Anybody using Powerwall w/o solar?

Anybody using Powerwall w/o solar?

I'm currently waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and...) for the solar roof to become available in my area, and plan to do that plus several Powerwalls, but in the meantime we've been having fairly frequent power outages and I'd love to get a Powerwall-only system just for the power backup. Just wondering if anybody else has done this? Or if this is even possible?

Tâm | 30 août 2018

I don't see why you can't get Powerwalls only first.

My guess that Tesla wants to do everything together so they can get permits and hardware modifications (main panel...) only once.

Tesla-David | 30 août 2018

My understanding is that many if not most utility's in U.S.will not allow charging of Powerwalls directly from grid, and solar is needed to get the Powerwalls charged. Our Solar + PW2's operate that way and our PW2's only charge directly from our solar system, and not from grid.

cwied | 5 septembre 2018

Actually charging from the grid is only an issue in the US when you do have solar. Standalone installations are generally allowed, but if you do have solar, Tesla only allows the Powerwalls to charge from solar. This preserves eligibility for the tax credit. Here is the page that describes what the Powerwalls can do without solar: