Feeling Screwed - Day 1 Reservation Holder

Feeling Screwed - Day 1 Reservation Holder

Any other Day-1 reservation holders feeling screwed now that they abandoned the reservation system after physically waiting in line and putting down $1,000 over 800 days ago?

There were some initial delays, ok, that's expected. Then Tesla released the premium version first, ok, fair enough. Then the AWD version, now the Performance AWD version has been pushed ahead of the base. I'm starting to feel like they are going to start producing the Model Y before the base version of the Model 3.

Now that they sold their 200,000 EV's (congratulations Elon, Tesla, that is pretty awesome for a startup to accomplish this first), they basically created a NEW waiting list pushing additional NEW customers ahead of us waiting waiting 830 days and counting. Let's be honest, I doubt I'm the only one thinking they are taking $3500 nonrefundable deposits to 1) Pressure folks into an up-sell 2) Pay off the possibly hundreds of thousands who will withdraw their $1,000 deposits once they find out they will not receive the federal tax incentive.

When they do release the $35,000 version are we supposed to wait in line all over again? New customers who are ready with $3500 non-refundable and jump in line in front us waiting 1,000+ days??? Definitely not cool.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juillet 2018

Dang and I heard they ran out of those neat toy cars too? Bummer

socaldave | 13 juillet 2018

Dude, the only reason you haven't gotten your car yet, is because you haven't ordered one. If you're waiting for any particular option (I am, day one reservation, been able to configure since Feb), okay - wait. You don't have to like it. And if this is all it takes for you to feel "screwed", I submit that perhaps you're doing it wrong. ;-)

Darrelly | 13 juillet 2018

I'm in the same boat...I did order my AWD which shows a Sept to Nov delivery date. It is somewhat of a bummer that someone off the street with no reservation can now order the LR with an earlier delivery date (1-3 months)....

sdempsey1985 | 13 juillet 2018

I understand how the OP feels though. When tesla unveiled the car, they just said it would cost 35k. I already ordered mine too, but i'm willing to pay for the LR version. Hang in there, its gonna be worth the wait.

wiboater4 | 13 juillet 2018

The LR are stockpiled , they are just starting to build the AWD . They are still using your reservation date by the way but also location and configuration etc.

wiboater4 | 13 juillet 2018

This is what it say's on out account pages. "We will reach out to you to schedule your delivery date. Delivery timeframe will be based on reservation date, order date, delivery location and vehicle configuration".

Jennalynn0019 | 13 juillet 2018

In the same boat. Frustrated too.

Louie0 | 13 juillet 2018

A couple of responses are from dudes stirring the pot. I'm just going to ignore those and hope to keep this conversation civil. I welcome constructive responses.

bruceshermanflorida | 13 juillet 2018

Around one year ago, my plans were to buy the Model 3 with the standard battery. This assumed that the tax credit would not be available to me. When I discovered a few weeks ago that I COULD get the tax credit, if I bought the Model 3 with the extended battery, I jumped at the opportunity. So, I ordered the Model 3 on June 30, hoping for delivery by December. To my surprise and delight, the Model 3 will be delivered on July 21, less than 10 days from now! So, I feel very lucky.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juillet 2018

@Louie0 When did you configure and send in the $2500 in addition to the $1000 deposit?

Louie0 | 13 juillet 2018

@Magic 8 Ball: If it's not clear from the original post, I, along with 70% of reservation holders are hoping for the base version.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juillet 2018

Yeah, bummer not 'till sometime next year I heard.

natmaster | 13 juillet 2018

35k version was always scheduled to be produced last. Don't know what you expect here, but Tesla isn't controlling the tax break expiry and they did everything they can to help as many customers as possible get it.

ebmcs03 | 13 juillet 2018

Well we all leaned. Don’t bother putting a reservation down for any future Tesla’s. It makes like no difference.

jjgunn | 13 juillet 2018

I'll be quite honest.....

I'm a Model X owner & Feb 2017 M3 reservation holder.

I laughed at the people standing in line with their $1,000 in hand on March 31 2016. Just like I laugh at Apple line-standers.

You chose to stand there. Nobody held a gun to your head.

We all know it's an interest free loan. Relax & enjoy your car. You did the right thing. Thanks for being an early adopter.

n2scuba | 13 juillet 2018

Socaldave, I wish you were correct when you say the only reason he doesn’t have his Model 3 is because he didn’t order one. There are many of us who reserved on 4-1-16, and configured a RWD, LR, EAP, FSD, Premium, Model 3 at the first configuration opportunity we were given — along with the rest of the world — on 6-27 and 6-28-18, who are still awaiting a VIN. I reserved at 12:10 am on 4-1-16, live in the SF Bay Area, and two years, three months and 13 days post reservation am still awaiting a VIN. The speculation is that those of us who ordered red or white are having to wait the longest. But I’ve seen posts from buyers who reserved only a few months ago announce they have received a VIN and delivery date, including some red and white with my same configuration. So after all this time, the process remains frustrating for lots of us, and not because we chose not to place an order.

greg | 13 juillet 2018


Lets shine some light on "your situation", set the wayback machine to the unveil.
What did they promise you and everyone else?

A 4 door Tesla costing from $35K, with deliveries starting in late 2018, all for $1000 deposit today.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, but the reality was that even if no model 3 shipped until that late 2018 date, the Tax credit would be on phaseout already, thanks to the ongoing stream of Model S and Model X deliveries that have and would have continued apace to US customers even after the March 2016 reveal.

So expecting a full tax credit when the model 3 originally going to be shipped was always a tall order.
Even if they shipped base model 3's first.

Because, while Model 3 deliveries are ramping now, Model S and X would have ramped in their place pretty much regardless without the 3 shipping, so the 200,000th car was always going to be delivered during 2018 anyway starting the 18 month tax credit phaseout.

Due to higher than planned demand, Musk and co took a deep breath and pulled forward the delivery of Model 3 by massively re-configuring both GF1 and Fremont factories. But thats cost a lot of money and lot sooner than planned. So shipping higer optioned and thus more expensive Model 3's is a way to start to recoup that investment.

Don't forget in the interim the GF battery line has been churning out PowerPack 2s and PowerWall 2s, using 2170 cells - not just for folks in the US but around the world - there has been huge demand for those due to unplanned problems iwith electricity grids n Australia and in Puerto Rico that meant Tesla diverted a lot of 2170 cell production capability to make cells for those customers needs. That delayed the ramp up of 2170 cells for the Model 3 battery packs. And as you know some of the automated production line in GF1 simply didn't meet the manufacturers promises requiring Tesla to re do the automation themselves. Adding delays.

As for your base model 3, well you'll still get it, in early 2019, about 3-6 months later than when the first deliveries were originally planned. And it will come with a half tax credit, worth about 10% of the base value of your car. Maybe not the full $7,500 but its still worth something.

And you will be invited to **configure** in the order you reserved back in 2016.
So you will find a pretty short time from configuring to taking delivery.

The key thing is that as a reservationist you *will* get invited to configure earlier than latecomers who reserved last week, month or year.

But if you then delay and for whatever reason configure later than someone else also in the queue, you end up behind them in the "order" queue. Thats life. Gotta be ready to move fast when the queue is this long.

But the thing to note, is that all things being equal you will end up with whatever variant of a Model 3 SR you want, ahead of almost all other folks also wanting one- simply because you reserved back in 2016.
You may of course only have that advantage for a few weeks or months afterwards, but thats whats reserving is about - you can get ahead of the pack, even by a little bit.

You can feel bummed out that your Model 3 isn't here yet, but those folks buying the pricier up-speced Model 3s you can't afford or don't want - well they're actually path finding for you, doing you a favour - to enable you to get yours, just as those who bought the Roadster, S then X all laid the foundation for Model 3 buyers.

And no matter what, just remember that all those folks outside North America - they'll be waiting long after you get your Model 3 for a chance to configure theirs.

jjgunn | 13 juillet 2018

1 more thing.

You still receive the "tax incentive" it just isn't the FULL $7,500 after Jan 1 2019

Louie0 | 13 juillet 2018

@natmaster: Let's not start spreading false information. Below is a screenshot of the early configurators, direct from First production in 2017, "Standard battery / $35,000" Dec17 - Feb18 and AWD last. AWD has since been pushed ahead of the base, and now the P-AWD as well.

As for the tax break, if production delays had been worse and they ended up selling 200k Model S/X's and the federal incentives are gone, well, poop happens. But pushing the base from 2nd production run, now to 4th (maybe) is different.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juillet 2018

@Louie You seem to have some confusion. The screen shot is of the choice preference and was simply a polling tool. It cleary said that changing choices does not impact what you will order. Configuration is completely different.

Louie0 | 13 juillet 2018

@greg: I appreciate you keeping the conversation constructive :) Just to be clear, specifically, my frustrations revolve around how they base version was initially slated for 2nd production. They finally sort their production issues and then downgrade production of the base models to after AWD and now downgrade again to after P-AWD.

They abandoned the reservation system and are available to whoever coughs up $3500 non-refundable. Do us day-1 reservation holders hoping for the base actually still have a "spot" in line when the base is actually available?

Louie0 | 13 juillet 2018

@Magic 8 Ball: How about we keep things civil? The screenshot has actual target delivery times. This was from 2017 with target delivery dates indicating AWD was to be produced after the base. The AWD & P-AWD announcements didn't happen til a couple of months ago.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juillet 2018


I understand you feel misled. After any (or any time for that matter) of the "goal post moves" you could have and still can get your $1000 back. Every single day after you sent you money in you could have cancelled. So some of your frustration is on you. You seem to be choosing to stick with it so I commend you for that and you already seem to have a clear handle on what to expect except for the open question of will your place in line be preserved.

I don't think anyone has a clear answer to that to be honest so I think you should set your future expectations that the answer is no and you will enter a new queue when you order. This will be another "goal post move" for you to consider and decide for your self if this is the straw that breaks your back.

I tend to believe that everyone is an adult here and I, personally, have a low tolerance for drama that has whininess associated with it. I love to have constructive conversation and I hope my advice above helps you set realistic expectations.

WantMY | 13 juillet 2018

Do not expect from Musk anything, he is just a bean counter. Only market forces and may be shorts would force him to do the right things.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 juillet 2018


Your Beavis and Butthead shtick is very dated. You got anything original?

WantMY | 13 juillet 2018

@Magic 8 Ball What are you mumbling, are you off you meds again?

Revelate | 13 juillet 2018

There were a bunch of reasons (financial, line configuration, etc) which drove the more expensive options first. Fact of the matter is remember many of the talking heads and pretty much all of the shorts, have suggested or outright believe that Tesla can't pull this off... so if producing the higher revenue (and likely profit, FSD = 3k and is basically still a promise which may never reach reality for example) vehicles is enough to keep pushing the vision forward, it was absolutely the right thing to do.

No money = no cars for anyone; consider that for a moment and where you'd prefer to be: waiting, or buying something else entirely... and for the record, you have the choice to do that second option any time you want if you haven't committed the $2500 additional deposit, so the fact that you still have not yet canceled, seriously, life is too short, figure it out.

Milows | 13 juillet 2018

We configured a white RWD, extended battery less than a week ago, The website still says delivery between Oct.-Dec. but received a phone call yesterday that the car can be picked up in 10 days. We are in MN and thrilled! Husband, an electrician, is working tonight to get the power into the garage.

xad | 13 juillet 2018

@greg -- very well said! Too bad the whiners can't see the whole picture...

WantMY | 13 juillet 2018

Do not give up yet, some folks ordered a week ago and have delivery scheduled in 10 days, meaning the flood gates on $50K+ Model 3 is just a dribble. Base $35K SR is getting more and more real with every day passed.

Tesla2018 | 13 juillet 2018

Dont want to depress people waiting for the 3tK model even more, but do you think Tesla will offer Long Range Battery cars to the rest of the world and also Left Hand drive cars with Long Range and Premium or AWD before coming out with the short range battery? This way they could make more profits from selling higher priced cars?

I wanted the standard range battery with a white interior and premium interior and got invited to configure a few months ago but it was only for the long range version with Premium interior. So I figured I would wait a few months until a white interior became an option. Once I saw that it was only available on awd petformance cars and cost more, I was annoyed. Wasnt sure if the tax rebate would end so I bit the bullet and ordered the larger battery version that I could have ordered months ago. So now I am getting something that costs more and has a battery that I dont really want that I could have gotten 2 months earlier. I got lucky buying and selling Tesla stock between the high and low points during the last few months so it paid for the bigger battery and a new interior from an outside source, otherwise I would still be waiting.

jjgunn | 13 juillet 2018

If anyone thought they were SERIOUSLY getting the $35k car including the $7,500 tax credit - that shit they're smoking ain't legal in ANY state yet.

After driving a fully loaded MX (minus P, that's it) I 100% promise don't want a $35k M3. There is better value in the hybrid platform.

rameshshahfl | 13 juillet 2018

I had 4-1-16 booking, waited& waited. Just like most, I got confg invite on 6/27/18, ordered on 6/28/18, estimated delivery time came up Sept-Nov 2018. LR, RWD, 18", Red, EAP, Florida.
Got email on 7/11/18 for the final payment & Registration/ Lic Plate clarification. I responded immidiately on 7/11/18. Got email on 7/12/18 with VIN 586xx and delivery date 8/4/18. I have NOT made a full payment yet, paid total $3,500 like most of us.
No one can figure out how they are doing prioritization, at least it's not a fair method because I have a friend in the same town, same config he has, he booked in March 2018 and he already received it 2 weeks ago.

McLary | 14 juillet 2018

I've learned a lot in this thread.

Magic 8 ball can't predict the future. He can't even accurately predict the past.

Other perfect Tesla customers are spending $9000 for a battery upgrade, that they didn't want, so they can hope for a $7500 tax credit, which they probably don't qualify for.

So what you need to know is that you can go reserve a new model 3 today for a $2500 deposit. No previous reservation needed. For all of you math geniuses, you simply need to send another $2500, for a total of $3500. Doesn't being a hard-core Tesla fan make you feel special?


sbeggs | 14 juillet 2018


bj | 14 juillet 2018

@natmaster - “35k version was always scheduled to be produced last.”

Wrong. RHD version was always scheduled to be produced last.

WantMY | 14 juillet 2018

@jjgunn "After driving a fully loaded MX (minus P, that's it) I 100% promise don't want a $35k M3. There is better value in the hybrid platform." LOL, After driving any MX no one would even remotely consider MS or M3, this is the fact! MX rules EV world!

WantMY | 14 juillet 2018

As far as anybody can remember, before, during and after reveal Model 3 was presented as first mass produced $35,000 EV car on the market. Yet, it is soon about 3 years later and no mass produced Model 3 $35K anywhere to be found. Not a single time Model 3 was mentioned as $49, $50K or $50K+ EV car masses are waiting for, lol

gbb0131 | 14 juillet 2018

I was feeling the same way when I finally configured on 6/30 after being invited to configure 4/13 (was waiting on white interior and finally gave up). Was disappointed in the 3 - 5 month wait and then everyone and their brother that hadn't "reserved" was in the same line.

I did get my VIN on 7/11 and delivery scheduled for 8/4, so I'm happy now.

Hopefully if you are waiting on Standard Range car you will be further up the line when they start producing it.

calvin940 | 14 juillet 2018

Things clearly haven't gone as planned for Tesla. They are learning and improving, but they obviously would have preferred to be at this production rate last year, but it didn't happen.

I don't think anyone could have reasonably expected everything to align perfectly. I reserved 2016.04.11. I basically had a mental target of summer 2019 but expected that too could slip. I managed my existing vehicle accordingly (as time went on I knew my 2006 Sienna was not going to last so I sold that last year and got a good deal on a used 2013 Mazda CX-5 on my own terms rather than wait for Sienna to die).

I honestly think if you feel screwed, you didn't really understand the landscape.

You have two choices: wait or cancel. Personal decision. A lot will wait, some percentage won't.

EVfan | 14 juillet 2018


Trying to bury this annoying Korean spam.

sbeggs | 14 juillet 2018

Canceled. Don't feel screwed. Happy!

dgstan | 14 juillet 2018

Model X is way too big for me. It's just my wife, myself, and itty-bitty parking spaces in the Bay Area. The Model S is too big as far as I'm concerned.

kram | 14 juillet 2018

The 35K standard version will come much faster than they predict, I think it will be october.

accentcreate | 14 juillet 2018

Put my money down on March 31 2016, way before anyone in California had gone to bed on the 30th. Still waiting for cars I reserved.
Pretty annoyed that people buying models X and S can jump the queue while those of us in Europe and Australia don't have a hope of seeing an M3 until next year at the earliest.
On the other hand, lots of testing and glitches being ironed out in N.America before we get ours. Hope they are a superior product.

jamaica8484 | 14 juillet 2018

Agreed. I test drove M3, MS and MX and MX definitely felt like a boat with bad rear view visibility but the falcon wing doors are cool. The MS still felt too big and the rear headroom was too low for my family. The M3 felt much more nimble and more fun to drive than MX or MS and has better rear view visibility than MX and more rear headroom than MS but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of MS or MX. I wish there is M3 option for key fob like the MX/MS.

sthatip | 14 juillet 2018

reserved 04/1/16, ordered 06/30/18, LR RWD, even though site said Sep-Nov, delivery scheduled in a week. They even accomodated my request to move the delivery couple of days up. If 51k configurations are getting delivered now, hang in there, 35ks are not too long now.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 14 juillet 2018

"Any other Day-1 reservation holders feeling screwed now that they abandoned the reservation system after physically waiting in line and putting down $1,000 over 800 days ago?"

Sure. You are not alone in holding that illogical position. By the way, are you aware that some people paid five times as much for a Model S reservation, then waited more than twice as long before any of them ever took Delivery? There were only 10,000+ Reservation holders then, not over 400,000. Is it reasonable for you to feel 'screwed' when people have been taking Delivery of Model 3 for nearly a year already? About the price -- Elon Musk said the car would start at $35,000 and that early Deliveries would be of highly optioned varieties. Every Model 3 sold in the U.S. thus far has a Monroney Sticker, a legal document, that displays the base price as $35,000 and lists included options beyond that amount. At no point did anyone at Tesla announce a $35,000 Out-the-Door price point.

"When they do release the $35,000 version are we supposed to wait in line all over again?"

Everyone has the opportunity to wait their turn for the configuration they prefer. Tesla is behind by perhaps six months. Around this time last year, some were expecting the bas version to arrive around March. Trolls at first said it would NEVER be released, but now grudgingly claim that even if it comes out it will be canceled shortly afterward. Best case is that some may take Delivery on/about September/October 2018.

"New customers who are ready with $3500 non-refundable and jump in line in front us waiting 1,000+ days???"

More like those who have been waiting that long would step aside to let them pass. You already have the opportunity to purchase the First Production version. Should you decide not to, that is the same as letting someone else ahead in line. Your decision. Buy now, keep waiting, or cancel. Decide.

greg | 14 juillet 2018

"I appreciate you keeping the conversation constructive :) Just to be clear, specifically, my frustrations revolve around how they base version was initially slated for 2nd production. They finally sort their production issues and then downgrade production of the base models to after AWD and now downgrade again to after P-AWD.

Who ever said "2nd production" referred to the car factory production alone? Show me.

As I read it "second production" actually refers to the battery factory (GF1) plans too.

After all the main difference from a Model S LR and the Model S SR is the battery from GF1 has less range.
Thus lower cost/price.

Musk has himself said, they're still making "1st production" Model 3 (LR) battery packs until later this year. All Model 3 delivered so far have "1st production battery packs" including AWD, P and [now] the P+

Once they begin production of the SR battery packs, the SR cars can follow, but not until they do.

"They abandoned the reservation system and are available to whoever coughs up $3500 non-refundable. Do us day-1 reservation holders hoping for the base actually still have a "spot" in line when the base is actually available?"

Who says they have abandoned the reservation system - you can't "order" [configure] a SR Model 3 yet and get delivery any time soon,/at all all you can do is order LR model 3 variants.

So when they do allow orders for Model 3 SRs I am sure you will find you as a reservation holder get invited quite early on to configure - well ahead of the pack.
But like the mass invite in late June - if you blink and miss it, yep you'll miss out.

As I said, you gotta stay alert for that -"you can configure now" alert to have any chance of getting in early.
And don't forget, you and supposedly 100,000+ reservists will be jockeying for a finite number of Model 3 SRs that can be made in time to get the half tax credit i.e. in first half of 2019. So if you snooze - you will loose.

Don't like yer chances?

Take an upgrade to a LR [no PUP] and get the full credit.- it will only cost you $2,500 more and will get you a model 3, 6 months earlier than any folks wishing and hoping for the SR this year.

Or hang out for 6+ months for a SR with 3750 credit - if you are lucky - 1875 if not.
Or cancel and get nothing at all anytime soon. Keep driving the ICE and wishing you weren't.

Your choice.

goteslago | 14 juillet 2018

Open ordering to all before the $35k model is even available? What's the point of my reservation? I'll be cashing mine in and see how things play out.