Lilbean's Performance Model 3 Test Drive

Lilbean's Performance Model 3 Test Drive

This car is amazing beyond words. Wow!

1. It handles like a dream.
2. It's beautiful.
3. The white seats are so comfortable! It's like night and day compared to the early model seats.

I'm speechless. I want this car. Must. Have. This. Car.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 août 2018

You shoulda' waited LOL!

Bighorn | 20 août 2018

So, you liked it?

rbnjmnz73 | 20 août 2018

Haha, awesome!

Bighorn | 20 août 2018

A couple things: I have the blue/black in P3D and is that virgin hair?

sbeggs | 20 août 2018

Nice! Where were you test driving from?

Car does fit you!

djharrington | 20 août 2018

I’m jealous! Do what I’m doing. Sell the RWD and upgrade :)

jjgunn | 20 août 2018

That's funny - I just did a P3D test drive on Sunday too!

A douche in a Honda CR-Z was flying in the lane next to me right about 100 MPH
I was traveling 70 MPH with 5 people in the car. I waited until his front bumper was even with my back bumper then punched it.
Within 2.5 seconds I was ahead of him. Douche boy "stepped on it" again. I past him again. He looked over at us as his nuts shrank to the size beebees - all 5 of us are laughing our asses off at him as his tail is tucked between his legs

Now, yes the P3D is a really fun car - for good measure we took a MS P100D & launched it in Ludicrous mode - woooo baby. Nothing like feeling 0-60 in 2.3, however, 0-60 in 3.5 is no slouch.

I will order my P3D next year - can't wait. Might have some new enhanced goodies by 2019 too!

Congrats Lilbean....go get that car!

Skolvikes2 | 20 août 2018

Interesting comment on the seats. I drove in a fairly early model 3 and the seats were firmer than I prefer and too much lumbar even with it all the way in. Are the white seats more comfy than black, or is it a performance model thing? I have regular dual motor on order now with black seats.

noleaf4me | 20 août 2018

Money to burn....

KP in NPT | 20 août 2018

hahaha Bean you shoulda waited!! ;-)

I'll be test driving mine when I drive it home in a few weeks. lol

spuzzz123 | 20 août 2018

Is the suspension any different? Mines a little rough on crappy Ohio roads

lilbean | 20 août 2018

You guys are right! I should've waited! Ah!
@Magic 8 Yep!

@rbn Oh my, such an awesome car!

@Bighorn Yes, I loved it! Haha! Yes, virgin hair. :) (Wow. You have a good memory!)

@sbeggs I test drove out of Pasadena.

@dj Yes. I want to do that. Tesla is going to run the numbers for me.

@jjgunn Oh my goodness. I want it. I honestly would get the over the S, hands down!

@skolvikes I didn't sit in the new black seats. I wonder if it's the white material that makes it so much more comfortable because the white seats in the X were much more comfortable also.

@noleaf Just a dream. Hubby won't get it... Unless I can convince him to replace his Jag. Hmmm.

@KP I know. Ugh!

@spuzz Yes, the suspension is different. The car is amazing. It's like an entirely different car!

billlake2000 | 20 août 2018

Quick, sell your LR RWD. The market's gonna be flooded with people selling theirs to move on up :)

lilbean | 20 août 2018

Good idea, @billlake!

sroh | 20 août 2018

Why'd you do that to yourself?

When we picked up our AWD, they asked if we wanted to test drive the P. I emphatically told him 'no, we don't need the temptation!'

Oh, and absolutely agree with about the white seats. They look great and feel great.

lilbean | 20 août 2018

@sroh I know. I'm a glutton for punishment. I knew better. I was just "going to look" haha!

-TheJohn- | 20 août 2018

With all your helpfulness on the forums you totally deserve it! I'm a week into owning an RWD only version and I know I could not be trusted with a PAWD..
But wait a minute.. didn't you proudly have a lifetime Watt/mile avg of 211 or something insane like that? That'd be all over with :P

badaman | 20 août 2018

I "pedal to the metal" at that same fwy on ramp all the time Lilbean :)

sroh | 20 août 2018

@johnmcneice, that's a great call!

@lilbean, that's how it always starts. I know you're star-struck with the P, but @johnmcneice raises a good point. The AWD is materially less efficient than the RWD, at least in our experience (240wpm versus 275). It's literally the only thing about the AWD that is a tiny bit disappointing. You gonna be ok with that?

lilbean | 20 août 2018

@johnmcneice You are so right. I get 220 right now and that's because I've never put the pedal to the metal like @badaman. Hubby says I need to try that before wanting the P. He says the one we have now is really fast too. I guess my comparison wasn't really fair since I haven't tried that yet.

@badaman Cool! That is a fun little on ramp. I should try my RWD on that one to compare.

@sroh I'm so glad you mentioned that. I'm feeling much better now and will be able to sleep tonight thanks to the points you guys brought up. :)

nwfan | 21 août 2018

@lilbean, thanks for the write up and advice. I'll postpone my P3D test drive.
Cause if I drive it, I'll want it. I would have to go with the white seats.

SamO | 21 août 2018

75 mph in 3 quick seconds. Maybe faster as it was on a downhill.

Go for it @lilbean

lilbean | 21 août 2018

@nwfan Thanks! Yes, the white seats are awesome.

@SamO Ah! That makes sense! I think it would have gone faster. I got a little shy at the pedal when I felt the G-force.
I had spine-tingling goosebumps!

Mathew98 | 21 août 2018

@lilbean - Should have waited till the force became the spot!!!

seattlemag | 21 août 2018

@lilbean & @jjgunn: I made the same mistake of test driving one that was sitting in the Bellevue store parking lot.... needless to say it took me a few days to come down from that high & "come back from the edge" of trading my 3-month-old model in. Handling/Braking/Acceleration are so much better and that white interior is shocking. I knew it was going to be better, but was surprised just how much!

The best they could offer me was $46k for my red 19" with EAP, and I just can't take the hit and step up in car another $20k. Probably just as well, as I would drive that car like a stole it... every day ;).

Bighorn | 21 août 2018

In my P3D I got mid 220s on the highway driving 715 miles home from pick up, so brand new tires. Last leg dropped to 231 because the WY speed limit is 80. Second leg was 280 miles and 219 Wh/m. I’m getting 200 around town. Let’s not start efficiency rumors over sour grapes just yet:)

djharrington | 21 août 2018

Impressive, BH!

lilbean | 21 août 2018

@Bighorn Nice!

@seattlemag My thoughts exaclty! That offer isn’t so bad but it does cost a bit more to upgrade. It’s funny because before I went on the test drive, a Tesla employee was suggesting I upgrade. I was thinking, “no way. I’m just testing it out for fun.” After the drive, I said, “so you’ll get back to me with the numbers on trading in?” Lol.

My little guy had an acute ruptured retrocecal appy two weeks ago. Two ER visits, ambulance transport to Children’s Hospital and a 3 day hospitalization is probably going to cost the amount of the upgrade.

billlake2000 | 21 août 2018

715 miles! Dang, I bet you loved that trip!!! Who would have ever done that to buy an ICE? Completely different world. See any bighorn on the way home?

billlake2000 | 21 août 2018

lilbean, I drive like you. No pedal to the medal. Comes from wanting to not wear my car out so it will last forever. The frugal mindset. But when my kids wanted to see "How fast will it go, Dad?" I just had to floor it a time or two. Surprise, surprise. And that was only a 5.1 zero to sixty, or maybe a 4.6??? Very not what I'm used to.

Bighorn | 21 août 2018

I took the scenic route through Aspen, so Independence Pass was a hoot.
I’ve actually travelled as far for several cars since we are in a dealer desert. Germany for a BMW which I picked up stateside in North Carolina and drove back to WY. Colorado Springs for a Porsche and Denver for a Volvo T5. So I’m not a great example for Tesla fever in that regard :)
No Bighorns but some pronghorns which EAP helped me avoid in the dark since I had more long distance situational awareness.

Headed to CA tomorrow for a quick visit. Route to Vegas is 5 hours quicker than the S since I can go direct and charge faster.

billlake2000 | 21 août 2018

lilbean, so sorry to hear about your little guy. Nobody should have to go through that. Neither a little guy or his mommie. Hope he and you are both recovering well.

billlake2000 | 21 août 2018

bighorn: "Route to Vegas is 5 hours quicker than the S since I can go direct and charge faster." An unexpected and not often thought of benefit. Simply awesome.

socaldave | 21 août 2018

@lilbean - that's where I did my P test drive, too!!! It's almost like you're launched out of a chute, so freakin' awesome!!!

lilbean | 21 août 2018

@billlake Yes! The frugal mindset has worked for me my whole life. That's how we're able to have nice things. Thank you for your kind thoughts. It was pretty traumatic. Little guy is amazing. He didn't whimper, cry or complain the entire time. Stuck with needles and all. He's fully recovered. :)

@socaldave So fun right! Amazing! They really figured out the perfect test drive route.

@Bighorn Are you coming to SoCal?

rxlawdude | 21 août 2018

@bean, @big, maybe a quick, informal meet up?

lilbean | 21 août 2018


Bighorn | 21 août 2018

Yes—on a super tight schedule with family, but I’d like to try toget as many new SCs as possible. Easiest pickins are Thousand Oaks, new Downey, Riverside and San Bernardino. Would be fun to meet, if you can find them:)

lilbean | 21 août 2018


lilbean | 21 août 2018

I have to stay in the LA area for the beanie babies.

Bighorn | 21 août 2018

I will likely be passing through. I still owe SamO some steaks:) I may have to resort to a late night mission because of scheduled events though.

lilbean | 21 août 2018

@Bighorn It's not easy to catch up to you.

I have the red Model 3! It's the 1:43 scale model though. :)

rxlawdude | 21 août 2018

@Big, I hope you've had climate control on when you're not in the car, or those steaks might not be in great shape by the time you hit SoCal. ;-)

Seriously, would be fun to meet up if possible.

Bighorn | 21 août 2018

I figured I'd pick them up in CA--he wants a very particular cut. Still haven't figured out when I'm going to find several hours to motor around. I can try to keep you updated.

stevent | 24 décembre 2018

@lilbean, Hi. We met at In N Out in La Cresenta yesterday. Nice test ride vid. Love the 4WD performance 3. Thanks for the tip on the trade in option for the newer makes. On our 4th Tesla, so will appeal for a nice deal.

shawncordell | 24 décembre 2018

Stay away from lilbean. Last time I took her advice, I ended up with a P3D in my garage. Then this past Friday I bought yet another model 3.

lilbean | 25 décembre 2018

@stevent So great meeting you! Thank you! :o)

@shawncordell Haha! Congrats! That’s awesome! :o)

justin.rogers77 | 25 décembre 2018

@ bighorn that yes awesome!! My RWD used to get that but my P3D+ running aftermarket 18s with stock 18in tires only got 380 average going from NYC to Roanoke in 40 temps.

Bighorn | 25 décembre 2018

Lifetime average is up to 276 now, but it's quickly 100 Wh more per mile if I turn on the heat which I suspect you did.

justin.rogers77 | 25 décembre 2018

@big hate to start another thread on this and highjack beans test drive, no heater, was at 420 with heater on. 340 lifetime with 4k miles. The p3 runs higher than our S75D and about the same as the XP90DL. Switched it to chill mode just to see. Not much of a difference. Left out a data point too, I constantly drive 78 in all 3 vehicles on the highway where limit is 70. I usually go 9 over but in VA 80 is wreckless driving so only 8 over. When i first got my wow almost 3 years ago I read that 78 is a nice balance between speed, effeciency and time spent charging.