"Delivery Hell" at Charlotte NC

"Delivery Hell" at Charlotte NC

Configured vehicle in May. Arrived in Mathews, NC two weeks ago and still cannot pickup the vehicle even though its paid for. Paid $57500.00 on vehicle; paying interest on the loan and still can't get it delivered. Thought getting the car would be a good experience, but it is "Delivery Hell".

Magic 8 Ball | 22 juillet 2018

@spgraff Blamers suck!

sbeggs | 22 juillet 2018

Good luck!
Or, bon courage, as we say whilst watching Tour de France!

dysruptor | 22 juillet 2018

@spgraff I live in Greenville, SC and am supposed to be picking up mine in Matthews on Tuesday. I'm waiting to hear back from them, but the docs they emailed me included an application for a NC title. I responded requesting a SC title so I'm just curious if you got all the correct docs emailed to you, notarized, and sent back to Raleigh? Could I be missing something about maybe there needing to be a NC title first for some reason?

Atoms | 23 juillet 2018

It is important to not let unmet expectations affect your emotions. Just deal with the situation logically to effect the best outcome possible. DO expect the best from Tesla employees and let them know politely when your expectations are not met and ask them to relay to their managers. Ask for a feedback form. Provide feedback online. You can even have it escalated to executive management if you think that is critical. My suggestion is to escalate to executive management only if they could make a significant difference. Instead feedback suggestions for improvement for future customers and detail how your expectations were not met and how they could change their system to better meet your expectations. Constructive feedback will be welcomed by all Tesla employees. They are under great constraints but that is not an excuse not to meet customer expectations. They won’t survive if they can’t improve and have a reputation for both the best cars and best customer service.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 juillet 2018

spgraff & TexasBob: I really wish I could agree with you in regard to Tesla's communication with you. Unfortunately, the efforts of NADA make that level of communication impossible in certain States. Tesla must insulate themselves by erecting a 'Chinese Wall' between their employeed within your State and those who operate elsewhere. Though the company itself may have all the information you request, the Tesla employees in your State cannot have access to it, so as to ensure they do not participate in any 'sales activity' on behalf of Tesla.

Yes, it is inconvenient. Yes, it makes no sense. Yes, it makes the employees you are face-to-face with seem like incompetent untrustworthy liars. All of that is unfortunate. And all of it is set up that way on purpose because 'independent franchised dealerships' want to force Tesla to cry 'Uncle' and give in to using their services. Not because they can do a better job... Not because it would cost less for Consumers or Tesla itself... No, they just want to make sure there is no positive evidence to support the continued existence of direct sales, because that makes them look bad.

Every vehicle Tesla can sell without the help of PENSKE, ELWAY, ROBERTSON, FELIX, GALPIN, and any number of other branded 'independent franchised dealership' chains is proof that the middleman is no longer needed. By making the process of Delivery harder than necessary, those chains are able to point to situations such as those you have experienced as being 'all Tesla's fault', for not 'following the rules' and stuff. They do not acknowledge that those 'rules' were set up by State legislature members who are in their own back pocket. If not for the 'implied interstate commerce clause' of the U.S. Constitution, some States would have outright banned the purchase of a Tesla product by any of their citizens. Some of them even tried, before realizing it would have been entirely unconstitutional. If they had passed those laws Tesla would have grounds to entirely dismantle all of franchise law governing the sale of new cars in those States, and the precedent that resulted would prevent anyone else from trying to limit Tesla's expansion.

Tesla has had a Federal case filed against Elected Officials and Regulators of the Great State of Michigan since March 30, 2016. It is progressing slowly, but should be decided in Tesla's favor. That will set the groundwork for Tesla to freely expand and communicate with everyone throughout the nation to best serve their Customers.

Tesla Motors, Inc. v. Johnson et al,_Inc_v_Jo...

RedPillSucks | 23 juillet 2018

@spgraff I'm curious whether there's an escalation path for you to follow.
Even if its just documenting the steps you've gone through or where dissatisfaction has occurred.
It might not help you directly, but might clue Tesla-Corporate how the process is going in different areas
so they know where/what can/needs to be improved.
Unfortunately, for Elon/Tesla, this (customer support and delivery) is not rocket science.

spgraff | 25 juillet 2018

Picked up my car today. Very good experience and am very happy with it. All of the "Delivery Hell" suffering is in the distant past now. Hope you all have a smooth experience with your delivery. Am a true believer and will never go back to ICE car again.

TexasBob | 25 juillet 2018

Great to hear it all ended well - mine did too. Enjoy the car and thanks for letting us know!

@Red - I did not appreciate that local staff is not allowed to communicate re the delivery process as part of the idiotic Texas Franchise dealer scam law. That is crazy!

sbeggs | 26 juillet 2018


Hope that from this point on, your car will only “grow” on you!