Utility costs w/ solar + PW2

Utility costs w/ solar + PW2

I'm currently researching the purchase of Solar + Powerwall 2 via Tesla for a residence in Phoenix, AZ in an APS territory. I'm new to the area but understand they recently ended their net-metering program. We are aiming to install a system that would generate 100% of our energy needs and minimize demand from the grid. Minimum charges and several additional expenses (e.g. grid maintenance, etc) are applied monthly, but I'm struggling to get a rough estimate of what this accumulates to. If anyone might be able to give me a rough estimate of what their monthly utility charges that would be greatly useful.

ealmeida212 | 10 septembre 2018

Not sure what the rates are in Phoenix for electrical but my 5.85 kw system produces about 30kwh per day on a sunny day and would usually take care of the house electrical unless we had AC running all day. Only problem is we have added 2 Teslas since then and solar can't cover the charging of the cars

Tman99 | 10 septembre 2018

@ealmeida212 - is Tesla able to add more panels for you(after the initial install)? How many panels do you have?

Tesla-David | 10 septembre 2018

We have 13.2 kWh solar system with 2 PW2’s, and have effectively easily run our all electric home, charge both our Tesla’s (MS & M3), and are exporting greater than 50 percent of our solar back to grid, operating in self powered mode. If you size your solar to your expected needs, should be able to operate as a micro grid especially in Arizona. I live in Edmonds, WA, and we don’t get the solar available in Arizona. We are having no problem charging two Tesla’s with our setup.