50 kW PowerPack

50 kW PowerPack

I've tried numerous times to contact these folks about their 50 kW "PowerPack" using their web form, to no avail.

Don't even get a confirmation email, and certainly never got a callback.

Today, after going through several twists and turns trying to talk to an actual person, I finally got a number for sales support.

Only to be told that they do not have a phone number for the commercial sales department and have no way to contact them.


I'm calling BS on that one.

If you can't deliver, or don't want to deliver, at least tell people so they can go somewhere else and stop wasting their time for crying out loud.

Anybody know of a way to talk to an actual person in commercial sales?

Patrick | 10 octobre 2018

While considering a new development project which was a good fit for a Powerpack solution I was able to get the email contact info for a Tesla sales rep on the commercial side from the Tesla residential energy rep in the local Tesla showroom. Might be worth a try.

A week or so later I received an email from the commercial rep asking what I needed. No phone info was provided. After responding to his email with a summary of the project I never received a response. Nothing.

Have to admit that I've never seen a company operate quite like Tesla when it comes to customer-facing operations. They seem to work on their own priorities, on their own time frames, with whatever style of customer interaction they choose at any given time, with no concern for customer perception or impact.

In my view they will likely continue to choose that type of behavior as long as demand for their products greatly exceeds supply. Regardless, it's a troubling mindset which seems to be encouraged or at least tolerated by senior levels of the organization. Most companies would terminate sales employees for ignoring new customer inquiries.

FWIW - I also recall hearing from a residential energy rep that commercial Powerpack reps will not engage on opportunities requiring less than 250 kWh of Powerpack capacity.