all the way out it does lock but ultimately I wouldn't feel comfortable using it in it's current condition. So I'm going to treat it as a four seater for now. I was hoping I was the only one but that doesn't appear to be the case. Fortunately it appears to be a relatively easy fix.

Didn't hear back yesterday but I'm obviously still within my 24/48 hour range. Hopefully they call to schedule something soon.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

Loose buckle sounds different than a detached part so you may still be the only one.

Msb1102 | 7 juillet 2018

True. If he folds down the seats, he could have his answer.

ksalberta | 7 juillet 2018

Douwe and one or two more - the OP is doing exactly what should be done, and also what is in Tesla's best interest.

There is NO WAY that Tesla ever intentionally let a car out of a factory with this issue, or the second "loose" belt.

So if a bunch of owners check their middle rear seatbelts quickly, Tesla will quickly find out whether it is an extremely isolated problem or something more widespread. And they will fix it quickly, and it will greatly reduce the cost of dealing with the problem.

I don't know what you are thinking, but you are not thinking rationally if you think it can help Tesla NOT to have everyone check those belts. Doing so is going to save Tesla a ton of money, and help Tesla do what it would do anyway - deal with it.

This is going to be a problem that crept into production recently, and having people check quickly and report quickly will be incredibly useful to the company.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018


Did you read the first reply to the OP's post and who it was from?

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

Also note who bumped the post when it disappeared into the pages of history.

ksalberta | 7 juillet 2018

Douwe - If I misinterpreted "molehills into mountains" then I am sincerely sorry.

This sort of issue is one in which a company may wind up turning a molehill into a mountain in the attempt to do the right thing, which of course Tesla will do. They do believe in safety first.

It is really bad if people wind up being intimidated into not mentioning problems due to the theory that somehow it is negative to Tesla. What is negative for Tesla is if problems are not addressed, and no company can address problems it doesn't know about.

PS: If everyone who checks and finds the rear middle seat belts are fine would post their VIN like Bernard Holbrook, I'm sure it would be very helpful to Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

It is a molehill right now.

Posting the problems here is more helpful to those that look for isolated issues and turn them into FUD vs trying to help TESLA. TESLA is extremely interested in safety and when this type of issue is reported directly to them they jump on it will even issue voluntary recalls if it is a concern.

This is not a sky is falling post yet there are those, like yourself, that want to make it one.

H271 | 8 juillet 2018

Can we get back on track here? Would some people be willing to post photos or videos of their center seat buckle?

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

@H271 The OP is on track and gave a heads up, that was his agenda. I suggest you start a new, separate thread, with your specific request. You may have better luck soliciting for the information you want that way.

Xerogas | 8 juillet 2018

@Msb1102: I think the conspiracy theorists here are latching onto the fact that your username is an initialism for Middle Seat Belt, and they haven’t seen your posts before ;)

IntelSPE | 8 juillet 2018

I had middle seat belt buckle before airbag warning service. I got car last week back and yesterday when my friend kid seating in middle seat complained missing buckle and I checked and indeed it is missing. It was so embarrassing when I was giving test ride. SC had to remove rear seat and change connector to fix airbag warning but why in the hell they remove middle seat buckle. Poor quality. I like EV but very poor quality from Tesla. Driver door doesn’t align well as well as AC blows hot air in rear vent.

Msb1102 | 8 juillet 2018

They caught me. I also helped Dubya send a couple of planes through buildings back in 2001. But decided to move to more low key measures like removing seatbelt pieces now.

Here is a link to the photo for the piece as requested.
Based on the lack of markings, it was never screwed in. Still haven't heard back from Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

So was it all a lie since there is no image in the link?

Funny joke about 911, NOT!

Msb1102 | 8 juillet 2018

Not sure where I went wrong on the last link but this one should work:

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

Thanks, what kind of tool did you need to remove the belt? ; )

Take a special person to joke about 911

Msb1102 | 8 juillet 2018

There was no joke about 9/11. It was sacasim or derision if you will, about your extreme paranoia when it comes to any post that can be considered critical of Tesla.

It takes a special person to fail to recognize the difference.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

Bringing up 911, even in sarcasm, takes a very special person.

Interesting that it took you so long to post a photo. Was the tool needed to remove the belt on backorder?

Msb1102 | 8 juillet 2018

Yup. Took apart my brand new car so I could remove that piece. You must be 12.

CST | 8 juillet 2018

My rear seat behind the driver wasn't attached and I noticed there is a clip that it needed to be pushed in to.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

Yup, even a 12 year old could figure that out.

Msb1102 | 8 juillet 2018

CST: I just took a look. Didn't see any clip. Do you have a photo? The piece that is loose shown in the photo i posted has a hole in it for what I assume is some type of bolt. Are you referring to the same part?

CST | 8 juillet 2018

For clarification, the lower part of the seat wasn't attached to the "floor" of the car. To test yours (not @douwe since he doesn't have a Tesla), pull up on the seat. If it lifts up, look underneath and you'll see a weird clip thingy. You'll need to manipulate the seat inward somewhat to make it fit in - it is not intuitive.

And @douwe , since you're going to complain that I'm responding, I saw your post because unfortunately, my tablet doesn't have a way to filter your crap out.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

No complaint from me. It is telling, however, that you don't have the willpower to simply ignore me and you rely on crutch to help you.

Msb1102 | 8 juillet 2018

He doesn't even own a Tesla?

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

Why should I want one with all the problems you guys are posting?

Msb1102 | 8 juillet 2018

Ahh. So you're just a troll who probably doesn't even own a car or is old enough to drive.. Wish I would've known that from the jump. I'll ignore you now.

CST: it seems more involved than what I am willing to mess with on a new car. I drive by myself most of the time. I'll just wait for Tesla to send someone out to me. Thanks though.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2018

Yup, that's it you got me. So when I grow up why should I buy a TESLA since folks like you are reporting so many problems?

H271 | 9 juillet 2018

Mobile tech looked at my car and is baffled. He ordered a new buckle but is unsure it will be any different. He is reaching out up the ladder to see if this is intended. If so, it is a huge oversight since there is also top tether in the middle for a car seat. Without LATCH though, you have to use the seatbelt for a middle install. Anyone with children and a car seat should be looking at this ASAP.

H271 | 10 juillet 2018

Can anyone else comment on if they have this issue so we know if it is limited in scope?

H271 | 12 juillet 2018


Magic 8 Ball | 12 juillet 2018

So it turns out this done by design and explained in the manual.

Msb1102 | 13 juillet 2018


Same here. Mobile tech came out and took a look. He was pretty surprised/confused. Took a picture and sent it back to SC. Said they would have to follow up. That was Wednesday and waiting to hear back. I assume I will have to take it down to the SC soon which is fine. I have a small black spec of debris that made it between the paint and the clear coat. It wouldn't be that bad if the car was any other color than white. Hopefully they can address that while they're at it. Will update as I hear back.

Magic 8 ball doesn't own a Tesla and isn't old enough to have kids so anyone reading really should ignore everything he says. It's absolute rubbish.