Tesla Model 3 wheel well. Missing brommets, lots of metal exposed

Tesla Model 3 wheel well. Missing brommets, lots of metal exposed

I got my Model 3 on July 3rd. The car is in the shop getting ceramic pro. While it was on the lift noticed several brommets missing from the wheel well. The brommets attaches wheel well cover material to the body. Also noticed that there are lots of exposed body underneath the wheel well. I am curious if I am missing some covering material since I was also missing several brommets.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

Tough to say without pics. Can you post some pics?

kiwank | 7 juillet 2018

Ok trying to figure out how to post picture using an iPhone.

bernard.holbrook | 7 juillet 2018

Can you post a link to a picture so we can see what you are exactly talking about?

Coastal Cruiser. | 7 juillet 2018

kiwank, if you can't do it just email the pics to me and I will post for you.

kiwank | 7 juillet 2018

I tweeted at hcckkgolfer.

kiwank | 7 juillet 2018

Coastal cruiser, ok sent the email

Coastal Cruiser. | 7 juillet 2018
kiwank | 7 juillet 2018

The missing brommets only shows up in the first picture but more missing brommets are there but not in the picture.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

Thanks for the pics. There does appear to be a few grommets missing. Does the opposite side wheel well have some material where you think there is material missing?

kiwank | 7 juillet 2018

Not sure. It seems there should be something to keep mud and dirt away from those spots. It seems unusual for me. Maybe it is normal for model 3.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

Actually I prefer not to have that stuff covering just metal. The metal is coated so no worries about corrosion really. Covering areas like that trap dirt and moisture between the material and the metal which is worse, IMO.

Check the other side or maybe someone that can check theirs will chime in.

kiwank | 7 juillet 2018

I think I posted pictures for all 4 wheel wells

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

If that is the case then I don't see anything missing except for maybe a few grommets.
Those grommets are pretty much standard (look like the same ones I had to get for my Furd).

I would definitely get that taken care of and if it were me I would do it myself.

lilbean | 7 juillet 2018

Maybe there is a grommet shortage. Mine was missing one.

scott_tesla | 7 juillet 2018

Mine was missing all the grommets in the front wheel area. Caught it before I drove away from picking up my car at the delivery center. While talking to other owners picking up their cars, they said to also check underneath the car, as the panel on the bottom was not secured all the way on theirs and presented a gap. Sure enough, mine did too. So they fixed that before I drove home. I am also missing the ones in your photos, so going to have them fix when I take it to the service center next week.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2018

For those seeing this issue please also feedback to Tesla directly.

I think you email (if I am wrong someone please provide the correct contact info.)

Pepperidge | 10 août 2018

I also have several missing plastic push pins but I got extra rear trunk lid sitting in the trunk. Those are only visible area so it's a big concern.

cfcubed | 16 août 2018

So my Model 3 was missing 3 push-in plastic retainers under each rear wheel well. They are no big deal, there's other stronger retainers to keep those liners in place.

Rather than bother with a service appointment for such a minor thing went to Pep Boys & bought a $5.50 box of 15 GM 799-125 panel retainers & they fit well & tightly. They aren't correct/same ones as Tesla OEMs but I can always pull them prior to a future service appointment & get Tesla to install correct ones.

BTW photos of my wheel wells would look just like yours, you're not missing any covers unless I am too:)

shawncordell | 16 août 2018


cfcubed | 16 août 2018

@shawncordell Maybe you were attempting to communicate something. Maybe not.

mos6507 | 16 août 2018

I'd like to see Munro do a 2nd teardown and he can check for things like this.

sjm4660 | 16 août 2018

Yes, I noticed that these were missing after I got home on the first day. I planned on asking Tesla to install new panel retainers when I collected up enough issues to make it worthwhile for a service visit. No need for visit so far. Per @Cfcubed (thanks!) I'll install some myself.

matt80206 | 16 août 2018

am I the only one that is not following what is missing or why it is important...will a wheel fall off? or is just for looks?

kiwank | 16 août 2018

matt80206 - I think it was designed to fasten the fabric cover in the wheel well. It also covers the holes where the grommets would have been inserted. It is not a big issue. I have driven 2500 miles and not a single issue except the fact that the rear passenger lights were disconnected and the missing grommets. Both were fixed by the roaming technician.

shawncordell | 16 août 2018

This video details what the undercarriage should look like:

lilbean | 16 août 2018

The video doesn't show the wheel wells.

shawncordell | 16 août 2018

Yeah, I’m confused. I’ve read too many threads and watched too many videos.

Somebody thought a panel/shielding was missing underneath their model 3 - I just can’t remember who. Oops!!

neptunesfinest | 16 août 2018

Maybe they’re not needed? It could be that they were originally designed in and they realized they were overkill. Seems like a lot of cars are missing them so it’s definitely systematic.

lilbean | 16 août 2018

Thanks for posting though, @shawn! :)
I see spaces where grommets might go but it doesn’t look like grommets are needed there.

earlohm | 17 août 2018

The same grommets are missing in our wheel wells. I pushed on the panels and to me adding the grommets would add stability. I think they would be beneficial in more inclement weather especially in the snowy winter months.

Tesla2018 | 2 septembre 2018

I had the one of the plastic tabs that cover up the bolts on the side rocker panels broken off. There are several small tabs that cover up the 10mm bolts that hold it on. When they went to replace it, they noticed I only had the front and rear bolts and the 2 or 3 other ones in between were never installed. If you hear a rattle underneath the car this might be the reason.

dt22cc | 3 septembre 2018

Just go to the service center and they will put them in. I was missing mine and they replaced them for me. Also, check under your front bumper because some of the speed nuts were open on mine, but I was able to push the center plug on them to fasten them back before they fell out.

socalbtc3 | 3 septembre 2018

I had a front wheel well plastic liner that did not have the tab engaged into the female side so I took car of that with some muscle to get the hard plastic to go where it needed to. I also had to clip in two areas of one of the rocker panel black plastic moldings. I was working blind but finally figured out how they engage.

I do see where there were intended plastic rivets/clips for the wheelwell liners but clearly they are not needed as solid metal is behind so that may have been a design change but the supply of parts was based on the previous design.

I see bare metal, like a thin sheet metal wrap on a frame member which looks like a grounding pad.

I also saw I must have scraped bottom on the front bumper black under apron and tore out one of those push rivets/clips so I ordered some from here to save a trip to the SC.

mos6507 | 3 septembre 2018

[Just go to the service center and they will put them in.]

Jeez, maybe they should sell Model 3s as kit-cars if they don't want to finish building them on the line.

Magic 8 Ball | 3 septembre 2018


Nice link, thanks!

Pepperidge | 4 février 2019

I bought a Quick Jack and checked under body of Model 3. I found multiple missing screws (4) and plastic rivets (7). Also removed and repaired teared rear cover.
Also found oil leak from the gearbox oil pump. It looks the screws on the oil pump is over tightened.
The missing 4 screws (3 visible and 1 hidden) were on the rear bumper, which was making noise.

frankdcat | 22 avril 2019

Yesterday while driving on highway the Model 3 (I've had it like 3 weeks, built end of Dec 2018) developed a rattle and squeaking at high speed - thought it was loose both side lower rear panels behind wheel wells, then when I got home looking inside wheel wells the grommet nuts on the well housing were half missing on one side and loose on both sides, with torn housing. I don’t think they torqued the plastic nuts tight enough and should have used locktite or locking nuts. Also 0/3 retaining clips or either side. The housing must have been flapping around at speed, poorly secured. The rear rocker panels both keep popping loose too and will need to be replaced. They are sending mobile service to fix.

vschampaert | 20 août 2019

Had the same problem... On BOTH sides of the vehicle, right around the spot where you jack up the car in the front, there were 2 grommets missing. On the driver side, one piece of plastic was hanging down, almost an inch lower than the undercarriage ;o/ Note: car is 2 weeks old.
Did some research and found out the hole is 8 mm wide, and a stem length is 10 mm.
Went to Pep Boys and bought the DORMAN 963-508 which contains 2 grommets. These are actually for the Nissan front bumper radiator but was willing to give them a try. Guess what... these fit PERFECTLY!!!
Now the plastics are neat and tight held against the undercarriage and I can't be more happy.
Too bad Tesla thinks it's OK now to deliver their cars with pieces missing. I understand there's always that exception but from what I'm reading in this forum, my case is definitely not unique.
And BTW, what's the deal with those 2 rattling pieces of plastic around the hinges of the frunk? I REMOVED them because there's no way to keep them quiet.
Come on Tesla, I'm sure you can do better than that.

sushiboy18 | 6 octobre 2019

All 4 of my wheel wells are missing those :(

sushiboy18 | 6 octobre 2019

All 4 of my wheel wells are missing those :(