Free autopilot trial

Free autopilot trial

Anyone get the free autopilot trial pushed to their car yet?

Fuzzball | 9 août 2018

Have not seen it yet

jvcesare | 9 août 2018
marcrose | 9 août 2018

Have not received an email yet from Tesla about inclusion in the free-trial, however my car is just now being pushed a software update, so perhaps it's part of that. I'll add another comment if indeed that is the case.

Mike83 | 9 août 2018

This very cool. We have EAP/FSD in our M3 and MS and love it. The last year vacations have been stress free and fun using EAP 98% of the time. They will be releasing V 9.0 in the next month which I can't wait for.

jefjes | 9 août 2018

From the article about getting the offer- "For vehicles to receive an invitation, owners must make sure that their cars are updated at least to software version 2018.28.1". I haven't heard of any Model 3 owners talking about being on anything higher than 2018.26.3 which is the one I'm on but I see from the tracker that they are starting to roll out 28.1. Does anyone know what 28.1 includes besides the free trial offer?

Mike83 | 9 août 2018

It is supposed to show up on your car screen. But I already have it.

AJPHL | 9 août 2018

What price is it showing as if you want to buy after the trial?

amylee | 9 août 2018

28.x has been pushed out the last few days.

Rutrow 3 | 9 août 2018

Make sure your car has autopilot hardware before using this free trial. My apologies to everyone on I-630 this morning. :-[

spuzzz123 | 9 août 2018

who doesn't have autopilot hardware? don't all M3s have it? or did some joke swish right over my head?

djharrington | 9 août 2018

Maybe Rutrow was in his pre-AP S ;)

yudansha™ | 17 février 2020