Got an email from Tesla - When would you like to take delivery, Any idea what's this?

Got an email from Tesla - When would you like to take delivery, Any idea what's this?

This is what I got. What does that mean? Do I've a VIN or something?


When would you be earliest able to take delivery of your Model 3?

If you would like to take delivery as soon as possible! Let me know “ASAP!”

At the moment I am trying to see what your availability would be or your preferred date(s) would be.

Choosing a Tesla is a huge, and one of the most amazing decisions of our lives, we want to ensure we do everything we can to work with the best time to receive your dream car!

Please specify times or dates, and whether you prefer morning/afternoon/evening. If you specify “ASAP”, I will do my best to get you the earliest delivery possible!


1. Thank you for uploading your driver's license!

2. Thank you for uploading your current insurance!


1. You have selected that you will be paying cash. If this is correct, no action is needed.

2. You have selected that you will not be trading in a car. If this is correct, no action is needed.

I will be introducing you to your advisor after confirming a scheduled date, whom will be able to answer questions towards payment and trade in as well as make changes in your account as necessary.

It is an amazing and exciting time to join the electric revolution and we are more than happy to welcome you to the Tesla family!

Thank you for choosing to go electric,

Order Details | North American Sales


this_is_a_test | 20 août 2018

If it's similar to what happened to me, then things are getting pretty close to pickup. For me, I replied that I could take delivery fairly quickly, so they responded and we narrowed down with some dates and I got a VIN.

bunty.sikka | 20 août 2018

Awesome! I said ASAP, so let's see how soon can I get my date in Fremont!!

billstanton | 20 août 2018

I started emailing questions like "yesterday?". But seriously, I started engaging them and got a call very quickly. She was very excited to see my enthusiasm. Good luck! Get a wall charger...and solar panels...and a powerwall...drink the Kool Aid!

AZDMD | 20 août 2018

Ordered Saturday, got that email today. I’ll get the car next week.

bunty.sikka | 20 août 2018

@billstanton - I've my Tesla Solar panel, as well as my Tesla Wall Connector, installation set for September 19th, 2018.

billstanton | 20 août 2018

Woo hoo!

chapindiaz | 20 août 2018

I got same email last Friday at 3:00 pm I replied ASAP got a call at 4:00 pm I was told if I was ready to take delivery this week I said yes they unlocked my option to apply for a Tesla loan on Saturday morning then got approved in the afternoon contacted Tesla to coordinate the submission on Sunday today I payed 30% to Tesla got a email confirming my Thursday 23rd delivery to my house Bayarea resident, so good luck that’s coming for you

chapindiaz | 20 août 2018

I forgot pearl white-white interior-aero wheels-AWD

bj | 20 août 2018

Jeeze I hope you checked where the email links went to ( rather than a site in Russia!

That so reads so much like SPAM, my BS detectors would have flipped up instantly!

alam86 | 20 août 2018

I got a similar email as well. I ordered last Tuesday (08/14). Picking the car up on Thursday (08/23). Pretty fast turnaround!

CB52 | 21 août 2018

I would say spam because of the grammar.

joinerc | 21 août 2018

I too received the exact email yesterday. Only difference is the "MOVING FORWARD" section as I'm choosing to finance & trade in a vehicle.

I agree it's not he most official looking or sounding email but if you check the mail headers you should find X-Originating-Ip: ⁨[]⁩.

Which leads you to:

IP Address:
Name: ZAYO-IPYX-107208-209-133-79-0-24
Handle: NET-209-133-79-0-1
Registration Date: 6/25/15
Org: Tesla, Inc.
Org Handle: TM-758
Address: 3500 Deer Creek Road
City: Palo Alto
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 94304
Country: United States
Name Servers:

Hoping this means my M3 is coming sooner than later!!

jfs130 | 21 août 2018

@bunty.sikka have you heard back? I believe you and I received the same email back to back. I haven't heard back yet.

joinerc | 21 août 2018

@jfs130 I received the email yesterday 8/20 @ 4:43PM PT and replied ASAP @ 5:05PM PT.

I haven't received any further communication so far.

Live in the bay area.

Config: 07/17/18
Color: Red
Interior: Black
Wheels: 18" Aero
EAP: Yes
FSD: Yes
Still have edit button
No vin
Fremont delivery

Est Sept - Nov

joinerc | 21 août 2018

Forgot to add AWD model

jfs130 | 21 août 2018

@joinerc the pessimists in me is saying I got the email by mistake lol

Hopefully they reply to us soon. Other people are saying they received a call mins after replying to the email.

bunty.sikka | 21 août 2018

@jfs130 and @joinrc - No follow up from Tesla after the 'ASAP' response.

M3BlueGeorgia | 21 août 2018

@bunty.sikka Call them :-)

bunty.sikka | 21 août 2018

@M3BlueGeorgia - I just did and sales person said there is no delivery scheduled or VIN assigned and first said this might be a generic email.
When I pressed she asked what exactly the email said and when read it to her then she said you should talk to delivery advisor. I said I don’t have one then she took the name of person who sent email for White Interior change and said she will add notes for him to call me when he has time to let me know the status.

So in nutshell it’s a false alarm most likely.

jfs130 | 21 août 2018

@bunty.sikka So the pessimists in me was probably right. Dang

bunty.sikka | 21 août 2018

@jfs130 - Just got the call from the Tesla and I can pick up the car this weekend but since I'm on direct delivery so it will get delivered to us on Monday, August 27th, 2018.

So I'm all set. I hope you will get the call soon.

jfs130 | 21 août 2018

@bunty.sikka interesting. So earlier, the customer support had no idea what was going on with that email and you didn’t have a vin? But now you do have a vin and confirmed delivery? All in one day?

So many questions lol

jfs130 | 21 août 2018

@bunty.sikka more questions (sorry). Did the support person tell you if a delivery advisor had been assigned to you? I called and they said I didn’t have a vin but that a DA had been assigned. They thought that was weird and didn’t understand why I didn’t have a vin but had a DA. Apparently my DA was off today. Hopefully that’s why I didn’t get a call today.

bunty.sikka | 21 août 2018

The person I talked to had no clue as she mentioned a different person as delivery advisor but the one who called was different and said the car will be ready on Friday but it takes time to do detailing so can’t deliver Friday.
He asked if I want to pickup on the weekend but I chose not to and get it delivered on Monday at home instead.

I’ve received the email confirmation of the delivery but I don’t have a VIN as I didn’t ask for it.

bunty.sikka | 21 août 2018

This what I got after the call:

Thanks for your time today!

Your Model 3 will be delivered directly to your home,

Your car will be driven to you by one of our outstanding Model 3 Specialists, and your Tesla app will be fully functioning as soon as it leaves the service center so you can track it on its way there!

Your confirmed 2 hour delivery window is 8:00AM-10:00AM on Monday, August 27th.

Prior to the big day, I would highly recommend watching our “Model 3 Walkthrough” videos, which can help give you a head start on learning everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your new Tesla. About 24-48 prior to delivery, your final amount due and an ACH payment option will appear on your Tesla account. Finally, all registrants will need to be present, with valid driver’s licenses and proof of insurance, at delivery for document signing.

It is customers such as yourself who see the bigger picture of what we are trying to accomplish here at Tesla. Thank you for helping us to achieve our mutual goal in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy!

I might have got the call because of initial call this afternoon.

s.grot | 21 août 2018

Looks like white interiors got pushed to the front of the line; I had black with oct -dec delivery; I switched to white on July 31; got the “schedule delivery date” email yesterday

jfs130 | 21 août 2018

@bunty.sikka Wow. I’m surprised that their support specialists are so out of the loop. The person I spoke to today said that they see the VINs internally weeks before we do on our accounts and thought that because I don’t have a VIN, that I’m probably 4-6 weeks out. But he was perplexed over the fact that I had a DA assigned when no VIN was assigned.

Hopefully, my situation is just like yours given we received the exact same email around the same time. Thanks for the info!

bunty.sikka | 21 août 2018

@jfs130 - Hang on there! I also think that you will get the call tomorrow and delivery over the weekend as the person told me they will only be able to hold it till Thursday next so a week from the production date which is this Friday, August 24th, 2018.

bunty.sikka | 22 août 2018

I emailed the delivery rep regarding VIN and was informed that it’ll be generated in my account 3 days prior to the delivery so on August 24th, 2018 the day the car is supposed to be built.
So no VIN for me yet...

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@bunty.sikka they must be changing their process. What you're saying aligns with the new timeline under the Overview link on your account:

• Order - Place your Tesla order
• Prepare for Delivery - Enter your contact details and payment information
• Appointment - Schedule your delivery appointment
• VIN - Get your Vehicle Identification Number

Historically, people on the forums have been receiving their VINs at the same time or before their delivery appointment. This might also explain why the support specialist I spoke to was confused about how I had a delivery advisor assigned with no VIN. Still haven't heard from the DA (aka ISA). Not sure if I should reply to that email again or just be patient...

this_is_a_test | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 @bunty.sikka When I spoke with my DA/ISA told me when my car was scheduled to be finished and we set a delivery appointment (not going to Fremont). On the morning of the date it was supposed to be finished, I saw a VIN had been assigned to my account. There seems to be an issue with the status though--it shows that I do not have an appointment set, but my DA/ISA sent me a screenshot of the confirmation from their side. Also, he mentioned that they can only hold a car for 7 days after being finished.

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@this_is_a_test interesting. Did you receive the same type of email as @bunty.sikka and me? I'm still waiting for a call or follow up email from my DA/ISA (apparently he was off yesterday, don't know about today though)

this_is_a_test | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 yes, I got the same email as both of you, and responded that I could take delivery in a week.

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@this_is_a_test thanks for the info. I’m starting to get impatient now lol

bunty.sikka | 22 août 2018

@this_is_a_test - Yes, I was given the same information that they will hold the car for a week that is till Thursday August 30th, 2018.

@jfs130- Timeline shows in the account that VIN is assigned after the delivery is scheduled so that’s seem to be the process.

I think people who got VIN before scheduled delivery had the car already produced and in transition or left after requesters made changes to configuration.

My understanding is that We got these emails when our car configuration went into production and it seems to take 3-4 days for each configuration to be properly built. That’s why people are getting email in batches.

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@bunty.sikka that all makes sense. I just want a response to my email at this point. I just sent another reply since my original reply from 2 days ago hasn't been acknowledged. And I replied within 2 mins of receiving the email :/

bunty.sikka | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 - my guess is that your car will be built by Friday 24th, 2018, so even if you get your call today or tomorrow, you will be able to pick it up this weekend.

this_is_a_test | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 did you check your spam folder for the response? I've read that some of the emails are hitting people's spam boxes.

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@this_is_a_test yeah, nothing... (sigh)

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@bunty.sikka I would love for that to be true. My son's new carseat is being delivered on Friday. Found the perfect one for white seats (got the white option):

detrdwng | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 I had a similar scenario happen to me as well minus the email. I called Tesla last Friday and the person looked at the account and told me I had a DA(Delivery Advisor) assigned to my account and that I would be receiving my VIN in the next few days. She said that DA's are assigned to an account 5-7 days before a VIN is assigned. I was sooo excited and literally refreshing my account every 15 minutes hoping for it to change with new information. In response to everyone getting assigned VINs and getting emails I decided to give them a call again yesterday on my way home from work. After looking at my account, this other Tesla rep said that the previous person made a mistake and I have a DEA(Delivery Experience Advisor) assigned which is totally different from a DA. DEA is there to answer questions prior to getting a DA assigned. He said that he and other advisors make that mistake all the time and that I still may be a couple weeks from getting a DA or VIN assigned. He said my account looks good, everything complete that I need to submit, and just waiting on the vehicle to go through production. What a let down! I reserved 4/2/16, so I am very anxious and hoping I hear something as well. It is extremely disappointing hearing everyone getting a car that configured recently after the length of time that I have waited. Hope this maybe helps explain what you are going through and you may want to ask if you have a DEA instead of a DA. Good luck to you!

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@detrdwng the person I spoke to yesterday was pretty clear about having a DA assigned, he even provided the person's name (but not the email). I did look him up (because I was curious if he was actually a DA/ISA). Turns out he is indeed an Inside Sales Advisor (is there a difference between DA and ISA??) Also, the fact that I received the exact same email as the others on this thread and they're seeing progress gives me hope that I'll get my car soon. Fingers crossed! :)

detrdwng | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 I am not sure if there is a difference between an ISA and DA. I think all that really matters is if there is a VIN on your account. They gave me the first name Andrew, but did not give me the last name. How did you look them up? Is there a company directory somewhere? Your story sounds promising since you at least got an email. I hope you hear good news soon!

bunty.sikka | 22 août 2018

@detrdwng - @jfs130 case is different as he got the email which I got and the email clearly said that 'Get ready for your Tesla Model 3 - Response required'. That emails surely indicates that our car configuration going into production. When I called yesterday in the afternoon, the rep didn't have the clue about the email sent and said may be a generic email to make sure all documents in place but when I read the email then she said let me check and told that my DA is in meeting and she will put in the notes for DA to call me. I got the call around 6 p.m. yesterday and I was told my car will be built by Friday 24th, August.

So I think jfs130 car should be built at the same time as he got the email exactly the same time I got, so it should be from the same batch.

efuseakay | 22 août 2018

Just got my email today and it was WAY MORE professional than that one. lol

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@detrdwng thanks! I hope so too.

The support specialist told me his full name and then emailed it to me (as I couldn’t write it down because I was driving). I was able to confirm his position on LinkedIn.

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

@efuseakay lol. It’s not the most professionally written email, that’s for sure. I wonder if the same DA wrote that email to all of us. Initials GT?

jfs130 | 22 août 2018

Just got off the call with my DA. Scheduled for pickup in Fremont on Tuesday, Aug 28th!!!

this_is_a_test | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 congrats! Now the hardest part starts...

detrdwng | 22 août 2018

@jfs130 Congrats! Glad it all worked out and you will be picking up your car soon! I am sooo jealous. Have fun!