Powerwall Software Version 1.21

Powerwall Software Version 1.21

In the Tesla app I noticed that the Version number is a hyperlink. My version is 1.20.0, but when I click on the link, it shows there's now a version 1.21 which

Added a customer login to Gateway to allow
local monitoring of power flow and charge level
Viewing System Information
Updating Network Settings
Learn More
Improved power supply management with multi-Powerwall systems
Further reduction in network data usage.

Although version 1.21 seems to be dated July 2018, today is 09 August and my Powerwalls are at 1.20.0.

Does anyone know how to get Tesla to update them so I can take advantage of these features?
Or for that matter, does anyone know how to get Tesla customer service to respond to a query? They used to be very good about responding - typically within a day. But not any more. I even tried calling (on the telephone!) and was told it would be over an hour on hold.

garyisfinally | 10 août 2018

Ever since update 1.21, app no longer shows flow, nor impact. and I believe the percentage on the home screen is wrong also. App now has features I've been waiting for, such as Time of Use, but, the whole thing is broke. Submitted a support ticket a week ago via website, no response, called a few days later, person took my message... discovered on my own, that I can log into the powerwall ip address, but it too shows no usage information. Until we have a black-out, I have no idea if the powerwall is actually working. What gives?

spmeister | 10 août 2018

Mine's at 1.21 and all is working fine, however, I can't figure out how to connect to the gateway.

Tesla-David | 10 août 2018

I am at 1.21 also, and am having zero problems, and very happy with PW2 performance over last 46 days since installation in self-performance mode, and have not drawn any grid energy since turning on and have been exporting ~64 percent of excess solar energy back to grid. We are also charging two Tesla's (MS and M3).

cwied | 11 août 2018

@rfactor - as far as I can tell, 1.20.0 has several of these features already. I'm on 1.20.0, and my app shows Storm Watch. The local web interface also has the customer login and the network and system information pages. I don't know about the power supply and network bandwidth usage, but my Powerwalls seem to be operating fine.

There currently is no way to get firmware updates more quickly. You just have to wait until you get them.

rfactor | 11 août 2018

Thanks, cwied. I was able to log into my gateway previously, but I was thinking that maybe it’s now officially supported and provides a more usefull interface as per the list of features.

Turns out that i was upgraded to 1.21 hours after my post, so maybe someone at Tesla reads the forums. Unfortunately I still have one big problem to resolve, and that is time of use. Although I can now set it, the function doesn’t seem to do anything. The powerwalls continue to discharge during off peak periods, so I have to manually adjust the backup reserve every day. If they could only fix that!

j.ringold | 30 septembre 2018

Find Gateway in WiFi. Switch to it. Look on inside of Gateway door for code. Add “S” (no quotes) before Code when entering in phone.

j.ringold | 30 septembre 2018

Code is listed after letters TSN:

j.ringold | 30 septembre 2018

Code is listed after letters TSN: