Tesla must attract new investments.

Tesla can create a crypto currency. For example, Tesla-token / TT.

Tesla will be the first corporation with its own currency (crypto currency).

Everyone will have the opportunity to invest. it will very easy.

This will be the first crypto currency, which will be strengthened by the goods of a particular corporation.

Received to the invested funds, Tesla will have the opportunity to further develop and surprise the world with new opportunities.

reed_lewis | 22 août 2018

Why? There is no valid reason for this. Tesla sells products and receives revenue. Having this would not help making cars.

Frank99 | 22 août 2018

That's a marvelous idea - wrap the world's second most valuable brand around a concept that's failing:

The concept of every company launching their own cryptocurrency is so 2017....

Xerogas | 22 août 2018

I would support this, if it meant that downvotes on this forum for silly ideas would remove money from the poster’s account.

jimglas | 22 août 2018

I thought you meant tokens like military challenge coins. I'm all for that.

ulrichard | 22 août 2018

The time for shares on the blockchain will come. But it will take some time for the regulations. The technology is the smaller problem. Because the regulations are not there yet, all those tokens try to brand themselves as utility tokens. Which essentially mean the wannabe investors donate money to an idea without receiving any rights in return. So if you want to donate money to Tesla, I'm sure there are other ways.

SamO | 23 août 2018

Crypto candy. High protein candy for use on the trip to Mars. Backed by blockchain. Can be redeemed for kW/h of electricity or 1 minute in a Tesla Network rideshare.

reed_lewis | 23 août 2018

...And here I was thinking that the OP was posting about getting a token from the API to allow access to the car's API functions.... I guess my geekiness is coming through again....

parkerjs | 23 août 2018

+1 jimglas...a military style challenge coin would be great, but a company based crypto currency is a solution searching for a problem.

SH555 | 23 août 2018

Tesla, once changed the world (and saved the ecology), when he made an electric car ...

This can happen again...

 Сryptocurrency - It is The future of money ... it is more flexible and secure ... and will evolve in the future.

Paper money In developed countries, only 10% of people use it ...
it has more expenditure: printing, storage, delivery, banking services, etc.

Cryptocurrency does not need it.

Сryptocurrency - Today this is just an idea and a programming matrix, But its value is more than one dollar (6000 times).

and if it is supported by corporate resources ... the situation will change significantly... To better

The main thing is who will be the first corporation to dare to do this ...

And who will be the first. he to will receive benefits the most ...

00Tesla | 24 août 2018

Use case:
Fact: Tesla Model 3s do not get free unlimited supercharging so this will most probably cause congestion at supercharger stations.
Fact: There are people that use the supercharger and then just hang out after charging is complete causing people to wait. Now Tesla charges a penalty fee for this.

Use something like cyptotoken based service where by you earn TSLATOKEN coins when charging at home or a 3rd party charging sites that gives you credit (tokes) at superchargers, primarily but could be for some other services or products that vendors buy into, who knows. This would be great for Model 3 owners. This gives Tesla owners incentive to charge at home and a type of discount at the supercharger.(Model 3 and those who do not have unlimited charging)
This same service could also have a positive effect on squatters at the superstation. Lets say a guy at the supercharger just leaves it parked there and others are waiting to charge. Once this happens have TSLATOKEN coins(at some rate) is deducted from his account and transfers into the person waiting and next in line. I would expect this could be done with some GEO fencing and timestamping of all teslas.

reed_lewis | 24 août 2018

Why would Tesla give people credits for charging at home, when that is the method that is recommended.

Also people who squat at chargers beyond their charging period are charged a 40 cents a minute fee to their account/credit card. Furthermore, why would someone else get credits for having to wait. That makes no sense.

In what way does having a crypto currency help either of these situations, when they can be handled without the overhead of processing crypto currency.

It is a solution in search of a problem.

mos6507 | 24 août 2018

Great. Then they can be in great company like Iran for trying to jump on the crypto bubble bandwagon to escape inconvenient financial realities. | 24 août 2018

Well on the flip side of cryptocurrency
- They can often vary in value +/- 50% or more in a month
- No traceability - looks like 99% of use is for criminal activities
- Erratic security - many cases of stolen cryptocurrency and no way to recover
- Plenty of cases of a forgotten password causing a total loss of money
- So complex, very few understand how it technically works

Some of these might be fixable, but the daily creation of some new speculative cryptocurrency further damages the credibility of these systems. I suspect you'll get better odds at the worst games in Las Vegas.

rxlawdude | 24 août 2018

This is a token thread.

mattykolej | 24 septembre 2018

God, cryptocurrencies are everywhere. At least it seems so to me. People even give up casinos and start playing crypto games like . Don't you think that it's strange a little bit? For me it definitely is.

PrescottRichard | 24 septembre 2018

It IS strange... too strange.

I’m getting to the point where I won’t click on any link in any thread here.

ulrichard | 25 septembre 2018
1) The variations in price are decreasing. And it is a matter of reference anyway. If you look at the USD for example, it lost 97% of value since it's inception. Would you call that stable?
2) Most crypto currencies are pseudonymous, but perfectly traceable. So it can be very good for transparency for organizations where this is desirable. I have used BTC a lot over the past years, and not once I saw something illegal. In fact, study over study finds that BTC is really not suited for illegal activity. Most criminal activity is still conducted with USD.
3) I am not aware of a single theft that was the fault of crypto currencies. Most thefts occur at 3rd party custodians. Ironically the goal of crypto currency is to make custodians obsolete. If you hear about a bank heist, do you blame the currency, the print shop or the bank?
4) If you take responsibility, you better make sure not to loose the key. Who do you blame if you loose a 100$ bill on the street?
5) How many people understand how the internet works, and still use it without problems. Or better yet, how many people know how the USD monetary system with quantitative easening works, and still use USD?

Having said this about BTC, I think most utility tokens such as suggested by the OP are a bad idea. Imagine every company had their own token and would only accept these for payments. What a nightmare.

harryjosh84 | 4 mars 2019

If Tesla would do that it would be great and I would support this. The reason because Cryptocurrency is the future of money and it is more flexible and secure and will evolve in the future.

News about every company launching their own cryptocurrency in 2019

reed_lewis | 4 mars 2019

Crypto currency is not the future of money. Until it does not take too much power to do a single transaction, it is not useful. I would rather drive 200 miles than process a single transaction.

harryjosh84 | 5 mars 2019

Bitcoin has thrived and many other altcoins have hit the market, but the future of cryptocurrency is still vague. Nowadays most people still don't use Bitcoin in everyday life, the number of things you can buy with crypto is growing.

SH555 | 19 juin 2019

Libra came

Tesla2018 | 23 juin 2019

Crooktocurrency sucks. The town I live in had their computers hacked and paid ransom out in bitcoins because they are a bunch of incompetent morons who never backed anything up. There isnt any way to trace it and hackers were most likely from terrorist countries.
I cant even pay my $100 credit card bill at Chase with cash unless they have ID but criminals can move millions without it being traced.

mayseemsilly | 28 juillet 2019

@mattykolej there are definitely more websites to play for crypto, check out here

@Tesla2018 well, if some particular company which using cryptocurrency got hacked it doesn't mean crypto in general sucks, don't you think so? It surely has some downsideas, but also a lot of positives