Stock Owners .. Are you selling, or holding?

Stock Owners .. Are you selling, or holding?

I had purchased 10k worth of stock at $345.. I am considering selling to hopefully buy more at lower price assuming this slide will continue.. however wondering what others are doing / planning? I still believe in the product, and dream.. I am LONG in Tesla .. this purchase is inside my IRA account..

dmm1240 | 28 septembre 2018

Third quarter results should boost the stock price some. If you're nervous that Musk will be removed, the time to get out would be in November after the stock rises based on the good news.

There is also something else to consider, Trump's tariffs. They will start to bite this fall. The Europeans are already assembling a financial organization of some kind that excludes the U.S. With TPP dead, the road is clear for China to dominate the Pacific if not more. IOW, while Trump trumpets the temporary effect of the tax cuts on the economy, storm clouds are gathering. A recession is now far more likely sooner than otherwise would have happened. Recessions are not good for stock prices in general.

All of this is so unnecessary. Talk about emptying the entire clip into your own foot just because. Stupid.

SUN 2 DRV | 28 septembre 2018

I've been long for years and the future only looks even brighter. I'm holding... and may buy more since the SEC arranged for TSLA to be on sale. | 28 septembre 2018

@dmm1240 - I FULLY agree with you the current economy is based on the previous administration and corporate tax cuts that are being used to boost the stock market not increasing workers pay .. We have moved on from a manufacturing economy to an information based one decades ago.. while Trump is starting his trade war, to try to bring back low paying manufacturing jobs that also pollute our environment . The company I work for which employs 70k plus, is planning on moving its ENTIRE back office of high paying jobs to India to save money, leaving only C level postilions, and managers in the US... We are in for a wild ride for sure.

yasser907 | 28 septembre 2018

Why Elon... why... ugh?!

I am holding over 20k at 340. This should be now over 350 if all this drama never happened.

I decided not to sell any stock and keep holding. We have big quarter coming and I dont think this will go below 350. My wish is Elon learned the lesson and understand that his mistake hurt all shareholders.

In past, everytime Elon fail, he became more stronger. I belive this mistake happens for a reason, and it will make it better future for tesla.

Baywood | 28 septembre 2018

We bought at $300, increased it by 40% today
It all hinges on the Q3 performance, which looks to be from good to excellent. So maybe in the mid $300s in Oct/Nov.

After that we should know more about the future... SEC, Private, Q4 ....

Baywood | 28 septembre 2018

Here’s what’s behind our move
Analyst Actions: Oppenheimer Keeps Tesla at Outperform Amid CEO Woes, Price Target $385 - Stock Slumps 13%
02:06 PM EDT, 09/28/2018 (MT Newswires) -- Oppenheimer has reaffirmed its outperform rating on Tesla (TSLA) with a price target of $385, even after the SEC filing of civil charges for fraud against CEO Elon Musk.

"We believe two major variables are at play: how valuable is Musk to TSLA and how much cash does the company need?," analyst Colin Rusch said. "We continue to believe that TSLA would benefit from a stricter management structure and active board engagement."

SamO | 28 septembre 2018


Why isn't that an option?

Gemini18 | 28 septembre 2018

Buying. Actually, bought. Today. More stock. I'm forecasting an increase in value once the Q3 results are released. I'm going to let it grow!!

222 | 28 septembre 2018

Bought more at 262 today

crazy canaler | 28 septembre 2018

I'm holding. I have 100 shares from three purchases earlier this year at an average price of $310. It's outside my 401k plan, so I can do whatever with it. This really sucks and should never have happened. However, the key near term factor is what profitability will be and if and when a capital raise is needed. If profits are good enough that debts coming due can be paid without a capital raise, that is good. And if the capital raise is done later when the stock price is about $100 higher than it is right now, everything is fine.

But if a capital raise is necessary when the stock price is in the mid-200s, it will be a downward spiral. I don't see that happening if profits are good this quarter and the next two.

evan | 28 septembre 2018

I bought stock today

DanFoster1 | 28 septembre 2018

I’m going to buy more now that the SEC lowered the price (and handed short sellers billions of dollars.)

rxlawdude | 28 septembre 2018

Buying a few more shares on sale to bring my # shares up to a nice round number.

fgaucher | 28 septembre 2018

I will buy more stock. Very confident in the company and products. Tesla is 10 years ahead of competition

fgaucher | 28 septembre 2018

I will buy more stock. Very confident in the company and products. Tesla is 10 years ahead of competition

Manjushr | 28 septembre 2018

buying now. Jay Clayton is a rat

David N | 28 septembre 2018

Holding, will buy on big dips.
Risk -vs- reward
Do I think Tesla will tank? It could. Things could start to go wrong and snowball.
Do I think it will? No.

JustSaying | 28 septembre 2018

3rd quarter results, unit sales +70K, GP% plus 25% and management projected CAPEX investment spend timing will make this week a time shorts wish they would have closed out their position.

JustSaying | 28 septembre 2018

sorry, would = should

Tesla-David | 28 septembre 2018

I am long on TSLA and not selling.Brought my shares at IPO in 2010.

Tropopause | 28 septembre 2018


Go Tesla!

sosmerc | 28 septembre 2018

It would be interesting to see a poll of Tesla Shareholders as to whether or not they would be in favor of Elon accepting the SEC offer NOW, before they go through the time consuming and expensive and distracting legal process of a trial.
My vote we be for him to take the deal now.

2015P90DI | 28 septembre 2018

I am SO GLAD I decided to bail last last month at well over $350 per share. Was obvious that the stock was going to drop after the spike from Elon's tweet. Had planned on jumping back in until the SEC announced its investigation. My feeling is the stock will continue to take a hit until the SEC closes the case or Elon steps down. Hate to see him step down, but sadly, it may be inevitable at this point. Hoping that's not the case. If he does, the Tesla stock will become a boring stock, just like GM or Ford. Hoping this somehow gets resolved with Elon still in place.

COrich | 28 septembre 2018

Holding all my shares. Unlike most Of my fellow Americans, I’m looking at the long term. I’m not really concerned with weekly or monthly or quarterly progress

babyjocko | 28 septembre 2018

I just cannot fathom why anyone would want to be long TSLA. But then, that's what makes a market. For every buyer, there's a seller and vice-versa. But, there are sooooooo many better opportunities in the market. Just about any cannabis or cyber security stock would do. Here are mine: CGC, CNNRF, FEYE. The last two are potential 19-baggers.

TSLA was a 10-bagger and then some. THAT'S when you buy -- when it is a speculative stock. That's when it has potential to soar. TSLA is no longer a speculative stock and it hasn't been for the past year or more. It is "show me the money" time for TSLA. It would take at least 10 years or more before TSLA could even come close to justifying its current valuation (if it ever does).

TSLA longs just need a bit more experience in the stock market or a very bad lesson before realizing this.

babyjocko | 28 septembre 2018

I typed 19-bagger. LOL! Obviously meant 10-bagger.

SO | 28 septembre 2018

Holding what I have plus buying more.

SO | 28 septembre 2018

I invest based on principle vs solely to make money. I care more about the mission than to just try to make the most money.

kcheng | 28 septembre 2018

Bought my first Tesla shares today, 200shs at market close. I figured I had to do something with that money since I wasn't going to get my Model 3 this weekend.

Turns out I was right since I just got a text, 11:28p et, that says, "Thank you for confirming your availability. We are unable to schedule your delivery this weekend. We sincerely apoligize for this, but will reach out as soon as your car becomes available."

Hoping that the bounce will make my Model 3 cheaper when it finally comes.

jacklondon413 | 29 septembre 2018

bought 100 shares at $336 almost a month ago. I'm going to have more funds available soon and plan to buy more, hopefully prices stay low just a few more days into next week. Q3 will be very strong and after getting my Model 3, I'm a believer in their products and services. They have a big lead in the space and great customer loyalty. You can't ask for much more in that. I see why Oppenheimer still has them at a buy to $385. Even more so now that the price is deflated.

sschaem | 29 septembre 2018

TSLA is loved and hated to a level I have never seen. Totally Irrational on both end.
So I see this happening.

If Elon situation is resolved positively, the stock will go back to ~$350.
If Q3 ER / Q4 guidance show profits, it will solidify a $350 base.

If Elon problem escalate / worsen, the stock will have no problem falling to the low $200
If Q3 is below expectation, and Q4 is not showing profits, the stock might hold in mid $200
If both happen, I think Tesla will be lucky to stay above $200 for the rest of the year

If you dont like risk, wait will Q3 ER and invest long term then.

Mel. | 29 septembre 2018

Talking about tariffs hurting Tesla sounds really stupid.. if the United States puts tariffs on BMW , that actually helps Tesla.. Tesla is made in the United States and will Not be hurt is Mercedes buyers have to pay more for a German car..I will listen to SamO.

2015P90DI | 29 septembre 2018

Mel. I'm not arguing for or against tariffs. That's a political debate for another forum. But what I think you're missing in your argument is that Tesla sells internationally. So no, it's not impacted by tariffs on cars it sells in the U.S., tariff wars do impact international sales. Same for BMW, Mercedes or any other overseas manufacturer selling in the US and for GM, Ford, etc selling to other countries.

Mel. | 29 septembre 2018

What I think you are missing is that Tesla buyers in other countries already pay a huge tariff. Do you really think Tesla can sell cars in Europe or China without an exorbordent tariff?/ da

joemar10 | 29 septembre 2018

Holding. Want to buy more before the surge after the Q3 numbers are announced.

Orthopod | 29 septembre 2018


carlk | 29 septembre 2018

@babyjocko You are all wrong. The person who invented the term 10 baggers is Peter Lynch, arguably the best stock investor ever lived. He never buys speculative stocks. He always tells people buy good company with good product and hold for long term. Yes that's Tesla now.

NKYTA | 29 septembre 2018

The cost of steel and aluminum, as well as a bunch of other stuff has gone up since the tariffs were hinted at.
Local general contractors are having to do change orders in the millions, and projects are stalled.

It might hurt Tesla too.

Tariff wars seem like a great way to bolster ones tiny ego, but economically stupid.

Shesmyne2 | 29 septembre 2018

Wish I could buy.
Crossing fingers.

Still Grinning ;-)

sschaem | 29 septembre 2018

Tariff is not about ego, they are high grade economic weapons. Tariff are a crucial tool to re-balance trade .

The US has been under attack for many years and only recently is fighting back. China will have to give up its tariff and other weapons otherwise it will face more of its own tactics. Short of espionage and IP theft as this is still illegal.

The US will not stand unfair trade any longer. Tariff will go away when fair trade are agreed upon..

NKYTA | 29 septembre 2018

Well, he is pissing off my local general contractors, and I don’t any skin in that game.

China holds much of our debt, and owns land/property in the US.

Do you really want to piss them off?!?

And yes, tarriffs are for the man-child in office, and pretty much all else is all about his tiny little ego.

rxlawdude | 29 septembre 2018

Don't you know that tariffs are being instituted to "rebalance global trade?"

rxlawdude | 29 septembre 2018

Forgot the :-).

NKYTA | 29 septembre 2018

Yep, bases nod sound economics, a fuzzy science for sure. But still.

NKYTA | 29 septembre 2018

based on

babyjocko | 29 septembre 2018

@carlk, I certainly don't disagree with that strategy. Actually, I should clarify my statement. I should have said, THAT is when you should have bought TSLA -- when it was a speculative stock. Furthermore, I did not mean to insinuate that only speculative stocks soar. I merely referenced speculative stocks in comparison to how TSLA soared. In fact, of the stocks I mentioned, FEYE is not a speculative stock. Yet, from where it stands at this point, I figure it is a potential 10-bagger. OTOH, CNNRF most certainly is a speculative stock, as is all cannabis stocks are right now.

To your point, from my perspective, Tesla my be a good company, but it is financially weak. It may have a good product, but many other manufacturers have similar products that are also good, some (subjectively) better. And, there are many products in the pipeline from other manufacturers that will leave Tesla in the dust if they don't catch up, which R&D will continue to add to TSLA's financial woes. TSLA going forward will either further bury itself in debt and/or offer more shares thereby diluting its stock value.

What you, and every other TSLA worshiper on this forum is missing is that TSLA has to play catchup to its valuation. It has hung around this long as a speculative stock mainly due to Elon's constant tweets pumping the stock. Now that that is gone, all you have left is hope and hope often doesn't work in the stock market.

carlk | 30 septembre 2018

Amazon and Netflix had been "speculative" stocks to many people for almost two decades. During those two decades they were continuously "playing catch up to valuations" and incidentally most shorted stocks at the time. They then became ten-baggers, and then ten-baggers again, and then yet another ten-baggers again. At that point those naysayers started to realize these were actually good companies with good products. They were just too dumb to see that. Those who could see that, a lot of people did, all made out real nicely and that's an understatement. Tesla is the same kind of company imo. Like Amazon and Netflix it does not have competition even it has competitors. Competitors just want to compete but they all lack one common thing those leaders do. That's the thing called vision.

carlk | 30 septembre 2018

they all lack one common thing those leaders HAVE.

babyjocko | 30 septembre 2018

@carlk, Yes, you can cite many examples of mature stocks catching up to and surpassing extremely high valuations. But, comparing TSLA to them is foolish. Neither Amazon nor Netflix had production and scaling costs like Tesla to overcome.If TSLA were a, software company, or of an industry where these costs were extremely low, then I would probably be long TSLA, too. But, the costs of production and scaling in Tesla's business is enormous. Way too high for TSLA to overcome anytime soon, if ever. I don't see why you can't see this main point.

I have said that TSLA may someday reach a new high (although I doubt it). But, if it ever does, it would not be within the next 10 years. Meanwhile, there will be hundreds of stocks that haven't even IPO'd yet that will be 10-baggers during that time.

JustSaying | 30 septembre 2018

Hopefully next week the Trolls will go back to their holes...