Use Touch ID on the Tesla App?

Use Touch ID on the Tesla App?

On the App, there is setting of Touch ID, which says: Allow fingerprint authentication. I not sure what it is. I searched the Forum and web, and didn't find much info. Can you share your experience in using it or not using it? Thanks.

packpike | 7 septembre 2018

Like most other apps will be able to use your fingerprint on your iPhone instead of having to key in your password. I find it convenient, but it’s all up to how you use your iPhone.

TDUB | 7 septembre 2018

Thanks, Packpike. Can you give me some examples where you use fingerprint for? As for the App, once I logged in with the password, it remains on. It seems for me I haven't encountered anywhere I need to use fingerprint.

Triggerplz | 7 septembre 2018

If you want to use the keyless feature on the app you don't have to put your password in just use your fingerprint

Redmiata98 | 8 septembre 2018

TDUB, using the password incurrs periodic nonlinear reinputs of the password. This requirement to reinput your password when you want to access the app usually arrives at a most inconvenient time. Try activating fingerprint to avoid this.

packpike | 8 septembre 2018

Trigger and Miata pointed out the 2 examples that I’ve encountered which is why I enabled it.

skip8jones | 9 septembre 2018

And if you have Apple Pay, all it takes is a the finger print. All nice and quick. Works with Schwab account app and probably others. No need to enter password or pin for unlocking the iPhone, just the print.

davidahn | 10 septembre 2018

Nice addition to the Tesla official app, makes it MUCH easier to use keyless start (and even more secure if using Face ID). I used to use the Remote S app for keyless start because they enabled Touch ID years before Tesla did, now usually use the Tesla official app.

TDUB | 10 septembre 2018

Thank you, everybody!

adamsrobw | 23 septembre 2018

So I’ve never been asked to re-authenticate with password or touchid.

I really want to lock down the app so a kid (or anyone else) using my phone can’t mess with the car. I assumed turning on touchid would require my fingerprint when I open the app.

I assume this is a bug for everyone?

rickyamin | 30 septembre 2018

+1 I also want to be able to lock the app so my kid does not summon the car thru the closed garage door and onto the road.

packpike | 30 septembre 2018

@rickyamin: summon will stop if the garage is closed.

calvin940 | 3 octobre 2018

FYI, it's not iPhone specific. We should just be using the phrase smartphone instead since it is on both Android and IOS

GarageCharger | 8 octobre 2018

@adamsrobw, I agree, once the Tesla app is running on my Android phone, I'm never prompted for a password or a fingerprint regardless of whether I have the "allow fingerprint authentication" set on or off. And when I exit the app, the setting is automatically turned off anyway.

So what does this setting do anyway?

cwr | 20 décembre 2018

Like “adamsrobw” and “GarageCharger” since I first set up the app for my Model 3, I had NEVER been asked to authenticate via password or fingerprint. Then last night I did my first software update. After that, the app (or login token, or whatever) seems to have been reset, including the setting to allow Touch ID. As near as I can tell, this option has no purpose. Does anyone know otherwise?

davidahn | 20 décembre 2018

I'm 99% certain if you try to enable keyless driving, it will ask for a password or your biometric ID.

cwr | 20 décembre 2018

davidahn: thanks. Yes, a month ago I installed the app and entered my id and password. Since then I have not been asked for a password or a fingerprint, until today after a software update.

mwithersit | 27 mai 2019

Bump? I need this feature... lucky I’m jailbroken and have other means to lock the app specifically.