Pink Color on Rear View Screen

Pink Color on Rear View Screen

Had my Model 3 since May and lately I've experienced sporadic pink hue to the rear view screen when in reverse. Anyone share this and know why?

Lange6 | 3 septembre 2018

Love my car!

lilbean | 3 septembre 2018

For me, this started with the 21.9 update when the picture got darker.

Atoms | 3 septembre 2018

I sometimes get green splotches and green vertical stripes and any non natural light flickers badly. It’s the worst backup camera I’ve seen. My son’s $35 camera he bought from a China off of Amazon looks better. Someone really skimped on sourcing the backup camera. I wonder if the autopilot cameras are this bad. The service center said it is operating as intended.
Many of these artifacts could be cleaned up with advanced signal processing which I wish they would do, but why not spend $5 more on a good camera?

roger.klurfeld | 3 septembre 2018

Last week I undated to software version 32.2. The first time I put my c ar into reverse, I got a very pronounced pink color. I rebooted the car and it went back to normal. Hold the brake down and then the two steering wheel wheels.

Jr | 3 septembre 2018

I got the pink also on reverse cam. Only just got the car this week so I have no experience before update. I'll try reboot ( although I seriously doubt that is going to change anything).... If it does I'll repost.

Rutrow 3 | 3 septembre 2018

On my 2013 CPO S, my image was blurry. I cleaned the camera lens and it was still blurry. I thought maybe they'd used a low res camera in the early days but when I looked at the lens closely I could see a haze. It wasn't until I did a polishing with jewelers rouge that I finally got a good image. There was something that had either really coated it, or maybe had etched it.

Back to your pink image. I wonder if there may have been a protective film on the lens that wasn't removed? I've seen some protective films that are pink. Look closely at your camera lens to be sure it isn't something similar to that. Good Luck.

philipp | 25 octobre 2019

Hi! since today I have vertical pink stripes from the rear cam, I could not see anything, they are overall! My M3 has 1.100km now and I am on ver 2019.32.12.2 (VIN 523xxx)