Utterly disappointing delivery experience with Tesla Model 3

Utterly disappointing delivery experience with Tesla Model 3

Heard so much about Tesla’s exceptional customer service prior to purchasing the car, we were so excited on the delivery day since it is our first brand new car but the whole pick-up experience was so unpleasant that it completely ruined our day.
Our appointment was at 2pm on a Saturday, we asked the delivery coordinator a couple of weeks back how long the delivery was going to take and was told it would take 15 minutes. We thought that was pretty brief, so we planned an hour for it and made plans with friends later that afternoon.
Arrived at Tesla 10 minutes early, was told to wait in the waiting area full of people with lots of kids running around and not enough chairs to sit on. At 2:30pm, a staff finally called our name to sign paperwork, no apologizing for being half an hour late, not even greeting, simply introduced her name and then said we still owe $154 and we needed to take care of that before signing anything. We paid for our car in full online on Tuesday with bank account transfer. Never received any call or email prior to Saturday about any remaining balance so we weren’t prepared for that. She said this bill came in only the day before delivery, it’s RTA(whatever that is) and it wasn’t included in the initial estimated remaining balance. So we tried to pay for it on Tesla account online, but bank account info wasn’t saved on the website. She said they wouldn’t take credit card or cash but only check. But since the delivery coordinator told us we couldn’t pay for the car with a check on delivery day and we needed to pay for it online in advance, we didn’t bring a checkbook. We couldn’t remember our bank account number or routing number on top of our heads( who would?) so we didn’t want to do. The staff was just standing there playing with her hair, saying” oh this happens a lot” and not being helpful at all. If this happens a lot, why doesn’t Tesla inform customers before delivery day about some suddenly showed up charge! After a long struggle we finally got our bank account info and got that paid off and signed the papers.
Five minutes later, another staff showed up in the waiting area and called everyone in there waiting for Model 3 to follow him for a demonstration. There were like 5 or 6 families and nearly 20 people. We followed him like a tour group to a Model 3 for him to show the front trunk and then he sat in the driver’s seat to show some settings for the car. With so many people standing around, one could hardly see what he was doing on the screen or hear him since he was talking in the car without a microphone. The demonstration lasted for less than 10 minutes and ended with” now please go to your car”. There were like 10 cars sitting in the warehouse with no names on them, nobody even said how to find our car or show it to us. After spotting a tiny sticker on the windshield with the Vin number, we found our car with back trunk open and the whole car covered in dirty spots. We couldn’t believe what we saw and there was no one around to show us our car! A detailing staff came over after a while, telling us our car came in worse shape than normal and all the other cars, he didn’t have time to finish the detailing yet, and that he needed another hour to 1.5 hours to get it all polished up. We were so shocked since we actually got a call from Tesla more than a week ago asking if we wanted to pick up our car early since it had already arrived in Seattle, but we didn’t have the time for an earlier appointment. Another staff came over and offered us a loaner car while we wait for some fun but we were in no mood at that point.
Finally at after 4pm, they told us our car was ready, we went over for inspection, found dents and scratches on the window trim that couldn’t fixed, between having to come back another day to pick up the car after they replace the trim or having them sent someone to our house later to get it replaced, we picked the latter because at that point we just wanted to get the car home and we were so late for our appointment with friends since it was 5pm already.
A supposedly exciting day in our life became such a big disappointment. We are aware of Model 3 is the cheapest model of Tesla, but it’s still a nearly $60000 car after call the upgrades and taxes, shouldn’t customers get better treatment than this?

r368 | 6 septembre 2018

Oh u poor things! Arrived at 2pm and couldn't drive away until 5pm! Remember the bad old (entire) day spent getting screwed over by your salesman, his manager and then the finance guy? They made you wait on purpose, to get you to agree to the deal. Anyone miss that?

r368 | 6 septembre 2018

Oh u poor things! Arrived at 2pm and couldn't drive away until 5pm! Remember the bad old (entire) day spent getting screwed over by your salesman, his manager and then the finance guy? They made you wait on purpose, to get you to agree to the deal. Anyone miss that? | 6 septembre 2018

The OP had a bad experience—was told the process would be minutes and ended up being hours. I guess since your name is Richard then you must reply like a Richardhead.

brianrmurray | 6 septembre 2018

This is ridiculous. Thank you for sharing...I'm hoping they have these issues a little more ironed out by the time the standard battery becomes available. I'm a day 1 reservation holder and it's been tempting to splurge for the premium model, but this makes me feel better about my decision. I'm really sorry you had such a terrible, like you said it's supposed to be such an exciting day and after seeing all instagram and twitter pictures of people full of smiles at their delivery you think that's what happens to everyone. Fix it, Tesla.

TexasM3 | 6 septembre 2018

Sorry you had a bad experience.

However - " After a long struggle we finally got our bank account info and got that paid off and signed the papers." seems a little over the top. Made me chuckle at your first world problems.

My own delivery experience took ~1hour. Had the same group demo. In my case it was five cars at a time, so there were 6-7 of us standing around while the Tesla rep showed us the basic features. Then moved to the delivery area where all five cars were present. Did the phone key setup. Then went outside and waited for a few minutes to pull out the car. Got in and drove home.

Shock | 6 septembre 2018

They are so short staffed that this is a common thing? They can't even hire enough people to show you the car one at a time, but have to make people crowd around from the outside and the backseats?

OP's is another in a very long list of awful delivery experiences. I wonder if tesla will ever fix these. So easy to fix, too:

- don't give customers damaged cars
- clean them first
- treat them decently

BYE FSL | 6 septembre 2018

Walmart level service by a luxury vehicle company.
Too bad Teslas are only available from Tesla.
As always, Moonies blame the customer.

ssc8666 | 6 septembre 2018

WOW. Totally unacceptable. My delivery is two weeks away. Hopefully it's not going to be near as bad!

gtbuzz | 6 septembre 2018

Also unacceptable is people like @richardcoffey368 pretending like OP it's just being a petulant baby. Way to blame the victim. No matter how you cut it, Tesla is a premium brand and NEEDS to do better

shank15217 | 6 septembre 2018

@Shock how many tesla do you own again? Let me guess 0. I would take their bs over a dealership any freaking day of the year. I don't miss getting called 10 times after seeing a car or getting houded by 5 dealerships for a month after I express interest on truecar. @cgallant1 sorry your delivery experience didn't go well, my suggestion is to book a weekday for delivery, like Tuesday. If you asked on the forum some of us could have told you that.

shank15217 | 6 septembre 2018

Suggestion for all of you,pick a weekday for delivery or ask them, "what is the least busiest time of the week. I would like that day". You are buying a 50K+ advances cell phone on wheels, take a day off and enjoy experience. Come happy, leave happy.

calvin940 | 6 septembre 2018

@cgallant1 it is unfortunate that you had a long wait. However, having ultimately received your car that day, I think that your comment seems a bit of a hyperbole "A supposedly exciting day in our life became such a big disappointment."

"A Supposedly exciting day..."? really? it either was going to be an exciting day for you or not.. there is no supposedly. And while not super happy fun, a 5 hour extra wait for your car while frustrating, is going to turn your receipt of something for which you had already waited so long into "such a disappointment"? really?

My waiting is driving me crazy. I just got contacted by the rep to start some of the remaining process. I can't wait, but I can tell you this, if I went through what you went through, after the irritation of the 5 hour wait, it would not be "such a big disappointment" to drive away in my new M3. In fact, I had to wait a full two days extra for our Toyota Sienna back in 2010 because of undercoating delay and a windshield crack. It's a part of life. I suggest you provide feedback to your rep/Tesla and move on to enjoying your car.

terminator9 | 6 septembre 2018

It may also depend on the location. I am in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Mine was on a Sunday, and while it didn't take 15 minutes, mine was about 45 min -1 hr and the delivery reps where showing cars one at a time.

I don't think it's too fair to compare it to a dealership. If you prepay full price beforehand at a dealership by wiring them funds, I bet you can be in and out in 15 minutes too.

minervo.florida | 6 septembre 2018

Growing pains , no other car manufacture has EVER seen anything like this.

I know it sucks, but the car is that GREAT. Hang in there.

cfscott | 6 septembre 2018

Sorry to hear about that. We picked up our Model 3 on 8/22 and our experience could not have been better. It took us about 30 minutes to pick up our car including a trade-in. Yes, the Model 3 is the most expensive car I have ever purchased. I know that Tesla is having growing pains for sure. I also know that everyone I have met at the company is working hard to deliver a great product and experience. The car is outstanding. When I had my car ceramic coated we only found two small paint imperfections that were easily corrected. I would have never seen them without the detailer pointing them out to me under klieg lights.

I am not making excuses for a sub par customer experience - however, just food for thought - I will say that there are a number of factors that are working against Tesla at the moment. The ramp to this volume is a steep one and they are struggling to iron out their processes. The Model 3 is the 5 best selling car in America for August. That is not bad for an electric car. Going from a niche player to the 5th best selling car would stretch anyone I would imagine. The FUD put out on the company as entrenched interests defend the status quo is very high. This is also putting pressure on the company and leading to mistakes being made. I think Elon is a real innovator and disruptor - but he is only human. I think he really believes in goals he has for Tesla and is working hard to meet them. However, he is only human. A lot of the pressure on Tesla is self inflicted. Personally for me, I am more than willing to cut the guy and the company a little slack. I believe they will make any issues right.

I hope you enjoy your car now that you have it. I know we love our Model 3


nancy.mcclintock | 6 septembre 2018

I can understand the growing pains, but when their Delivery Advisor goes silent; will not return phone calls and does not respond to emails, it becomes an unnecessary frustration. Living in Texas, we were told to pre-pay for the vehicle, which we did. That was in early August; our car was to be delivered by the 25th of August. The day before delivery we got a call that the car would not be here; 3rd party delivery issues. The date was then pushed to Sept. 11th, but again, that does not seem likely. Bottom line: we paid for a car over 30 days ago and are making loan payments for a car we do not have! The customer service end of this has been not only frustrating, but is making what should have been a good experience a nightmare!

lilbean | 6 septembre 2018

What an atrocity! Had to wait? Late for a date? What is this world coming to?

3peat | 6 septembre 2018

I think we early M3 adopters (tax credit buyers) are also beta testers for Tesla high volume delivery process, experiencing many of the same kinks. Yet I'll take kinks and all over spending a whole day at a dealership getting the run around and upsold on maintenance and undercoats!

3peat | 6 septembre 2018

30 days is ridiculous though... communication/logistics seems to be the biggest issue by far

Wormtown Kris | 6 septembre 2018

Fortunately this rushed, inattentive delivery experience is location specific, not across the board. So hopefully in time they can triage the overwhelmed centers, bring in more people, and fix the bottlenecks. Just as they did earlier at the Gigafactory and in Freemont.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 septembre 2018

Man, my whole day is now ruined. One of the worst days of my life.

BYE FSL | 6 septembre 2018

“Ingrates! They buy a new car, they are told to come get it, and they expect to just drive it away without defects. Quit your whining. It’s a young company, ramping up, blah blah blah.”

A cadre of Tesla Inc. fans here always excuse Tesla Inc’s failures and blame the victims.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 septembre 2018

Oh, the horror, the drama, and WOW (wall of words) to cry out in public how horrific and terrible the experience was for them.

I am traumatised after reading this, am I a victim?

LostInTx | 6 septembre 2018

cgallant1, Let me summarize some of these dolt's comments: having a pathetic delivery experience, one that would shame BMW, Mercedes or Audi, is a small price to pay for being blessed with the greatest car in automotive history. Further, you're a petulant, entitled baby for expressing disappointment when you (and your $56K) should be groveling at the mere opportunity to help improve the very future of humanity.

Or, perhaps, just perhaps, you expected a car company that damn well knew it was delivering thousands of cars a week to plan ahead and create an infrastructure necessary to delivery those cars to clients who've waited up to 2 years and probably bypassed a dozen opportunities to spend their money on other perfectly acceptable vehicles.

I'm gong with option 2. I have my Model 3 and while my delivery experience was nothing like yours, the guy they assigned me on pickup day knew very little about the car. My red Model 3 paint job was subpar (since fixed) and the rubber seal around the two back windows were sufficiently loose that both windows leaked the first time I hand washed the car. But while only 50% of my windows leaked, at least I'm making the world a better place, right?

Demand better, people. You're not being shorts. You're not spreading FUD. You're simply expecting an experience commiserate with money spent.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 septembre 2018

If people want to demand better I have no problem with that.

Whining, on public forum, is one way to do it but to enable (by accepting the car in the first place) and then come and whine the OP is part of the problem and they did not push back, with a strong message, at the appropriate time.

Everyone is correct when they say customers should get better treatment but they are enabling the treatment when they continue the transaction while being treated that way.

LostInTx | 6 septembre 2018

Magic, I respectfully disagree. If the OP expressed concern at the delivery center, that's good. If his concerns at the delivery center results in Tesla improving their processes, that's even better.

But advising others on a company owned forum that he experienced a poor delivery is OK as well. It offers the collective client base (past and future) the realization that things aren't as they should be and reinforces the collective need to speak up to Tesla and each other. Some people will pick up their car, warts and all and not say anything to anyone. Reading here that they may have issues at delivery prepares them for that possibility and may help establish a frame of mind enabling them to be prepared to speak up as well.

My two cents.

efuseakay | 6 septembre 2018

Funny how 8 ball calls people with criticisms trolls, but he's the biggest troll here. Being so dismissive of valid concerns by customers of a company that relies strictly upon word of mouth advertising. Yeah. Go with that.

M3BlueGeorgia | 6 septembre 2018

Last time I bought a car from a classic new car dealership it took many, many hours, plus a very orchestrated process to up-sell me on a different car, different loan, extended warranty, undercoat, etc, etc.

Sorry your experience took a couple of extra hours.
But why was the amount different? Mine was spot on, and generally that's the case.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 septembre 2018

@LostinTX Full disclosure (my user name was douwe) we have had our differences in the past.

I understand the PSA angle that so many try to spin on these whines but the public that are served more from these types of "horror" stories are the people looking for these types of anecdotes to build a case that this is the "norm".

The actual numbers of satisfied vs dissatisfied are unknown but instead of looking at the "I just took delivery with flawless car and experience" stories, and building a case that those are the "norm", there are certain folks that latch onto these type of threads and try and promote FUD and make people nervous about what their experience will be like because a few individuals, out of over 85,000 that have took delivery and are not whining, have a drama laden meltdown on the internet.

cbmilehigh | 6 septembre 2018

@cgallant1, sorry you had a poor experience. I'm sure you will still enjoy your car, but Tesla is simply unprepared for the large volume of cars they are delivering and this is the result. Who knows why Tesla does not or cannot hire enough experienced people to work the delivery end of the business

LostInTx | 6 septembre 2018

Magic, my view is that Tesla is going to be profitable soon solely on increased production and the resultant revenue. That eventuality, by itself, will kill the shorts and FUD types, who are simply trying to protect a knowingly bad financial decision. They're going to die, such as it is, and I don't believe client complaints on poor delivery experiences alters that calculus.

At that point, it turns into "what's next?". The maturation process for Tesla must include improved delivery experience and downstream client satisfaction. I'm of the view that client feedback, regardless of how / where offered, will contribute to that cause.

One example: Consumer Report tested Model 3 brakes and found them lacking, depending on the type test used. Tesla, within a week, developed, tested and delivered a fix. I'm absolutely convinced that had Tesla relied solely on client reported feedback on that issue, the resolution would have taken considerably longer to be applied. Tesla, for better or worse, was pressured by unsavory public disclosure.

I don't see forum contributions like the OP's in a significantly different light.

About 18 months from now, my wife is going to buy a Model Y, assuming it's not a dog (it won't be). I want her buying experience, from communication, delivery, follow up, et al to be better than mine, yours, and everyone else's who've bought up to this point. Any and all methods applied to Tesla to make that happen is reasonably fair game.

guydude | 6 septembre 2018

This 'story' sounds VERY different from my delivery experience with 2 model 3's and all of our friends who have model 3's...

My Tesla Delivery Experience in San Diego:

I was greeted very politely by 3 different Tesla staff members as I arrived. Offered coffee and other beverages. We were led to a high-top table that had my name on a small display. I waited about 2 min before my advisor walked over, kindly introduced herself with my model 3 paperwork. She confirmed everything was paid for and she went over some incentives that we should apply for with the city/state/fed. We were not part of the "Tesla Family". This process took about 3-5 min.

After signing the paper work we were introduced to our delivery guide. He walked us into the back warehouse where there were maybe 10-15 other model 3's. All of them were immaculate. Clean and sitting on carpet. The guide showed me how to pair my iPhoneX with the car. He then walked us around the car and explained a few things including charging, EAP, and how to properly close the frunk. He also helped me create my 'driver profile'. This process took about 10-15 min and we were off!

I received my car mid March and have been VERY happy with every aspect of ownership thus far. The car is absolutely incredible to drive. Any service needs i had were always addressed immediately and very thoroughly. Every staff member i have spoken to whether is was via TeL or at the service center has always maintained the upmost professionalism.

My car ownership background is mostly only German. I have owned a few new BMW's. A 911turbo, a Mercedes and a few other delights.

My experience thus far with Tesla has really been 5/5 and on Par with the German cars.

LostInTx | 6 septembre 2018

guydude , your Tesla experience is exactly what every client should enjoy. When they fall short, your story should be that for which they strive with each and every customer. Thanks for sharing.

shawncordell | 6 septembre 2018

@LostInTx +1000

Cabassi | 6 septembre 2018

OP, thanks for sharing your experience. Please ignore anyone ridiculously suggesting that talking about your experience with Tesla on a Tesla forum is somehow inappropriate.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 septembre 2018


We are on the same page but I think if we are going to start discussing 'what TESLA must do' would you not agree that none of us here are actually qualified to make those types of decisions for this unique car company? TESLA is disrupting and experimenting with new ways of doing things. Some want TESLA to conform to methods that dying companies are stuck in a rut with. There are going to be a few that don't like spending 70K and being treated like they are at McDonalds but the entitled will complain about the diamonds on the bottom of their shoes making too much noise, so there is that.

I have full faith that TESLA monitors their numbers carefully and I doubt they mine the rumor mill to get any numbers and they probably don't even come here to test waters. The rumor mill, IMO, should (first and foremost) serve to help people become more enthused about TESLA as long as TESLA has shown they CAN deliver good product/service/experience, etc. I believe TESLA is beyond showing they CAN and they are now demonstrating that in the majority of cases they DO.

I obviously cannot stop these types of stories,nor is it my intention to try, but I will try to make a case that these stories are not representative of what most experience. I will also try to make a case that these are outliers and the masses "the norm" are happy and satisfied. Thousand upon thousands are ACCEPTING M3's per week. A teeny tiny fraction of those come to the internet to tell of their experience (either good or bad). I see, first hand, the numbers of TESLAs, on the road, growing daily (they are not broken down in a garage somewhere or in a body shop getting repainted).

Yes, pressure from the media can bring about change but CR did not come to a rumor mill to see if people were complaining about brakes. I will agree that on rare occasion someone will share some information, here first, that gets noticed but the bad hair day stories, most of them, all blend together.

We can share our opinions of the various models but, so far, there is demand for the ones they are making S, X, 3 which, IMO, means TESLA has not made a "dog" yet. I think the chances of a non-"dog" Y are:

● Without a doubt.

dmastro | 6 septembre 2018

@LostInTx: I agree with everything you're posting. It's refreshing to see someone post a reasonable response cutting through all the hyperbole.

On another note, I'm appalled by the victim shaming that goes on in this forum.

mos6507 | 6 septembre 2018

[I'm appalled by the victim shaming that goes on in this forum.]

It definitely makes the Tesla "community" feel like cultists.

gballant4570 | 6 septembre 2018

We are either buying or waiting to buy a quite expensive paradigm shifting car that is in the process of changing the personal transportation industry in the developed world.

We are people of means.


Many of us feel quite entitled, apparently.

There are a number of ways to share an experience. Approach to that process often is more revealing than the facts themselves.

Some people tend toward being crybabies.

Magic 8 Ball | 6 septembre 2018

Yeah, we victims of TESLA are traumatized by the exhilaration of the product.

We stood in line for the soup, got treated like shit, and if you want to piss off the soup nazi that is your business but I want more soup and if I am real nice to the soup nazi he might smile at me. Pass the kool aid.

Thousands of people work at TESLA. Some have bad hair days (doesn't everyone). People that are "victims" of individuals that had a bad hair day come and cry on the internet, next in line.

portudork | 6 septembre 2018

Is it bad that I kinda don't care about the delivery experience itself? Mine was equally not great (no finance problems) but ultimately I don't need them to show me how the car works. I'm hardcore enough I already know, I just want to get in and out.

THAT SAID, I do expect the car to be of way better quality than mine was (I rejected for severe paint issues). If they get the car right with no problems, properly detailed and ready to go, then I am a happy camper and perfectly happy to take a 15 minute delivery experience.

In short, if the car is good (quality) I don't care about the other stuff as much.

BYE FSL | 7 septembre 2018

Magic 8 Ball’s argument is like that of the guy who crashes into the back of your car and defends by pointing out that there are thousands of cars he successfully avoided hitting.
It also reminds me of the dimwits who say “Why don’t they show good news on TV?”

Faustic | 7 septembre 2018

My delivery was lackluster but it wasn't anything like you experienced, that really stinks. At least I had a quick one-on-one with my car (although admittedly they were definitely rushing it). Make sure you make your experience known in the follow up customer feedback email they send out.

szostalo | 7 septembre 2018

That's standard Tesla customer service in my experience. My delivery was almost identical, except that they asked for more money than the car cost and it took three emails, two phone calls and three months to get my money back.
Oh, and my car had no dents, but it was not charged despite me asking five times, so I spent the first 30 minutes with my brand new Tesla in the loading dock, behind the delivery centre waiting for enough charge to make it half way home. Oh, and someone took the model car I promised my son.
Still beats dealing with a dealership IMO.
Enjoy the car, it's fantastic.

ORfish | 7 septembre 2018

I had a much worse experience with the Portland delivery than I have ever had at any car dealership. Tesla should send the "delivery agents" to a Ford dealership (or any car dealership for that matter) to learn how to deliver a vehicle. By the way, I have not received a"customer feedback email", as I assume they are too embarrassed or too busy to worry about my delivery. Nice car, but the worst customer service I have ever run across.

derotam | 7 septembre 2018

Hey wait, so what bubble did the OP hear about this "exceptional customer service" but not hear about the people who had bad experiences? Based on what I have heard around various forums, news, etc, I don't necessarily have high hopes for an "exceptional" experience and that is fine with me. If I leave with my car on delivery day, that's good for me!

calvin940 | 7 septembre 2018


People like to complain and will go out of their way to do it. It is in our nature pure and simple. People very rarely actively dole out praise. If you ask a person, they will often give the praise, but to actively post a positive experience is rare unless that person is trying to make a point about something (like the posts here about positive or extremely positive experiences). You just don't here about things when it is good. But when bad, people will go crazy to post them.

So the issue is that IMO, we are likely to hear 95%+ of the bad experiences and 1% of the good ones. That's just how it is. This is the underlying argument for why the folks on the forum feel that overall the experiences, quality issues, etc are small because add up all the model 3 deliveries that have occurred thus far and give a percentage of people that have complained about them vs the total delivered. The rest of the experiences are then likely to be uneventful to good (with some very small percentage of those with bad experiences that didn't complain).

derotam | 7 septembre 2018

@Calvin940, I absolutely agree with you, which is part of the reason I asked where the OP heard all good but no bad.

Firewired | 7 septembre 2018

Well one benefit after the really poor execution of the purchasing and logistics part of delivery is I have set the bar really low on my expectations for when I eventually go pick up my car.

ursbhaskar | 1 novembre 2018

Expecting delivery on Nov 7 (hopefully) in Texas. The first contact from assigned delivery person (ISA) was "Hi *** you are scheduled for delivery on Nov**". I mean no phone call, no email, no introduction what so ever, no mentioning of what delivery. I have to guess and ask "is this for Tesla Model 3 delivery?"

Even after that, the communication is mostly me following up with the ISA as if Tesla is gifting me M3 rather than me paying >$50K to purchase it.

Some of them sure needs some training how to handle customer service.

This is not a 100 step process to get overwhelmed.

1. Check if buyer had updated DL and provide estimated delivery date.
2. Ask for proof of insurance - provide VIN# if necessary to get insurance.
3. Check if a trade-in request is placed - send it to process party and get the appraised value back and update the system.
4. Check the mode of payment. if cash jump to point 9.
5. If payment is bank loan send MVPA
6. Check bank of loan pre approval.
7. Once pre approval is there create final MVPA
8. Ask customer to send it to bank and ask for release of payment.
9. Check if payment's came in.
10. Fix delivery date.

Even at its elaborate it's a 10 step process. How hard is it to follow the script?